Faster Development Through Modeling

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Aug 15, 2012 (5 years and 9 months ago)


Faster Development

Through Modeling

Free tools meet MDA

Jeff Cahoon

Principal for CubeModel

September 27
, 2006

The CWM is Very Useful

Makes tools interoperable

Useful beyond the scope of

Useful beyond the scope of
data warehousing

The Key to Speeding Development


Kinds of Reuse

Internal to an application

Significant speed improvement

Across Applications

Extreme speed improvement

Not Data Warehouse Specific

Not all applications fit

Repetitive structure important

Application Generation

Development Tasks

Tools Required


NetBeans MDR


Example at


Creates models readable by both
Humans and Machines

Allows Modeling with any MOF

Provides Objects of the Right Context

Only allows Sensible Associations

Still an early release

NetBeans MDR

Imports XMI models from other tools


Oracle Warehouse Builder

Provides JMI interface to the model

Very powerful and flexible interface

Provides Browser for checking model

Much to be discovered using this tool

XMI Diff/XSLT tools

XMI Diff/XSLT are needed for joining
models created in different tools.

Object Ids change in XMI every time
the model is changed. Associating
objects by Id becomes a problem.

XMI Diff supports relative refs, but the
tools do not.

The solution is not complicated.

Benefits Besides Faster

Fewer typos with generated code

Small model changes are easy

Some people think better graphically

The code matches the model

Modeling is easier in the right context

Potential for surviving platform changes

Interesting Questions


How do I get reuse where tasks
are not identical?

Does reuse mean that the code will
be inefficient?

How do I make changes once the
application is deployed?

Your question goes here.

Model Silo Problem


CWM is useful beyond tools and data

Free tools are available today to do
everything you need

Model driven application development is
often faster