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By: Jim
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Chapter 1: Internetworking: the OSI reference Model

1. Understand the advantages of reference Models
2. Define the function of each OSI layer
3. Describe TCP 3 way hand shake
4. Understand Windowing at Transport layer
5. Points to memorize regarding routers
a. Will not forward broadcast or multicast
b. Use logical address at Network layer
c. Access List for traffic control
d. Router on a stick
e. Provides QoS and load balancing
6. Functions of the two sub layers of Data Link: MAC and LLC
7. Switches and bridges at the Data Link layer
8. Hub and repeater at the Physical layer
9. Half and Full-Duplex Ethernet
10. When will the full-duplex Ethernet used
a. Switch to host
b. Switch to switch
c. Host to host using x-over cable
11. I/G and G/L at MAC address
12. Ethernet_II frame format
13. Straight, Crossover, and Rolled cable
14. Narrowband, broadband PCS, Satellite, Infrared Wireless, and Spread Spectrum
15. Understand Protocol Data Unites (PDUs) encapsulation and the head information
added at each layer (especially Transport, Network, and Data Link)
16. Take the practice quiz at