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Table of Contents







Read How to write in Blacology Pg.16 First



Cultural obligation of BlacPeople



The Legacy of BlacZcholarz



on of Blacology



BlacCultural A



Think Black Campaign



Black Self
Help Programs



Ntalextuwl Evolution



The Study and Research of Blacology at HBCU



Read and Apply BlacFonicz Terminology and Words to Resea



Spreading the word about Blacology



Civil and Human Legal Rights to Implement Blacology



Institution Building and Ntalextuwl Entrepreneurialship



Teaching Blacology every day and everywhere



Ntalextuwl Entreprene
urialship Movement (BTNEM)

Implementation Process



Blacological Numerical Time



Apply the revelations of Blacological Research to your life



Study and Merger of BlacAfrican Languages in Blacology









Statement of the Problem



Significance of Study



Dissertation Thesis



The Limitations of Study



How to write in Blacology













Blacology Creative Data Base



Blacological Research Method












“Blacology 173

216re (1962

2005): A Case Study on the Evolution of BlacAfrican Ntalextuwl
Cultural ZcyNzz in the Diaspora of the United States”

by Profesa Walter Cross in African Studies, African Studies Ph.D. Program,
Howard University,
, Blacology.com, Washington, DC Spring 2006



Fist of all, before you can know what Blacology is you must first read the
terminology and words, they are not a

different language but BlacFonicz developed from the
study of BlacAfrican Languages and Linguistics such as Ebonics/BlacEnglish, Kiswahili,
Ghanaian, KPelle, Vah, and others. This first step is necessary to comprehend Blacology. Go to
chapter IV Pg.16, r
How to write in Blacology,

Coined Blacological Words and Definitions

See Definitions and Coined Blacological Words for spellings of words in Blacology
for words you do not understand.

In the previous dissertation proposal the Theoreti
cal frameworks was the 5

chapter following
the Literature Review in that paper. It has come to may attention that it is necessary to bring this
information to the reader first. This dissertation proposal will be guided by Several Blacological

Frameworks and it is intended to give a BlacStorical background and overview of the
30 year research of the evolution of Blacology into a Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz. A specific
emphasis will be made on the evolution of extended BlacAfrican Culture in the

United States from

216re (or 1962
2005) I believe according to Dr. Amos Mohammed “Deluxe” Sirleaf PhD,
“this will serve as matrix within which BlacZcholarz, specifically will give and gain light to ideas
and nurture them through Blacological dialo
gue and exchange”. Also, this is a necessary and
conducive time for challenging
the fallacy of Eurological and Arabic cultural dominance as an

inadequate view for BlacPeople to resolve their own cultural conflicts. I must respectfully submit to
your Blacol
ogical Ntalextuwl Thult that there has been and is a national and international
imperialistic and eurological conspiracy to culturally condition BlacAfrican People to believe, that
eurological and Arabic scholars are superior to BlacZcholarz. The manifesta
tion of this

of BlacAfrican People according to this Blacological Research evolves from the
Eurological and Arabic cultural phenomena of the underestimation, devaluing and marginalization
of the BlacAfrican People. This is a product o
f captivity and enslavement of BlacPeople in both
cultures have practice and participated in. Therefore, this dissertation hopes to be shared as an eye
opening and wake up call among BlacZcholarz and the masses of BlacPeople. Blacologically
speaking, every

culture has autonomous Nahlej, this Nahlej is developed from our experiences,
through which is refined by our research and study. This Nahlej was also left behind by our Elderz,
BlacZcholarz, and Ancestorz as cultural values and traditions. This Nahlej
is enlightened and
deepened through experience, self
Edjukexun, self
determination, and institutional process of
Ntalextuwl acquisition and learning. It is BlacZcholarz contributions to the discussions that will
enhance the Ntalextuwl value of this Study.

In this research the consistent elaboration on subject
matter is not mindless repetition but to emphasize a point to the consciousness of BlacPeople. So, if
you see something more than once it is the intent of the study to make a point of Ntalextuwl Thult

the redemption, advancement, of BlacPeople and the redevelopment of BlacAfrican Culture.


is the ZcyNtific study of
the evolution of BlacAfrican People and their culture.

It is
perpetuation and utilization
of the ideas, philosophies, t
heories, beliefs, concepts, and
notions of their past and present
life experiences and the spirit of their uncompromising struggle

their Cultural Nahlej.

It is also the affirmation, acclamation, declaration and proclamation of
Ntalextuwl Genius, Creativ
ity and BlacStory
. Wholisticly it is the manifestation of
Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz Edjukexun.



A. It is necessary that I introduce this study by first of all establishing the several
acological Theoretical Frameworks to substantiate legitimate struggles and success in bringing
the documented 30
year research and study of the evolution of the autonomous Ntalextuwl
Cultural ZcyNzz of Blacology to the conscious BlacPeople. This first step

is necessary to
comprehend Blacology. Go to Chapter IV Pg.16, read Go to chapter IV Pg.16, read
How to write
in Blacology,

Coined Blacological Words and Definitions pg.32,

See Definitions and Coined
Blacological Words for spellings of words in Blacolo
gy for words you do not understand.


Read How to Write in Blacology


Fist of all, before you can know what Blacology is
you must first read the terminology and words, they are not a different language but
BlacFonicz developed from the study of BlacAf
rican Languages and Linguistics such as
Ebonics/BlacEnglish, Kiswahili, Ghanaian and KPelle, Vah, and others. The merger of
BlacAfrican language in the written script of Blacology is to connect BlacCulture
internationally. In doing so gives Blacology a Wo
rld Vision of Cultural Nahlej. In
preparing this section what came to mind was what Dr. Molefi Kete Asante said, when
he changed his name to an African name was, “how than will BlacPeople know that he
was a African or BlacMan”. What came to his mind was to

change his name to an
African name. This method of changing the eurological name or words to a BlacAfrican
name or word was and is the physical as well as a Ntalextuwl evolution in the natural
propensity to the redemption and advancement of BlacPeople, an
d redevelopment of
BlacAfrican. This method of name changing and word changing is to give a BlacAfrican
appearance is only proper and fitting, it also has a BlacStorical context, and is Culturally
correct that in the development of Blacology it should be a
pplied to the terminology and
words of Blacology. If not, than how would BlacPeople internationally know that
Blacology is a BlacAfrican Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz without the words reflecting
BlacAfrican Linguistical Heritage in the written script of Blac


Cultural obligation of BlacPeople


the responsibility of BlacPeople to their culture to
help other BlacPeople to survive. When my family was dispersed and destroyed other
BlacPeople step up to provide and help individuals, families, and organizati
ons. The
commitment of BlacPeople to do everything in their power to redeem themselves and
redevelop BlacAfrican Culture thru the information passed down by their art, music,
ideals and literature. Based on the fact that the culture provided for them when
could not do for themselves as children or otherwise. It is a natural propensity to take
care of BlacPeople and maintain BlacCulture.


The Legacy of BlacZcholarz

the passing on of Traditional BlacAfrican Culture in the
instruments of BlacLiterature
and BlacFilm which was endowed with the Ntalextuwl
Genius and Creativity of their ideas, philosophies, theories, beliefs, concepts, notions and
BlacStorical evidence of the past and present life experiences of BlacCulture. The


Cold War Analysis of ECOWAS
ECOMOG Conflict Management and Resolution in Africa: A Case of the
Liberian Civil Conflict: A 21

Century African
Civil Conflict Management and Resolution Dimension

By: Dr. Amos M. D. Sirle
af, Ph.D.


BlacZcholarz taught BlacPeop
le to be proud of your culture, because it is your heritage.
BlacZcholarz documented the way of life and how to live as BlacPeople. It is a
framework where the universe is the limit to what you can do and if you believe you
could go beyond the universe the

BlacZcholarz would support your dreams and help you
to build them. This is a support system of beliefs, morals, customs, and norms of Cultural


Conceptualization of Blacology

the process of conception of Blacology was based on a
ion I made to make a choice. Upon completion of high school curriculum I had a
choice to make between Black History and Math or Pre
Algebra in order to graduate. I
chose Black History upon which I conceived the word Blackology from a book written
by a Blac
Zcholar, I was studying for class. This planted the seed of the Myth of
Blackology into my subconscious.


BlacCultural A

the dignity and Pride of BlacPeople to not watch other
BlacFolk suffer in despair. The ability to reach back and help other
BlacPeople to
survive. To believe and stand for BlacCulture when no one else does. The perpetuation
and utilization of BlacCulture no matter what. BlacPeople working together for one
cause and one goal. This framework can best be exemplified by the Marcus

Movement up you mighty race.


Think Black Campaign

a method of Blacological Self
determination and peoplehood of
which manifested in 4 events. A. the teaching of the Black Panther Party class or
training in the Black Library in Chicago. B. Think
Black Campaign at Harper in 1973 by
the Black Student Body Protest Movement. C. Acting in the play entitled, “Pearly
Victorious” by Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis directed by Ms. Anderson teacher of Drama
class at Harper High School in 1974 in city of Chicago.

D. the experience of being
turned down and denied by several Sociology Graduate programs at traditional white
universities in Dallas Texas from 1980

1982. These events made me determined and
compelled to bring the word Blackology into my conscious Thul
t. This experience made
me committed to the pursuit and development Blacology a Cultural Science at HBCUs.
This experience marked the beginning of the research and study of BlacLiterature and
struggle of the BlacZcholarz for the development of a Ntalextuwl

ZcyNzz for


Black Self
Help Programs
: Black Organizations, Urban League, Black Social Workers,
Black Panther Party, Black Church, Black Foster Parents and BlacTeacherz, Nation of
Islam i.e. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU),
BlacAuthorz, BlacZcholarz, BlacLawyerz, BlacLeadership the most important aspect is
that they are all BlacPeople. The help I received from these programs proved to me that
you could depend on BlacPeople and BlacCulture.


Ntalextuwl Evolution

the consistent on going research and study of BlacPeople by
BlacZcholarz of what BlacPeople wanted and needed, and how to make life better for the
next generation of BlacPeople. This is the on going struggle for physical, spiritual, and
Ntalextuwl Freed
om. It was in this theoretical framework that Ntalextuwl Genius and
Creativity developed BlacNahlej such as: HBCUs, Black History, BlacNationalism,
Black Radicalism, Black Militantism, Pan
Africanism, African
Centered Education,
Afrocentricity, Afriology
, Black Power, Kwanzaa, Negro History, Negritude, Negro
Nationalism, Reggae, Jazz, Soul, Rap, BlacMedia, BlacLiterature, Blacology,
BlacAfrican language and linguistics.


The Study and Research of Blacology at HBCU

at the graduate levels MA, PhD, and
Bishop College 185re

190re (1974

1979) undergraduate study prepared me for
Prairie View A&M University Sociology MA 198

199re (1987

1988), University of


the District of Columbia/Grambling State University in Education EdD Program 206re

207re (199
1997), Morgan State University History/African
American Studies? MA
Program 214re (2003) and Howard University African Studies PhD Program 210
(1999 2005). The foundation of research and study of Blacology are the BlacZcholarz at
the beginning of R
edevelopment Era of BlacAfrican Culture to 50 years past the 1

Century 0001
0150re (19

and 20

Centuries) in the U.S., after I enrolled in African
Studies my Ntalextuwl development expanded internationally. These institutions
provided the atmosphere a
nd BlacCulture in which Blacology could evolve, grow, and
develop into a Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz. The HBCUs provided the most important
aspect in the evolution of Blacology the patients, presence, and support of BlacZcholarz
and a BlacCulture that encou
rage and nurtured the ideal of Blacology. These Zcholarz
were from the BlacCulture and knew of the experience that was attributed to such a
Thult. The Myth of Blacology dwells in the hearts and the mind of BlacZcholarz and it is
deeply rooted in the BlacCu
lture and HBCUs. The HBCU and the BlacAfrican Culture
was the best laboratory for Blacology. The founding of the HBCUs is the foundation by
which Blacology is rooted in. The HBCUs have proved its worth. It is no longer
necessity to go to the white univers
ities to get a PhD, it is now a luxury or bling
bling to
attend the traditionally white university. Blacologically, if you want BlacNahlej, the real
Nahlej, go to the HBCU and keep it real. The building of the HBCU is the hope and
dream of the slave and st
ill… I rise.


Application of BlacFonicz Terminology and Words

Blacological words are
developed from the research and study of BlacAfrican languages and linguistics. Dr.
Ronald Walters a BlacZcholarz in his article entitled, “Moving Towards a Black Social

Science” have said, that in order to develop a Black Social Science for Black Culture the
terminology and words would have to come from the BlacCulture and the
uncompromising struggle of BlacPeople for freedom, justice. and equality. So, the

of Blacological words evolved into existence while conducting research
and study of BlacCulture. In African
Centered Education a BlacZcholarz by the name of
Abena Walker said, that if you can write or spell the words you say, it is good. It does
not matte
r how you say it if you can write them. BlacPeople do not need to speak and
talk like white people. The Father of Ebonics,


Williams PhD,

said, “The

recognizing the effective use of the child’s home language as a viable
pedagogical too
l”. He also said, that BlacPeople have their own autonomous language.
Once I studied Kiswahili and learn the different sound of a, e, i, o, u, n or N, X, y and the
use of these phonetic letter in the spelling of words and names. I began to see the
on between how BlacPeople talk in the U. S. and BlacPeople in BlacAfrica.
When you listen to how, the sound, and the way BlacPeople talk, you can see there is a
correlation between the colonialized BlacAfrican tone and western ex
captive and
culturally con
ditioned enslavement process of BlacPeople in the BlacDiaspora. You can
tell BlacPeople by their voice tone no matter what eurological language they speak. The
application of BlacFonicz to you research and study give Blacology is own unique
identifiable w
riting form and BlacAfrican appearance.


Spreading the word about Blacology


By word of mouth, writing to HBCUs as a
graduate for enrollment, Teaching Blacology in classroom presentations and discussions,
Public schools Science fair by my children, Teachi
ng in public schools where my
children went and where I worked, I told Blacology to everybody, BlacPeople and some
whites, Blacology Letterheads, BlacMedia as a Resource and disseminator of
information the use of radio, Black Newspapers, Black TV Shows, us
e of Black Internet
WebPages, the building of Blacology.com Website and e
mail: CulturalScience@cs.com,


Advertisement Blacology
Signs, Business Brochures, Blacology T
Shirt, and Books and
articles. These were the efforts that provided the most growth, ins
piration, confidence
and Character for a Blacologizt. It was in the process of this framework that the process
of developing and exercising a Blacological Thult grew out of.


Civil and Human Legal Rights to Implement Blacology
: what gave me the Nahlej
have the inspiration, courage, and wisdom to know that I was right and had the right to
develop Blacology was the legal achievement of the BlacZcholarz in the suites, courts,
and the streets. This framework was best exemplified thru the viewing of Cultural

Therapy Videos and BlacDocumentaries, BlacMovies that showed the success of the
BlacZcholarz in the Human and Civil Rights Movements by BlacZcholarz. This
framework was also made real and proven thru Black TV Shows and Radio Stations.
Particular shows was

Tony Brown’s Journal, Listervelt Middleton Show entitled, “For
The People”, Black Forum, Howard University’s WHUTV, Eyes on the Prize, the Urban
League’s “State of Black America”, and WOL1450 in Washington, DC, in Dallas KNON
and KKDA Black
Talk Show Form
ats, the Final Call and Minster Farrakhan, Dr. Martin
Luther King PhD and Malcolm X and others. These are the programs that taught you
your cultural values, and the following rights and laws.

The right of BlacPeople to get an Education in 1820.


received the right to education in the early 1800s

The right of the freedom of the press and the to protest for right

The right of the Freedom of speech

And BlacPeople also received the right to an equal educate in the civil rights
movement in Brown vs.
Board Education in 1954.

Anti trust law

there can not be a monopoly on any business.

Affirmative Action

the last affirmative action ruling stated that in order to
implement affirmation action you must be able to count. If you can not count you
are in v
iolation of affirmative action.

Human rights violation

the right to education your self on your culture

the right of cultural autonomy

the right to establish your own religion

the right to establish your own culture

Civil Rights title VII no one can discri
minate against:

Your National origin

Discrimination based on color

Blacology will seek the legal representation and support of the NAACP, the National
Urban League, PUSH, SCLC, HBCU, Black Church Organizations, The Nation of
Islam, the American Muslim Miss
ion, Black Teachers Unions and All BlacPeople in
this endeavor to Implement Blacology as a Ntalextuwl ZcyNzz and Study in to the
Public, Private, charter School and HBCU in the United States.


Institution Building and Ntalextuwl Entrepreneurialship:

Sept. 13,
Blacology Research and Development Institute, Inc. and Publishing Company to write
and Print Text Books, Library, video, Books. Blacology t
shirt. Blacology Curriculum
developed for: public schools, private school, charter school and HBCUs, Apply

public schools, private school, charter school and HBCUs for implementation of
Blacology as a subcontractor into their curriculum as a Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz.
This framework was necessary because there was no such institution for the development
f Blacology. Sense I was committed to Blacology it was my cultural obligation and
vision to do so. The building of the Blacology Institution or BRDI has been necessary,


instrumental, and beneficial to evolution of Blacology into a realistic and legitimate
Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz. It is because of the Blacology Research and Development
Institution was incorporated in September 13, 1997 that the Cultural ZcyNzz has evolved
to it present stage of development it has it own Identifiable writing form and
inology, the definition of Blacology has evolved, Many articles and books have
written or Blacology, it has and archive and library of books and video tapes, and 2
branches, equipment and web
page and annual budget. In the Blacology Institute both
Dr. AM.D
. Sirleaf PhD and Profesa W. Xrozz have conducted research and study on
Blacology and written books to total of 10, given speeches, presentations, and published
articles on Blacology.com. The universe is the limited to where Blacology can go.


Teaching Blac

is an on going every day honor, practice, and duty, I teach
Blacology everywhere I go, whenever BlacPeople want to know. It is my passion and
vision I enjoy it. Blacology is also a gift and a talent. Blacology is the evidence of our
Ntalextuwl Geni
us and Creativity, it is substance of the spirit of the uncompromising
struggle of BlacAfrican People for freedom, justice, and equality. Blacology is my light
and I am going to let my light shine. Everywhere I go I am going to teach Blacology.
Presently I

am teaching Blacology in the Prince County Public schools as a substitute
teacher whenever to opportunity is available. I taught Blacology at Prairie View A&M
Graduate school of Sociology MA Program, as an internship and every class took, I
taught Blacolo
gy to radio talk show host Dallas Jackson, Willis Johnson, and Alamakia
Lamorja in Dallas, Texas in
Radio Interviews:

KKDA am, KNON 89.3fm Talk Show in
Dallas, Texas, Dallas Jackson Show (KNON, 89.3 FM)

August 1988, The Voice of the

Topic: Blac
ology A Cultural Science, Alamakia Lamorja Show (KNON, 89.3

September 1988, The Voice of the People

Topic: Black Culture & Blacology,
Dallas Jackson Television Show (Cable Channel 10)

August 1988, Topic: Black
Culture in Dallas, Tx in 1988.

oduced Blacology to Sociology Graduate School at Howard University

1990, Taught Blacology to my family and my wife family at our family reunions.

Blacology has been taught at Washington, DC public school at the African
School by Profesa W. Cross f
rom 1995

1967 to 3



Grambling State University/University of the District of Columbia, Washington,
D.C., Present

Ed. D.

Program, Introduced Blacology on taught Blacology to WOL

1993, Kathy Hughes Show

1992, Bernice McKane



Taught “
Blacological Research
” to my son Walter J. Cross and Yaphet D. Cross, Nigel
P. Cross and Malik J. Cross to present in Maryland High School and Junior High
Science Fair 1996 to 2003.

Taught Blacology at Million Man March and handed out flyer

1995 02/99

The Washington Project Entrepreneurial Study Program

Washington, D.C.
taught in Entrepreneurial Class: Business Plan for BRDI CONENVIENT SPORTS


Howard University African Studies Ph.D. Program Candidate

Washington, D.C. taugh
t Blacology in every class discussion. 1999





Ntalextuwl Entrepreneurialship Movement (BTNEM)
Implementation Process


The implementation process to introduce a new subject is not
well known by many BlacZcholarz. Most Black Graduates
do not know about this
process at the very institutions they are attending. This process is not taught to graduate
or undergraduate in their degree plans. Not only are they not aware of the process it is a
process that is very long and extensive. You mus
t have an ideal about what you want to
get a copy of this process. The problem is that the educational system has promoted the
concept of “to get a good job, get a good education”. This is the conditioning that has


been the philosophy taught to BlacPeople

for over the past 40 years. In order to build
Cultural ZcyNzz Edjukexun one would have to be taught entrepreneurialship in the
Ntalextuwl Studies. These are the formats for programs proposal from two HBCU
programs Howard University and Bowie State Univer
sity. The formats are applicable to
all colleges in Maryland and Washington, DC and Prince George County Public Schools.
Because of time limits this section does not have private and charter schools
implementation process, but these systems are also part o
f the BTNEM vision and plan.
Although this research does not reflect implementation process of these two educational
systems, it is the intention of the investigators to provide this information upon the
completion of the proposed study. Further more each
form is an example of what must be
done to implement Blacology in the U.S. Education System and particularly Washington,
DC and Prince George County. This process is also essential in the Blacology
Ntalextuwl Entrepreneurialship Movement (BTNEM). This

movement is an Ntalextuwl
Movement based on the utilization of acquisition of Ntalextuwl Studies attained in U.S.
Educational System and Self
Edjukexun of BlacZcholarz.


Blacological Numerical Time


In Blacology when you are given the date of
an even
t, or day and when you tern in your papers, you must use the Blacological Time
span to give a date. (i.e. 05
216re or December 15, 216re or the month, day, and year
of the Redevelopment Era 216, eurological date is 12
05) Go to the

BlacZcholarz A
eration, Tool,

A BlacStorical Ntalextuwl Evolution,
study Tables 1.3 and 1.4 for
BlacStorical Numerical Time
Span on pages 35 and 36 for explanation of dates and Also
see Blacological Chronology,



Apply the revelations Blacologic
al Research to your life
, if you donot have a
BlacAfrican name you should find one or develop one from you name take you whole
name such as Anthony Wayne Williams = AnWa Wiums or Janet Lue Martin = JaLu
Marn and give meaning to your name. As BlacPeople You

must study BlacAfrican
language such Kiswahili, Ghanaian, Liberian or others to know it for self and practice it
to know how it sounds. It is your tradition and heritage your cultural obligation. Even if
you marry who is not from your culture you are sti
ll responsible for it. Use the
Blacological Terminology and word in your writings and daily in your life. Study
Blacology so that you will be able to Edjuket BlacPeople on their culture. Use the
Blacological Numerical Time
span to determine for yourself wh
at year it is in
BlacCulture. Believe in your culture when no one else does. Support Blacology morally,
spiritually, and economically. Find out what you can do to help the growth and
development Blacology. Blacologically, use both revelations internationa
l and national
laws in the uncompromising struggle of BlacPeople for the Freedom, justice, and
equality. Blacology is both a Human and civil right to practice and maintain your culture
you must know this Nahlej.


Study & Merger of BlacAfrican Languages in

the is the most
important of all the frame works because you will have difficulty understanding
Blacology and the development of terminology and words if you have not study any
BlacAfrican Language and linguistics. Some of Blacological words an
d terminology
written in the BlacAfrican sound of the letters a, e, i, o, u, x, n or N, y and phonetic letter
usage you must study BlacAfrican Language (i.e. Kiswahili, Ghanaian, KPelle of
Liberia, etc). The aspect of Blacology is to provide and encourage
the acquisition of
BlacAfrican language for BlacPeople in order to encourage BlacPeople to study and
speak BlacAfrican Language to establish their autonomous tongue in public, private,
charter schools and HBCU. The aspect of speaking BlacAfrican language i
s as important
to BlacPeople as Spanish to Hispanic speaking people. The object of Blacology is to


edjuket BlacPeople to evolve and return to their natural Cultural Nahlej. Blacology is to
produce a more edjuketed and technological BlacAfrican Cultural V
ision of the world.
BlacPeople cannot be so if you do not have Nahlej of the language or use the language of
your heritage. The merger and blending of BlacAfrican language into the phonetic script
of this ZcyNzz is to give Blacology the appearance of its
autonomous linguistic heritage.


Fist of all, before you can have Nahlej of what Blacology is you must first read the
terminology and words, they are not a different language but BlacFonicz developed from the
dy of Ebonics, BlacEnglish and BlacAfrican Language, and Linguistics such as Kiswahili,
Ghanaian, and KPelle etc. This step is necessary to comprehend Blacology. Go to chapter IV
Pg16, read
Basic Coined Blacological Words, How to write in Blacology,


e Explanation of
Definitions and Coined Blacological Words for and update in spellings of words in Blacology
for words you do not understand.

The lack of Cultural Nahlej is an increasing threat to the advancement, and redemption of
BlacPeople and the rede
velopment of BlacAfrican Culture both nationally and internationally.
The lack of autonomous Ntalextuwl ZcyNzz and Studies is a major challenge to the growth and
development of BlacAfrican People. It is important to recognize the value of the Nahlej of s
for the BlacMan and the BlacWoman’s cultural autonomy. The evolution of BlacPeople has
been due to nationalistic, natural, and instinctive efforts in every major region of the world, with
specific emphasis on BlacAfrican Culture.

The lack autonomous
body of Nahlej has wiped out some and stagnated other
achievements of decades of economic, civil, human, and cultural redevelopment in the
BlacCulture. In case of the Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz of Blacology of which is the main
objective of this dissertati
on. The last 30 years in the evolution of BlacAfrican Culture has been
dedicated to the achievements of centuries of BlacZcholarz documentation of the BlacStorical
and Ntalextuwl Evolution. This is not just my personal experience but many of BlacPeople who

have given their lives in the physical, spiritual, and Ntalextuwl uncompromising struggle for
redemption, equality, Freedom, and justice for all BlacPeople. The asset of the BlacZcholarz is
linked to the fabric of the BlacAfrican Culture thru out the Bl
acWorld. BlacZcholarz leave a
legacy of Ntalextuwl Genius and Creativity in all aspects of BlacCulture as individuals and in
institutional capacities. For many BlacPeople, dealing with mis
education and colonialism it is a
bitter experience that will neve
r be forgotten. For the present generation of BlacPeople the
context of BlacNahlej is extremely imperative in any transition from captivity, enslavement, and
colonial conflict to a more stable and secured cultural environment that will facilitate the

service, need, supply, and demand for Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz Edjukexun. When you take a
look at the other cultures that have developed autonomous Studies it is evident that such an entity
has lead to a more sustainable cultural environment for these
particular people.(i.e. Arab,
European, Oriental or Asian, Indian, etc.)

Blacology will allow BlacZcholarz to return to institution building by which to establish
careers and commerce in Ntalextuwl Entrepreneurialship within the BlacAfrican Culture. In t
BlacCulture 77 years after the Haitian Revolution to about 20 years past the 1

Century mark of
this Redevelopment Era of BlacAfrican Culture 0077re

131re (end of the 19

Century and the
beginning of 20

Century in the eurological culture) BlacZcho
larz were building businesses,
colleges, Universities, Cities, and Nations in spite of the segregated laws of the Arabic and
eurological vision of the world. These institutions were built to house, perpetuate, and promote
eurological studies, this was all
that the BlacZcholarz could do and it was safe. But, it was not all


they had Nahlej of. Now is the time to build of the Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz of Blacology
and the University of BlacAfrican Culture an institution and ZcyNzz that will return BlacPeop
to their autonomous cultural Nahlej. Blacologically, when we do this, we add to the technical
training skills with our autonomous Ntalextuwl body of Nahlej. The merger of our sojourn with
our Ntalextuwl abilities will make a wholistic culture. Ntalextuw
lly, BlacPeople must think for
themselves. This study entitled, “Blacology 173re

216re (1962

2005): A Case Study On The
Evolution of BlacAfrican Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz in the Diaspora of the United States” is to
shine a light on the greatest asset
that BlacPeople have is indeed to be focusing on the
development of autonomous Ntalextuwl ZcyNzz which will provide cultural wealth as a
International Ntalextuwl Resource Theory to build a sustainable commerce within the

This dissertation will

address issues and questions concerning BlacAfrican Culture’s
service, need, supply and demand to establish the ideas, beliefs, philosophies, concepts and
notions of the BlacZcholarz as Ntalextuwl Thult and Cultural ZcyNzz. This dissertation will
show ho
w this BlacAfrican Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz Edjukexun can be implemented into
Elementary, Jr. High School, High school, and post secondary and graduate level at HBCU’s in
the United States. This dissertation will also reveal the population data of the B
Cultural Market that exist in every public, private, charter schools, and HBCU’s in the United
States. It will also expose the opportunities to establish careers and Entrepreneurialship in the
Ntalextuwl Studies as a marketable entity that is p
roductive, creative, an honorable profession
and Cultural Commerce.


Blacology 173re

216re (1962

2005): A case study on the Evolution of BlacAfrican
Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz in the Diaspora of the United States.


is the ZcyNtific study of
the evolution of BlacAfrican People and their

It is the
perpetuation and utilization
of the ideas, philosophies, theories, beliefs,
concepts, and notions of their past and present
life experiences and the spir
it of their
uncompromising struggle as

their Cultural Nahlej.

It is also the affirmation, acclamation,
declaration and proclamation of
Ntalextuwl Genius, Creativity and BlacStory
. Wholisticly it is
the manifestation of
Blacological Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyN
zz Edjukexun.

Statement of the Problem

The problem here is that there is no authentic Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz by
BlacZcholar for BlacAfrican Culture that is developed, founded, owned, operated, maintained,
and manufactured in the United Sta
tes in the Educational system and this is by design and it is a
monopoly. According

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, the origin of this problem is as follows:

“I will
begin with the fact that,
we live in a conceived European intellectual universe.

Anyone who will

tackle a subject of this nature goes against that fact. This is an ingrained fact. The fact of living
in a European conceived universe.
This conceived fact became confirmed in the 15

and 16


It deals with a principle decision the Europea
ns made during their 200 year turning
point in their history, when they came out of the middle ages and made the decision on world
This is the beginning of the struggle of BlacAfrican People for freedom, justice,
and equality and also against
cultural deprivation.


APCO Productions Video, Presents Dr. John Henrik Clarke PhD In a Special Ten Part Series Africa Profound
copyright © 1987, Part # I, Human and Spiritual Values in Africa Before European Contact,


Blacologically speaking, the solution to this problem is how BlacZcholarz see themselves, not
how eurological scholars see BlacZcholarz.

This study will specifically analyze the relationship
between the evolution of Blacology and t
he assumption of Eurological cultural supremacy. This
is a Blacological

Research that will explore and attempt to answer the following statements and


The lack of BlacAfrican Ntalextuwl Entrepreneurialship in the Academic commerce.


The quest

of BlacZcholarz to provide the service for the need, supply, need, and
demand of the BlacMarket for autonomous Ntalextuwl Studies in the BlacAfrican
Culture within the United States and Globally.


Are BlacZcholarz Morally incapable of reaching up for the
BlacNahlej that Forever
confronts them?


Why is there only seasonal recognition and celebration of BlacAfrican Culture by
some BlacZcholarz and BlacPeople in the United States?


Are the eurological scholars challenged to the extent of BlacZcholarz when it
to developing new thoughts and terminology or did they have privilege?


What does the law say about the development of new terminology and Cultural
ZcyNzz by BlacZcholarz today?


Because of the monumental achievements of the BlacZcholarz of the Past
does this
make for today an environment by which the BlacZcholarz of the present will be able
to do greater works and develop New Blacological Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz or
should they be content with Eurological Studies?


A eurological journalist asked a
prominent BlacActor, Is there a need for Black
History any more or why do
we…(Who is we?)

still need Black History Month?


Why it is that BlacZcholarz see the existence of BlacCulture vicariously from the
eurological vision of time (i.e 1900, 2005, etc), o
f history, and can BlacZcholarz
develop their own autonomous Cultural Time
span or existence?


Who declared BlacPeople in the United States to be African
American is this titled or
label the product of Eurological acclamation of BlacPeople such as the term

Negro of
which in the 176re (1965) Civil Rights Movement by Floyd Mckissick and Kwame
Ture declared self
determination for all BlacPeople and that BlacPeople would define
who we are and we would be BlacPeople for now, then, and forever. Should we tell
Americans it is not what you call us but what we answer to and we only answer
to that which BlacPeople has acclaimed, affirmed, declared and proclaimed from the
spirit of the uncompromising struggle of our BlacAfrican Culture?


If it were not for Blacolo
gy would we be thinking about the evolution of BlacPeople
to have their own autonomous Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz and the contribution of


See Blacology Glossary and Definitions @ Blac


the Innovative Authentic Monolithic Ntalextuwl Creative Genius (IAMNCG) of
BlacAfrican People into the universal writt
en script?


Should the contemporary BlacZcholarz of today still be waiting in eurological and
Arabic studies until after the completion of their BA, BS , MS, MA, and PhD degrees
to begin the quest for Ntalextuwl Entrepreneurialship given all his/her labor,

gifts and
talents to the already wealthy eurological studies industry with no reciprocity or
should BlacZcholarz press on with self
determination to go where no BlacZcholar has
gone before?


Can the BlacZcholarz of today answer a 30 year old question by
Dr. Ronald Walter
which states, ‘Whether or not one believes in the possibility that there exists a body of
knowledge about Black Life which can be disciplined and made useful in the survival
and development of Black People depends upon many factors? Amon
g them are (1) a
determination that such knowledge can be disciplined and (2) a determination that in
such a disciplined state, the knowledge when applied to actual problems the
community faces will be useful in the solution. Besides the ambivalence manife
by such social scientist, other causes, of the dysfunction of white social science may
be accounted for by three prime factors: (1) an ideological bias, (2) a structural bias,
and (3) a methodological bias. Blacologically, as we have evolved Ntalextu
wlly, do
we need eurological study to define who we are?


Should BlacPeople in the 2

Century of the Redevelopment Era of BlacAfrican
Culture concentrate solely on issues specific to their local BlacCulture or should they
broaden their perspective for a
global and changing BlacAfrican World? If so, why
or why not?


Now that that BlacAfrican People are physically free how then must they
Ntalextuwlly, free their hearts, minds, and souls of colonialism? Can BlacPeople
continue the practice and use of Eurol
ogical and Arabic religions to free
BlacAfrican People wholistically?


Are BlacZcholarz forever under the scaffold, forever under the thrown of Eurological
scholars and their cultural dimensions as the captive and enslavement perpetrators of
the intellect
ual realm of the BlacZcholarz minds or are BlacZcholarz evolving into
their own autonomous Ntalextuwl Body of Nahlej.


Blacological Research has revealed that in the United States and the world
BlacZcholarz and white scholars have been Eurologically condit
ioned to believe, that
BlacZcholarz are inferior and white scholars are superior. The manifestation of this
conditioning is that Ntalextuwlly BlacZcholarz are underestimated, as far as
publishing they are devalued, and creatively they are marginalized. In
the practice of
this eurological conditioning there are no autonomous Blacological Ntalextuwl
Cultural ZcyNzz, Studies nor Universities that are owned, founded, operated,
produced, and maintained by BlacZcholarz in the United States Education System.



extuwl Reparation is a question of the day. The Ntalextuwl genius and creativity
of BlacZcholarz has been exploited by eurological studies since the days of Dr.
Martin Delaney what then is the reciprocity for BlacZcholarz?


What does it means to be humane
and… can the BlacMan be humane without his
own autonomous Ntalextuwl Thult?


Are BlacZcholarz Ntalextuwlly accountable and conscious, as well as morally
incapable of reaching up and standing up for the BlacNahlej that forever confronts
them in their daily



According to Dr. John Henrik Clarke, as BlacPeople we must ask ourselves, how are
BlacPeople going to live on the earth?


What is the Relationship between BlacIntellectuals and Eurological Studies that
produces and/or reflects seasonal appre
ciation, perpetuation, and utilization of
BlacAfrican Culture in the BlacDiaspora, specifically speaking from the experience
in the United States? What is this phenomenon?


Significance of Study

1.) To conduct a Dissertation on Blacology at the highest

level of academic acquisition
that can be obtained to build a field of Ntalextuwl Study. 2.) To give BlacPeople an authentic
field of study developed by BlacZcholarz from BlacCulture to be implemented into School
Systems both nationally and international
ly. 3.) To complete all the requirements necessary to
be an academic Blacological Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz and a Field of Study form BlacCulture
an it people. 4.) To develop Blacology at the HBCU is to fulfill our cultural obligation as
because it is only right, proper, and fitting that the ZcyNzz of BlacNahlej should
be founded at an institution that is, of, form, by for and about BlacAfrican Culture. 5.) Give
honor and respect to the tradition and heritage of the uncompromising struggle

of BlacAfrican
People for Ntalextuwl Freedom. 6.) Building bridges in the extended BlacAfrican Cultures and
connecting the HBCUs and the BlacCulture to its own autonomous Ntalextuwl body of Nahlej.
To reveal to BlacPeople the opportunities in careers, ins
titution building, and Ntalextuwl
Entrepreneurialship that the development of Blacology will provide as a autonomous Cultural
ZcyNzz. To also bring to the conscious of BlacPeople the need of the Blacology Institute the
University of BlacAfrican Culture. On

the planet Earth there is no University for the
perpetuation, utilization, and maintenance of BlacAfrican Culture for BlacPeople to study
autonomously to produce their own cultural commerce by BlacZcholarz.

C. Dissertation Thesis:

The theses for
this dissertation proposal can be summed up under the following research

Thesis #0:

is the scientific study of the evolution of BlacAfrican

People and their
culture. It is the perpetuation and utilization of the ideas, philosophies,

theories, beliefs,
concepts, and notions of their past and present life experiences and the spirit of their
uncompromising struggle as their Cultural Nahlej

It is also the affirmation, acclamation,
declaration and proclamation of Ntalextuwl Genius, Creat
ivity, and BlacStory. Wholisticly it is


the manifestation of a
Blacological Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz Edjukexun.

Thesis #1:

Blacology, in essence, is how BlacPeople have

used their Ntalextuwl
Genius and Creativity instinctively to generate a
autonomous Cultural ZcyNzz that gives them
Nahlej that they can respect, maintain, produce, honor, perpetuate, manufacture and use to
command the self
determination of all BlacPeople.

Thesis #2:

BlacPeople’s relationship to their Autonomous Cultural Nahlej

is the same as the
relationship of a child to its mother and father.

Thesis #3:

BlacStory is a terminology that Blacologiztz use to tell BlacPeople their autonomous
cultural time of existence. It is an instrument that is use to defined BlacReality on the
diagram of
Ntalextuwl Consciousness. It also tells them where they are chronologically, and what they are
humanely (BlacAfrican People or BlacPeople). Most importantly, an acclamation,
understanding and numerical accountability of BlacAfrican Culture that
tells BlacPeople what
they still must accomplish and what they still must be.

Thesis #4:
There was a time in BlacCulture when BlacPeople thought if you did not believe Jesus
was white you would go to hell. Thru the research and study of the BlacZcholarz N
BlacPeople found that was not true. In the written word there is this same type of fear and
ignorance due to the ingrained phobia that the way Eurological scholars trained us to be is the
right way and the only way and BlacFolk better not chan
ge it. This phobia can no longer
continue to go on, BlacPeople must evolve.

Thesis #5:

BlacZcholarz of the past did not make new ZcyNzz while completing their degree
plans, but they were the ones who kicked the down so that the young BlacZcholarz could see

universe as their limit not the curriculum. It was the work of the Ancestorz, Elderz, and
BlacZcholarz that makes it possible for Ntalextuwlz today to build a tunnel of hope thru a
mountain of despair. With this Cultural Nahlej there is no insurmounta
ble goal.

Thesis #6:

If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Medger Evers, Thurgood Marshall, and other Civil
Rights Leaders had followed the rules BlacPeople would still be riding on the back of the bus
and living under jim crow law. The right of BlacPeople to

have an education would not have
come into law without organized effort for justice by BlacZcholarz.

Thesis #7:
BlacZcholarz were not allowed to write the BlacStory at all only the eurological
history. Blacologically, we have become aware that the word “h
istory” and all of it aspects is
the creation of eurological scholars and a eurological word that evolved from the research and
study of European culture to define the European existence and vision of the world in time and
space. The word history was force
d upon the Ntalextuwlz of the BlacCulture in order to acquire
a degree in eurological studies industry.

Thesis #7:
It is a known fact that in the United States that there are 2 countries in the land of
North America of which would also means 2 cultures, 1
Black and 1 white. As a matter of fact
BlacStorically, the
founding of BlacAmerica (or Black America)
, April 12, 1787, by the Free
African Society eight BlacMen sat down in a room in Philadelphia and created
a Black Cultural


Bennett Jr., Lerone
Before the Mayflower,
a History of Black America
Sixth Edition,

Johnson Publishing Company, Inc. CHICAGO: 1987,
@ 1961, 1969, 1988



The compact, called t
he Free African Society
, was a prophetic step that marked a
turning point in the road that is critical to the BlacStory of North America,

this event accrued 2
years prior to the Haitian Revolution.

Thesis #8:
Blacologically speaking
there is an array of N
ahlej for you on this subject of
BlacCulture as the Original Culture. It can bring you back to the light of understanding of
yourself. The great teachers, Dr. Martin R. Delaney, Honorable
Marcus M. Garvey, The
Elijah Muhammad,
Malcolm X,
e Drew Ali, they taught first and foremost we
must gain a Nahlej of self. The most important step in gaining the Nahlej of self is to understand
your true BlacStory and Culture. Because, it then opens the door to your real Nahlej of culture,
you can go in
and study the inner power that is already in you. The Nahlej the BlacZcholarz talk
about is that it already exists within our very souls.

Thesis #9:
The Blacological Time
Span of the BlacCulture exists simultaneously with that of all
humanity. But as a
ll individual have birthdays and exist in their own time each culture is the
same. The best way to determine that something exists is to apply numerical accountability to
deeds, events, and creativity. The existence of the BlacCulture can be determined by

the stories
that are documented by BlacZcholarz.

Thesis #10:
The rebellion of the Maroons in the 1700s is symbolic of the end of destruction of the
original BlacAfrican Culture. From the Haitian Revolution August 1, 1789 to the year 2004 it is
215 years.

Blacologically speaking, the Haitian Revolution is the declared symbolic beginning,
a point of demarcation of the Redevelopment of BlacAfrican Culture. As BlacZcholarz we must
be aware of our own time

span in order to judge our success and failure appr
opriately. We
must also determine for ourselves when our destruction ends and when our redevelopment

D. The Limitations of Study

Blacology 173re

216re (1962

2005): A case study on the Evolution of BlacAfrican
Ntalextuwl Cultural
ZcyNzz in the Diaspora of the United States.

Based on the title of this dissertation proposal the focus of the study will be limited to the
extended BlacAfrican Culture in the BlacDiaspora within the United States and the evolution of
the Ntalextuwl Cultu
ral ZcyNzz of Blacology. First of all Blacology is a research and study
conducted by Profesa Wulta Zamani Xrozz. Blacology is a scientific research and study because
it is and was conducted and produced at HBCU the are scientific research institutions
such as
Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas in the Graduate School of
Sociology/Social Work from 1987 to 1988, University of the District of Columbia/Grambling
State University Extension Program for the Educational Doctorate in Washington DC

in 1996,


Marcus Garvey,


Muhammad, Elijah Message to the Blackman in America, Elijah Muhammad, Hakim’s Publications, 210 S. 52nd
Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139, 1965.


X, Malcolm. The Autobiography of Malcolm X, New York: Grove Press, Inc. 1965; George Brietman ed.
colm X Speaks (New York Grove Press, Inc. 1965).


By the Prophet

Noble Drew Ali,



and Howard University in Washington, DC in the Graduate Schools of Sociology and African
Studies from 1990 to 2005. This study will also be limited to:


The study of opportunities to develop a Blacological Cultural ZcyNzz


BlacPopulation in United



BlacStudent population in public, private, and charter schools


HBCU contributions to eurological studies


The request of service by BlacPeople to meet the need, supply and demand for
Ntalextuwl Studies founded by BlacZcholarz


The viable sustainable

BlacMarket available to Blacology


Reciprocity and reparation for the exploitation of Ntalextuwl Genius and Creativity of
BlacZcholarz by eurological studies industry.


Implementation of Blacology as a Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz and Study into public,
te, charter schools and HBCU.


Legal rights to Implement Blacology

The making of Ntalextuwl Studies has been traditionally and historically available to
Eurological Scholars and only through the access of their educational institutions. The research
d study of Blacology will be concentrated in the BlacAfrican Culture and it’s Institutions of
Higher Learning (i.e. HBCU, Black High Schools, African
Centered Schools, Charter Schools

How to write in Blacology

In the past centuries there was no

field of study founded, owned, and operated by
BlacZcholarz to be accountable BlacStorically, to manufacture, and maintain their autonomous
Cultural Nahlej and existence, their was no field that exemplified the autonomous authentic
Ntalextuwl Genius and C
reativity of BlacPeople. There was no autonomous Blacological
Ntalextuwl Field of study that reflected the evolution of the merger and blending of the
BlacAfrican linguistics that embraced necessity of building Cultural bridges to the BlacDiaspora
and Alke
bulan, until the development of Blacology. Blacology is a Ntalextuwl Field of study
that was written and developed authentically and specifically by BlacZcholarz for the purpose of
documenting, research, study and utilizing it findings for the advancement

and redemption of
BlacPeople and the redevelopment of BlacAfrican Culture.

In the establishment of the Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz Blacology, one may be able to
distinguish and identify a Blacological Research or Blacology by the capitalization of the fir
letter of all words that are associated with Blacology (i.e. Black People, Black Culture, Black
Woman, Black Man, Black Youth, Blacology, and Blacological etc.) not only at the beginning of
a sentence but whenever these words are used. This is done to
give honor, respect, and
importance to these words and to BlacPeople. This is also done to restore the humanity of
BlacPeople. In the Eurological Culture, BlacPeople have been taught to hate everything Black
and African. BlacPeople have been taught to ha
te themselves. The Cultural ZcyNzz of
Blacology is to undo this type of self
hatred by giving importance to all that is Black and
African. Blacology may also consist of its own Cultural Linguistics or Ebonics. In addition, it is
not restricted to the Eu
rological Language Arts. This gives Blacology its own significant
identifiable writing form. Blacology is evolving into an authentic Cultural ZcyNzz. The terms of
BlacNahlege or BlacNahlej, BlacNtalextuwl (z), and BlacNtelajenzz are spell different from t


Eurological spelling of the words. This is done in order to give a distinction between the
Eurological thought and that of BlacologicalThult.

It is also done to show the evolution of
BlacZcholarz as contributors to humanity and Ntalextuwl Thult.


words were developed
from the research and study of Swahili, Zulu, Ghanian and other BlacAfrican languages and

Blacology is also written in 14 font in order to be more reader friendly, legible and
easier to read. These words and definitions
are taken from the research and study of eight years
of Self education, unofficial indirect research and 20 years of direct subjective and specialized
research under institutional research and study in the Historical Black Colleges and Universities

BlacCommunity, BlacMedia and predominantly white institutions. My first endeavor
with the institutional study of BlacCulture was in the 2

Grade at John P. Altegeld in Chicago,
Illinois at 7100 South Loomis in Mrs. Garrett’s Class in 1962. Mrs. Garrett
taught us Negro
History Week. From 1962 to 2004 is a total of 42 years of Self
education, institutional research
and study, 50 years experience as a BlacMale, This research has been conducted for a total of 42


Coined Blacological Words and def
are developed from the research and
study of the Cultural ZcyNzz of Blacology. In order to develop this science, it must be define by
the findings and development under this process of research, study, experiments, and daily
experiences of the Cu
ltural ZcyNtizt or Blacologizt. In the evolution of Blacology, these words
have materialized into existence. These

words are evidence of the constant
evolution of BlacPeople and their culture. They have also taken on their own authentic spelli
and definitions. These words are synonymous with the Cultural ZcyNzz of Blacology. These
words are the Blacological linguistics and terminology. The dropping of the “k” from the word

ology is the scientific perspective or connotation; it is als
o technological and
computerized spelling. It is from the linguistics of Ebonics. These words my also be called
BlacFonics. This Cultural ZcyNzz would eliminate the marginalization of the BlacNtalextuwlz
by Eurological Scholars in this country and the wo
rld. It also would liberate the Innovative
Authentic Monolithic Ntalextuwl Creative Genius (IAMNCG) of BlacAfrican People and their
culture for the utilization and perpetuation of Cultural Ntalextuwl Equality. It is also the
IAMNCG of BlacAfrican Culture
and its people. The dropping of the “k” is also the joining of
Black and African into one. This is a Cultural component, a Cultural icon and a symbol that
BlacAfrican Culture is evolving into its own identifiable redeveloping entity. It is no longer a
lor and a continent it is an extended international culture.

Went I began the study of Kiswahili I began to see how phonetically the use of letters in
Kiswahili could be used in the pronunciation of Blacological Terminology and Words that would
not chang
e the pronunciation of the language and linguistics of the BlacDiaspora but would
integrate these languages so as to encourage BlacPeople to speak and study both BlacAfrican and
Eurological languages. This method of merging the languages was due to my expe
rience of study
Kiswahili at Howard University and the difficulty of translating BlacAfrican Language as a
BlacMan specking 2 languages of Euro
American Standard and Ebonics/BlacEnglish and not
knowing of this phenomenon. This was not brought to my conscio
us until I began the study of
BlacAfrican Languages. This fact became most conscious in a conversation with Dr. A. M. D.
Sirleaf; when Dr. Sirleaf said that he spoke 9 different languages. This statement made me take a
look the BlacPeople in the United Sta
tes. I began first of all to say that BlacPeople in the U.S.
only speak one language and that was English. But I was not content with that Thult. So I began
to think about the issue of Ebonics in the use of the term Black English of which are both the
e thing. It then came to my conscious that BlacPeople in the United States speak more than 1
language. BlacPeople in the United States speak upon demand Euro
American Standard English
and they speak Ebonics/BlacEnglish when they are at home or within the B
lacCulture. In
addition to that the Eurological School System has made it mandatory that you take up either


Spanish or another European language in order to graduate form high school. This is a fact that
most BlacPeople are not aware of and that is that t
hey speak at lease three languages. This is
what brought about the develop of BlacFonicz which is the terminology and word structure of
Blacology. So this process of the merger of the use of the phonetic letter in Blacology (i.e
Ntalextuwl, Nahlej, BlacWo
rld, etc.) is due to the study of the use phonetic letters in Eurological
Language Arts and BlacAfrican Language Arts.

Wherever you see BlacAfrican People they are drawn together by their color and the
Land of their Ancestorz. This brings about a common b
ond and establishes cultural continuity of
their experience that is apparent in their art, music, dance, ideals, speech and actions. It is the
Nahlej of the people’s color and their land, which brings about a conscious understanding of a
common struggle.

It is the evolution of the BlacMind through the BlacAfrican Cultural
phenomenon (i.e. Blacology, BlacMan. BlacThought or BlacThult, BlacWorld, BlacWoman,
BlacZcholarz, BlacAfrican Culture, BlacNahlej, Ntalextuwl (z) or BlacNtalextuwl, Etc.). These
words e
volved from the words Black Man, Black thought, Black World, Black woman, Black
Scholars, Black/African Culture, Black knowledge, intellectual, etc. The merger of these words,
signify the evolution of BlacAfrican Culture in its own field of study. The N i
n the word
Ntalextuwl is derived or taken from the African name Nkrumah and Nyerere. The N is taken
from the BlacAfrican Heritage and Linguistics of Ghanaian and Swahili. Kwame Nkrumah and
Julius Nyerere of Independent Movement BlacAfrican States in the
180re (1950s
Kwame Nkrumah was the founder President of Ghana the first Independent BlacAfrican State.
Julius Nyerere is the first founder President of Tanzania an Independent BlacAfrican State. The
N is symbolic of independence and freedom.

Both of these Ancestorz believe in the Pam
Africanism philosophy and vision of United States of Africa. The Z is taken from the Zulu
People and there language. The Z is symbolic of the struggle of the Zulu People gallant struggle
and fight for freedom ag
ainst colonialism for over a hundred years. The Z is symbolic of the
BlacAfrican Struggle for Freedom. The Z or z is both singular and plural in Blacology. Capital
“Z” at the front of a word is singular or the name of a person, place or thing. The small “
z” at the
end of a word is plural. The Z and N are applied to words that are names and titles to show the
evolution of the merger, contributions, and impact of the IAMNCG of BlacAfrican Cultural
Linguistics to the script of European language and literature

forced upon BlacPeople under

It is only proper and fitting that in the 216

year of the redevelopment of BlacAfrican
Culture the manifestation of the myth of the Cultural ZcyNzz of Blacology has evolved into the
conscious of BlacAfrican Pe
ople and their culture. From the Haitian Revolution August 1, 1789
to the year 2005 it is 216 years. Blacologically speaking, the Haitian Revolution is the symbolic
beginning, a point of demarcation of the Redevelopment Area (RE or re) of BlacAfrican Cult
As BlacZcholarz we must be aware of our own time span in order to judge our success and
failure appropriately. We are a redeveloping BlacAfrican Culture, not a Eurological society.
With this Nahlej in mind BlacAfrican People will be able to look at

our advancement in a more
realistic vision. The BlacAfrican Culture is a damaged culture and suffered great loses. The
correct way to examine the progress and achievements is to recognize the period of destruction
and the point of redevelopment. Blacol
ogically, what we are talking about is the evolution of
BlacAfrican People and their Culture. According
Dr. Chancellor Williams in his book, “The
Destruction Black Civilization”, BlacAfrican Culture was destroyed from it original state, but…
not beyond r
epair. It was infused with all other cultures. Culturally, according to
Dr. Ali


Williams, Chancellor. The Destruction of Black Civilization Chicago: Third World Press, 1974.


Mazrui, Ali A. Afr
icans: A Triple Heritage 8: A Clash of Cultures, LAC, DAF097v.8,

WETA/BBC 1986 60:00,


Mazrui, in his documentary, “The Africans’, he said, “At one time we were all in one village. It
was all that we knew. The village was our world. Some strangers can and t
ook some of us
away to all corners of the earth. Now the world is our village and the sun never sets on
BlacAfrican Culture”.

Blacology is as it people it is physically distinguishable form all other eurological
sciences, but at the same time it is Human
e. Blacology is apparently different from all
Eurological Studies but at the same time it is a Ntalextuwl Humanitarian ZcyNzz. Blacology is a
ZcyNzz that reflects our uncompromising struggle and as it people, it is distinguishable from all
other humanitari
an studies or ZcyNzz. Blacology tells it own time. Blacology is written with the
freedom of expression of the BlacStruggle, its experience and its culture. These are the aspects of
Blacology that make it different from all other Studies. These are the pe
rspectives that make
Blacology authentically and genially Blacological. These aspect and perspective have their own
evolutional identifiable appearance and distinction. Blacology is as its people, it is and can be
recognize upon visual contact and pronun
ciation of it content. Blacology is distinguishable form
all other Eurological studies and other Ntalextuwl Studies such as African
American Studies,
Black History, Negro History, Black History Month, African
Centered Education, Africalogy,
Africology, Pa
Africanism, Afrocentricity, and Black Nationalism.

The Difference of Blacology is:


The evolution of BlacAfrican People.


Autonomous Cultural Nahlej


Ntalextuwl Genius & Creativity


Promotion of Blacological Ntalextuwl Cultural ZcyNzz


distinction upon visua
l contact


Authentic Identifiable writing from.


BlacFonicz: Linguistics and terminology; the spelling of words, merger and evolution of
the usage of the BlacDiasporaz Language and linguistics with original BlacAfrican
languages.(Ebonics & BlacAfrican Lingu


The promotion of careers and institution building in Ntalextuwl Entrepreneurialship for
BlacZcholarz as an economic entity.


Natural propensity of the (BlacPeople) vision (see Dr. A. M. Sirleaf PhD.)


Logical way of Thult or Thinking For BlacPeople


the acquisition of dissertation and PhD


BlacStorical Time
Span, Blacology has its own self
determine accountable numerical
existence develop from the tradition of the uncompromising struggle of BlacAfrican
People to be Ntalextuwlly free.

In order to wr
ite in Blacology you must utilize the BlacFonicz

which is the Blacological
terminology and words, then you are writing in Blacology. If you do not use these
Blacological Terminology and Words it is not Blacology. In Blacology the
word, “ZcyNzz”

is both singular and plural.

In Blacology the words are spell differently to show the distinction and difference in
Blacology and that of eurological studies such sociology and psychology because
Blacology is different and this should be reflected in its

written script. Blacology is
developed from the extended International BlacAfrican Culture and the script reflects the
distinction. The script is a compilation of the written global extended BlacAfrican


Culture blended into BlacFonics that reflects and ap
pears as a BlacAfrican Ntalextuwl
ZcyNzz (i.e. Ntalextuwl, Nahlej, BlacStorical, etc.) in the languages of the land of it
evolution the written is a contribution to any language and is not antithetical but the
contribution Blacological Cultural ZcyNtiztz t
o that language.

Blacology was not meant to be written or spoken in any particular eurological standard
language arts, but to be written and spoken, written and spoken in and from the
uncompromising struggle of BlacAfrican People and their Culture. Blaco
logy can not be
held responsible for any of the standards in eurological language arts.

In Blacology there is no particular way to write an essay or a paper only that you write it
from your experience, research and study, revelation of the findings, appli
cation of the
facts to your life. In the eurological language arts it is customary to present your thesis
first and then information and supporting facts, In Blacology this is not so, nor is it
needed. In Blacology one must keep in mind what James Baldwin
said, write from your
heart, mind, soul, and experience. If you write how you feel and how you talk that is okay
in Blacology.

In Blacology you may be able to be subjective and use the words I, Me, we, us, our….
because BlacPeople have been excluded for s
o long to use these words will empower
BlacPeople to see that their life and experience is written out in a book as Nahlej.
Blacologically, to speak subjectively is empowering for BlacPeople. Blacologically
speaking, the eurological scholars did not want B
lacPeople to write about their own
experiences because it would not promote the European vision of the world. It was not
what the eurological scholars had in mind for the indoctrination and subjugation of
BlacPeople. A BlacZcholar writing using the words I
, Me, We, us, our, is not maintaining
the white supremacy system of objectivity. It is okay to write and quote eurological
scholars as wise and great thinkers. But a BlacZcholarz can not use the words I, Me, We,
us, or our to inspire our people nor oursel
ves. Are we Men and Women or are we grown
up boy and girls? It also mean that BlacPeople would not read or write about white life
and their books would not sale. Not writing about the BlacStory is to marginalize the
people and culture , also to abolish th
e opportunity of cultural commerce for BlacAfrican

To write in language of those who have oppressed, indoctrinated, and mis
educated you
is to communicate. To write the way that the oppressor tell you to write is to be the
subjects of those who h
eld you in captive. To Write Blacology exactly the way the
English has said to do so is not Ntalextuwl Liberation. The BlacZcholar must evolve into
their autonomous Ntalextuwl writing form.

In Blacology the merger of words such as BlacStudentz is a Blaco
logical spelling of the
word Black Student. Blac is synonymous with Blacology. You may find this is constant
with words that are nouns, pronouns or word that describes a person, place, or thing that
is associated with BlacPeople and their culture.

In writ
ing in Blacology one do not used the word master when writing about those who
held BlacPeople in captivity against our will, because this gives a sense of spirituality to a
retched, unjust and dehumanizing act. To do so is to acquaint the enslaver, kidnapp
er, and
abductors to a religious icon, deity or god. To do so is give spiritual affection and


justification to those who have oppressed BlacPeople for economic gain and greed. It
makes those who dehumanized BlacPeople feel they are and were right in doing
BlacPeople what they did. It also implies that religiously they were right. This places
BlacPeople in a permanent subordinate and inferior position.

In Blacology you must show, tell, write, and teach not necessarily in that order but you
must do all o
f these. It is not how you say it, but what you say. In Blacology there is no
such thing as bad, good, standard or impeccable English, French, or eurological
languages. No eurological language or linguistics is better or superior to BlacAfrican
Language o
r linguistics in the BlacDiaspora or in Alkebulan (the continent of Africa). If
you can spell the word and define it or you can write it that is good and acceptable.

In Blacology there is no history there is BlacStory this is the authentic story of
eople written by BlacPeople or BlacZcholarz. In Blacology when writing you must
used the term BlacStory to document your story or time, a story, existence and life
experience past and present of all BlacPeople.

In Blacology one does not use the terms mino

and dominate culture
when describing the disposition of BlacPeople to youth, adult or other ethnics because
this subjugates BlacPeople to second class and inferior status. One must not write with
this inferior thinking in mind or act as s

In order to write in Blacology you must go through the process of decolonizing mind,
undo your miseducation and practice Blacological self
determination (Edjuket yourself).
You must research and study BlacLiterature daily and share the findings with
BlacPeople and apply it to your life. When reading research and study always ask
yourself… How can this help BlacPeople?

In Blacology you must know the use of the word

Indigenous means inferior uncivilized;
it does not give ownership or birthright t
o the original BlacPeople of Alkebulan. It is a
dehumanizing and inferior connotation to BlacAfrican People.

Do not use this word when
referring to the original people of BlacAfrica.

In Blacology when you are writing numbers, you write the numbers, it doe
s mot matter if
the number is 1 digit or 2 digits or more (i.e. 1, 10, 100, 1,000 etc.). This is done to instill
in BlacPeople the importance of math, to restore the comfortableness with numbers and
to encourage BlacPeople to add, subtract, multiply, divi
de, etc. with numbers. In the
eurological culture BlacPeople were taught that math was hard and that BlacPeople can
not do math. This process is to undo the mis

In Blacology when you are talking or writing about the eurological scholars you wri
te in
the eurological language arts with the exception of the word the Blacological word
“eurological” to describe or refer to these scholars. When you write about them in this
way, you are recognizing European culture and BlacAfrican Culture are distingui
and different and equal.

In Blacology you do not use the word “social” to refer, describe or define BlacCulture.
You do not use any eurological science terminology to define BlacAfrican Culture or
BlacPeople. You always used the word Culture when r
eferring, describing, labeling or


defining BlacAfrican Culture. In Blacology Culture is always capitalized when referring
to BlacCulture.

In Blacology you must develop your Blacological Terminology and Wordz from the
research and study of this Cultural Z

F. Assumptions

There are many assumptions that are practiced daily in the eurological vision of the world by
BlacPeople and whites. This study is to challenge these viewpoints and assumptions that:

Only Eurological Scholars can create an
d develop intellectual science and develop
terminology and words for such a science.

The assumption that Eurological Studies are universal studies and all that BlacPeople
need to achieve to make their life better.

As BlacZcholarz if you want to be somebo
dy you have to go to the white school and
white universities in order to get a PhD.

The assumption that all BlacPeople in the United States are carbon copies of white

The assumption Black Colleges and Universities or HBCUs are carbon copies of
ite college and universities, and are inferior to white colleges and university.

The assumption that if BlacChildren are bus to white schools and sit next to white
children they will better off and smarter than those BlacPeople who do not.

The assumption

that when BlacPeople were abducted into captivity and the process of
enslavement forced upon them, that was the best thing to happen to BlacPeople.

The assumption that colonial Religions is all that BlacPeople need to make their life
better for them.

e assumption that BlacPeople and whites believe that BlacPeople look better in
European fashion not in BlacAfrican Attire.

BlacCulture is something you just pickup as you go along living from day to day,
BlacCulture is not important.

The Assumption that
wearing BlacAfrican Attire is inferior to wearing European

The assumption that it is wise to only celebrate BlacCulture, not to practice


The assumption that because you are a BlacPerson you know BlacCulture.

The assumption the Euro
American culture is the culture of BlacPeople in the United

The assumption that European, Arab and other Cultures are superior to BlacAfrican

The Assumption that BlacZcholarz do not need their own autonomous Blacological
Cultural ZcyNzz nor can they make one.

The subtle eurological insinuation that the study of philosophies, ideals, beliefs,
concepts, theories and notions of BlacAfrican Culture, their Ntalextuwl Studies and
BlacZcholarz is not substantial or evidence of Z
cyNtific Thult
or Nahlej.

The assumption that BlacPeople look and sound smarter when they are quoting
eurological scholars, than quoting BlacZcholarz.

The assumption that white/supremacy/racism disappeared with jim crow laws in.

The assumption that when

BlacPeople are thinking Blacological about what
BlacPeople need, and want to survive and what The civil right leader did, you are
thinking in the past.

The assumption that BlacPeople born in the BlacDiaspora are not BlacAfrican
People, their cultural her
itage has been lost forever and also they are not recognized
by BlacAfricanz born in BlacAfrica as their Brathaz and Sistaz.

The assumption that BlacPeople born in the United States have more in common with
the Euro
American than BlacAfrican People in
the rest of the world.

The assumption that the vicarious perspective of the eurological vision of the world
by BlacPeople is superior to the autonomous Nahlej of BlacAfrican Culture to


In the review o
f the literature of the past 6 years there are 11 pages of literature review, 78
different articles, books, and internet sites of which have been part of the research and study of
Blacology in the African Studies PhD Program at Howard University in Washing
ton, DC. The
research and study of Blacology at Howard University has been very enlightening, expanding,
and rewarding it began Fall 1999 to 2006. The actual research and study of Blacology at Howard
University begin in the fall of 1989 in the Sociology
Graduate program for PhD. Each one of the