SHU Technology Update September 2011

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Nov 24, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


SHU Technology Update

September 2011

Presented to the

Faculty Senate IT Committee

September 13, 2011

Mobile Computing 2.0

Discussion on the future of Mobile Computing kicked
off Fall 2010 by TLTR Emerging Technologies Group

Student survey in Spring 2011 showed high
satisfaction overall with Mobile Computing Program,
but that students desired additional options and to
have tech fee folded into flat tuition (survey results
are posted on the TLTR blog)


Tech group planned significant Tablet
computing pilot project for Fall 2011 to explore use
of tablet technology in teaching and learning

Mobile Computing 2.0 (cont.)

IT acquired 350 ThinkPad Tablets, an Android
and pen
enabled Tablet (similar form factor to the

Distribution starting this week for faculty and select
students in Business Leadership, the sciences (Biology,
Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics), and University
Honors Program

TLTC developing

Lab app for Chemistry

Acquired Android
based version of Blackboard Learn

SHU Mobile App

The SHU Mobile project is intended to provide access
to University resources via a variety of mobile

First SHU Mobile app released Fall 2009 for Android,
Blackberry, and

Currently implementing

Banner Mobile
Central as cross platform development
.; next
version of SHU Mobile app to be released later this
fall will include mobile access to Banner info

Campus Network Upgrade

As campus network approached End of Life (EOL),
University IT Services (UITS) launched multiyear
campus network upgrade in Fall 2010.


Fall 2010: New wired switches installed in most buildings

Spring 2011: Upgraded campus Internet connection

Summer 2011: Completed installation of new wireless
access points in most buildings

Campus Network Upgrade (cont.)

Fall 2011: UITS will go “live” with new 802.11n
network (“campus”). SSID is broadcast. Requires
network authentication (SHU Email credentials) to

Future Work:

Upgrade firewalls and bandwidth management systems

Replace network core switches

Replace fiber between buildings

Decommissioning “@400SoAve#” SSID and most wired
ports (per original plan discussed Fall 2010)


Upgraded to Banner 8 in Oct 2010

Banner Workflow and Banner Enterprise Data
Warehouse install scheduled for Fall 2011

Launching major enhancement to Banner reporting
with install of

in Fall 2011

Planning launch of Banner Recruitment and
Admissions Banner Relationship Management
modules in Summer 2012

Banner 9 will be Generally Available Summer 2012

“Academic Admin” Systems

Starfish enhanced “early warning” system going
“live” this month for Academic Affairs

UITS updated the Annual Reporting DB for CEHS in
Spring 2011; currently used by

and CEHS

IT discontinuing license for Blackboard Assessment
Module effective 1/2012; funds re
allocated to
license Passport assessment tool for CEHS’s NCATE

Campus Email

Installed MS SharePoint as collaboration supplement
to MS Exchange email; will be made available to
University community for document repositories
later in Fall 2011

For Fall 2011 Microsoft has been contracted to

populate MS Live accounts for faculty, staff, and
employees to eliminate “” domain; this will
make it easier to access MS Live services (e.g., Skydive and
the MS Live collaboration tools)

Implement MS ILM for student email account generation
and password synchronization with SHU passwords

Campus Web and Communication

Redesigned student portal layout for Fall 2011.
Focus groups guiding redesign of faculty and
employee layouts.

Exploring improved Web tools with library for library
page and portal, including federated search


upgrade scheduled for Summer 2011
postponed to Fall awaiting critical patch from vendor

University Advancement planning redesign of Web
site to support new capital campaign

Campus Web and Communication (cont.)

Working with PR on redesign of broadcast email; for
most users broadcast email will be replaced with
channel communications (Web, Web calendar,
portal channels, and bi
weekly broadcast digests).

Campus emergency notification system (
scheduled for replacement next summer; SA is
planning move to Rave Wireless

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