SUMO: Quick Install Guide for WinXP (August 11, 2012)


Nov 17, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


SUMO: Quick Install Guide for WinXP (August 11, 2012)
Note: Instructions for Windows XP Professional Version 2002, Service Pack 3
1) Update Java JRE to latest version (8/11/2012: Version 7, Update 5)
2) Download and install latest version of Apache Tomcat (8/11/2012: v7.0.29)
32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer
3) Configure Apache Tomcat (step #1)
3a) Doubleclick on Tomcat icon in environment bar (between Panda and Sound)
3b) Update “Initial memory pool” to 500 MB
3c) Update “Maximum memory pool” to 1000 MB
4) Setup latest version of Sigma (8/11/2012: sigma-2-02)
4a) Create a “SUMO” folder (note: directory path should have no spaces)
4b) Create a “Install” folder sub-directory
Download latest version of Sigma Knowledge Engineering Environment
(to go to screen below, click “
latest release”)
4c) Download sigma.war file into [C:\SUMO\Install] sub-directory
4d) Click on “Sigma” folder on SourceForge page and then click “sigma-2-02”
4e) Download into [C:\SUMO\Install] sub-directory
5) Configure Apache Tomcat (step #2)
5a) Find location where Tomcat is installed and copy location in Address bar
[C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0]
5a) Launch Control Panel and doubleclick on System
5b) Select Advanced tab in System Properties
5d) Click on Environment Variables button
5e1) Click New button and add CATALINA_HOME variable name
5e2) Paste Tomcat directory path into variable value, then click Okay
[C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0]
5f1) Click New button again and add SIGMA_HOME variable name
5f2) Add [C:\SUMO] directory path into variable value, then click Okay
6) Steps to install Sigma
6a) Go to [C:\SUMO\Install\] sub-directory
6b) Extract Sigma into the SUMO directory [C:\SUMO]
(Note: you may have to install WinZip of similar app)
6c) Launch Apache Tomcat configure panel and select General tab
6d) Click Stop button to change Service Status to “Stopped”
6e) Doubleclick on the InstallSigma.bat file
At the end of the install batch process you should see “Sigma files installed”
(See next page for screenshot)
6f) Launch Apache Tomcat configure panel and select General tab
6g) Click Start button to change Service Status to “Started”
6h) Start your web browser and go to URL:
6i) At the Login page, type “Admin” for username and “Admin” for password
Sigma should launch onto the Sigma page after a delay for it to load
7) Not done yet! If you’ve been able to get to this stage without issues, you’re doing good.
We now need to load up the new sigma.war file that you downloaded earlier.
7a) Launch Apache Tomcat configure panel and “Stop” the Service (see above)
7b) Go to the [C:\SUMO\Install] sub-directory and copy the sigma.war file (~2,346KB)
7c) Go to the Tomcat directory, webapps sub-directory
[C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps]
7d) Rename the sigma.war file in the webapps sub-directory to sigma_war.old (~645KB)
7e) Copy the new (~2,346KB) sigma.war file into the webapps sub-directory
7f) Launch Apache Tomcat configure panel and “Start” the Service (see above)
Okay, so here is the tricky part. You should be able to relog into Sigma (see steps 6h and 6i);
however, I found that this only worked after rebooting the computer. Note that after you reboot
the computer, you may have to manually restart Tomcat every time (see step 6g or 7f).
Once you relog into Sigma with the new war file, your page should look like below. What’s
important is that with the new sigma.war file, all the menu items should be hyperlinked.
Note that the Manifest page will show (2) or (3), not (9) next to it. That’s the next step. Note that
as of 8/11/2012 you will also see Errors—don’t worry about that for now (planned bugfix).
8) Last configuration steps… yay!
8a) In your web browser go to:
8b) Select Download in the file menu at the top
8c) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select
Download GNU tarball
8d) Save the file to your [C:\SUMO\Install] sub-directory
8e) Extract the contents into a KBs_Update sub-directory [C:\SUMO\KBs_Update]
The directory should have a bunch of *.kif files like above.
8f) Go back to Sigma Knowledge Engineering Environment and select Preferences
The Preferences screen should like below:
8g) Towards lower half, change the “Show cached statements in the term browser” to
8h) Towards lower bottom, change “Employ statement caching” to no
8i) Click Save button at bottom of screen to save preferences
Last steps!!!
8j) Go back to Home screen and select Manifest
8k) Select Remove hyperlink to remove the merge.kif file (this is old merge.kif file)
8l) Add a new constituent by selecting Browse button and go to [C:\SUMO\KBs_Update]
8m) Select merge.kif file in[C:\SUMO\KBs_Update] sub-directory, then Load
The load process will take some time, and when done file will be named merge-1.kif
Repeat this process to upload *.kif files you want loaded. Suggest all, but first, reboot your
computer and make sure you can load up Sigma properly (remember to restart Tomcat!)
Note: above screen shows 9 *kif files loaded up.