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User Guide
Android User Interface
The main view of the Android app, features a swipeable menu showing various functions on the two pages.
Android main menu
Note: Features vary depending on what is configured for some MLS groups.
Agent Login
Contact MLS
Submit App Feedback

My Listings (Agent’s
Page Control
Search for Homes
Homes Near Me
Agent Directory
Favorite Homes List
Saved Searches
Agent Login
Type in your Username & Password (MLS Credentials) to view agent specific data and get more advanced search
Search Function (Results)
Search results default to the map view. Price
markers are visible on the map to select and view
listing details.
Blue markers - Active Listings
Blue markers with arrow - Price Reduced
Red markers - Inactive Listings (Sold, Pending, etc.)
Green Markers - Open House
To switch to a list view, select the “List” button from
the bottom bar. Sort buttons are also
provided at the bottom of this view.
Map view
List view
Search Function (Search on Address, City, State, Zip or MLS#)
To start searching, tap on “Search” from the main menu. Within the search input
field, an address, city, state, zip code, or MLS# may be typed. Refine the search,
by selecting the filter icon to the right of the search input. Once search filters are
set and saved, tap the “Search” button. A query will run and retrieve listings that
match the criteria.
Note: Filters vary by MLS and on login you may have more advanced filters.
Search UI
Filter Options
Filter Options Set
Search Function (Homes Near Me)
Ensure Location Services is turned on for the app
in Settings.
Go to the main menu and select “Near Me.”
Within filters you can also set a radius around your
location (i.e. 5 miles).
Search for homes near you
Current location and radius set
Map view
List view
Search Function (Draw Search)
A search may also be performed by drawing an
area on the map. Select the Lasso tool on the
bottom toolbar and draw a shape on the map.
A query will run to retrieve listings that match the
area drawn on the map. Once retrieved, all listings
will appear within the area drawn. List view is also
available at the bottom. All search filters (i.e. price,
bedrooms, baths, etc.) are held and can be

Saving Searches
Save search results by selecting the “Save Search”
button beside the search input field.
Enter a name for the saved search. Saved
searches can be accessed via the main menu.
Manage the Saved Search list by performing a
“long press”on the listing. A dialog will appear
with the option to “remove” from the saved
Save Search dialog
Save Search list is accessed
via the main menu
Viewing Listing Details
Select a property from the List or Map view to see
the Listing Details.
Look at one listing or swipe horizontally to
view multiples from your search results.
Tap on the star to add to your favorites. Favorites
are accessed via the main menu.
Scroll vertically to view all listing information and
Select the “Options button” on the top bar to view
a number of actions available:
- Get Directions
- Show Listing on Map
- Share
(Text, Email, Facebook & Twitter)
- Contact Agent
- Add Photo (adds a photo to listing on device only)
- Schedule a Viewing
(On login, this option
may be available for some MLS groups)
*Note: The Options shown here vary depending on how
the MLS App is configured.
Select the “Hide button” to toggle the actions shut.
Tap to enlarge photos of the
Details View
Map & List Views
Details Options
Swipe to view multiple listings
Details View (Get Directions with Maps)
Tap on “Directions” within Options to open the Native Maps App. Enter a location starting point and the
location of the listing will be prefilled for the end location. A map view with the route is defined or you may
select “List” for a set of directions.
Get Directions to listing
Details View (Favorites)
Tap on the star within Listing Details to add the property to a favorites list.
Favorites are accessed
via the main menu.

Manage the Favorites list
by performing a “long
press”on the listing. A
dialog with a number of
options will appear,
including “remove
from favorites”.
Tap on star to add to favorites
View favorite listings
Manage favorites list
List view with directions to
Enter a starting point and
select “Get directions”
Details View Options (View Listing on the Map)
Tap on “Map” to view the selected listing on the map.
Details View Options
(Share Available to some
MLS Groups)

Tap on “Share” and send a link of the
listing by Text Message, Email, Twitter or Facebook.
Details View Options (Contact Agent)
Tap on “Contact” and the listing contact information
will appear.
Details View Options
(Share Available to some
MLS Groups)
On login, users get the option to schedule a viewing.
Agent Directory
Access the Agent Directory via the main menu.
Contact MLS, Feedback, About & Terms
From the Main Menu users can easily Contact the MLS by email, submit feedback and get to About
Information and Terms & Agreements.
Access version information
and Terms.
Submit feedback about the
the MLS
Sharing the App
The agent branded app
can be shared 2 different
1) Agent logs into the app,
selects share and an email
is sent to the client with a
link to download the app
and another link that
automatically brands the
2) Agent shares app from
iKenex page.
1) Agent shares app by selecting “Share App.”

Note: Agent must be logged in.
2) Agent shares app via iKenex page. Client is sent an email that will include links to
install app and configure it to your branding.
Agent Branded App
Note: This is offered by some MLS groups as an option and requires special configuration.
• Offer your clients a mobile app branded to you.
• Customized home screen with your photo and contact info.
• Clients contact you with ease, right through the app.
This offering brands the app to you and each customer you share it with! You are now the contact for each
and every listing. If this offering is available by your MLS, sign in and get started today!
Setup Instructions
(For MLS groups that make the Agent Branded App available)
From the
iKenex Site
, Agents sign up and configure the app with their photo & contact info. At the end of the
process, Agents are given a unique agent code for themselves as well as each user they share the app with.
These codes can be viewed on the Stats page. Agents will need to enter their code to initially set their app up,
by going to “Setup Agent Contact” on the main menu and inputting the code.