Driven Application Using ColdFusion

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Nov 10, 2013 (5 years and 3 months ago)


Design and Implementation of a Data
Driven Application Using ColdFusion


A case study of the Mammoth Cave National Park
and WKU joint project

Western Kentucky University

Jue Wang

Introduction of the Project

Mammoth Cave National Park contains the world’s longest
known cave system and is the most heavily researched and best
understood cave system in the world. Each year the park
receives numerous requests by researchers and students for
resources of the Mammoth Cave system and its related regional
karst landscape. In order to provide access to this material,
Mammoth Cave National Park Staff and Western Kentucky
University Libraries initiated a joint project. They began by
reviewing each institution’s holdings related to Mammoth Cave
National Park, cataloguing identified materials, and developing
a joint Mammoth Cave Web site hosted by Western Kentucky
At the beginning of this project, the team kept user
flexibility and searchability in mind and pursued a data
dynamic site instead of a content
driven static site.

Why Create a Data Driven Site

Maintenance of a content
driven static
Web site can be very tedious

Provide customized information and user
interactive capability

Demand for a searchable site and
frequently updated contents

What You Need to Create a Static

Traditional static websites are inexpensive
to run and load quickly for users

Need a computer with a Web server
software such Apache or Internet
Information Services

Simple HTML code saved on Web server

This is How a Simple Static Website Works

What You Need to Create a Data
Driven Site

Hardware Requirements

based systems, such as Windows and
many Unix/Linux systems

Hardware with 256 MB of RAM is

Disk space depends on the size of the software
and the space needed to save the data

What You need to Create a Data
Driven Site

Software Requirements

A Web server (such as Apache or Internet
Information Services, same as static site)

A Web application server (such as ColdFusion
MX, Oracle application server …)

A database server (a database management
system, such as MySQL, Oracle database, MS
SQL server …)

What You need to Create a Data
Driven Site

Programming Languages

ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) : an easy
learn tag
based scripting language that
embedded inside HTML code

JavaScript: cross
platform, object
scripting language that allows you to create
dynamic web pages

Structured Query Language (SQL): the language
used to interact with Oracle, Microsoft SQL or
MySQL. SQL is the standard language for
relational database management systems

This is How a Dynamic Website Works

A Screen Shot of ColdFusion Admin Model

A Screen Shot of MySQL Admin Model

A Screen Shot of MySQL Control Center

Database Tables

A Screen Shot of MySQL Control Center

Table Details

A Screen Shot of Mammoth Cave Project

Search Page

A Screen Shot of Mammoth Cave Project

Result Page


The concept of a data driven Web site is not hard
to understand, but fully integrating new
technology into the design and implementation is
a challenge. ColdFusion is a reliable and scalable
development platform and is powerful enough to
create Web
based application. The dynamic Web
site powered by ColdFusion will deliver
information in a more accurate and timely
manner and the site itself will be far easier to
manage and maintain.