More Efficient Cloud Computing with Cloud Hardware Miniaturization

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Nov 3, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)



More Efficient Cloud Computing with Cloud
Hardware Miniaturization

Innodisk Announces Session & Exhibition at Cloud Computing Expo

Fremont, CA

June 3, 2013

With rapid growth and strong competition in the Cloud Computing sector,
oud service providers are looking for ways to increase efficiency to remain competitive. Learn more at this
year’s Cloud Computing Expo in New York, where
Innodisk, a DRAM and Flash Storage manufacturer,

will be sharing their thoughts on cloud storage solu
tions in a special session.

more efficient hardware
, cloud service providers can increase profit margins, cut costs, and boost
scalability and performance of their systems.

This year’s Cloud Computing Expo is at the Javits Center in New York City fr
om June 10
13, 2013. Please
join Innodisk Senior Engineer, Edwin Lam, for a special session, “
Maximizing the Small Things:
Efficiencies for Cloud Hardware”
, on June 11th, 8:15am
9:00am, in Room 1A10. This session will focus
SATADOM, a very small form fa
ctor boot device for the cloud, and how it contributes to
performance and scalability of cloud servers
, as well as the requirements for tomorrow’s cloud hardware.

Throughout the expo,
Innodisk will be showing its wide range of cloud
ready, cost
DRAM and
Flash Storage products at Booth 351
. Innodisk invites attendees and media to visit its booth for
information regarding its newest SATA III products, newly announced DDR4 DRAM products, and the
special session's featured product, SATADOM. Built for

1U systems, this powerful device is smaller than a
one dollar coin, and frees up otherwise dead space on your motherboard.

To meet the requirements of tomorrow’s cloud hardware, Innodisk has invested internal R&D resources to
develop its
SATA III series
of products
. The SATA III SATADOM boasts 470/220MBs read/write Speeds

double the R/W Speed of SATA II products at the same cost.

Innodisk focuses on key applications with industrial requirements, including the enterprise, server, military,
networking, a
nd gaming Markets. The company is dedicated to serving its customers and business partners
with a commitment to
Absolute Service

Innodisk looks for
ward to meeting current and future partners at Cloud Computing Expo in New York.
Please visit

for more information on our products and services.

For more information on the special
session, please visit

About Innodisk

Founded in Taiwan in 2005 and with a US branch office staffed with a support and engin
eering team,
Innodisk Corporation has become the industry
leading manufacturer and solution provider of flash storage
devices and DRAM modules for industrial applications and embedded systems, with a focus on the
enterprise, industrial, aerospace, and defe
nse industries. With its long experience and an unrivaled knowledge
of the memory industry, Innodisk has developed a series of products with excellent quality, remarkable
performance, great cost
efficiency, and the highest reliability. For more information

about Innodisk, please