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Dec 14, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


2000 Memory Management sheet Versions 35 & 36

Version 35 should be on the TS
2000 Yahoo Group's Files Areas.

Please review this document and the Instruction sheet in the Excel Workbook.


A PC with Excel 97 though 2007 and a Serial Port.

Should work on NT, XP and Vista.

Should work on a USB port (with RS
232 converter).

Other system versions not checked.

Will NOT work on a Mac

This is supplied as an unfinished project. It should be quite robust, but the user
interface is not wh
at I want yet. I've also done versions for the TH
F6A hand
D700A and the Icom IC
707MkIIG. These Sheets are in the respective Yahoo
Groups Files Areas. (D700in Beta and not yet uploaded as of this writing Mar 11 09)


Read & Write all n
umbered Radio Memories and Satellite Memories

Tunes the Radio with a click.

Captures the radio Frequency with a click.

Reads and Writes some of the Menus.

Note: at startup, the Menus referred to are only those on the Control sheet.

User settable Upper/Low
er limits for Narrow, Mid or Wide bandwidths.

Selectable baud and Com port (See Instruction sheet)

Supplied with settings of COM1 & 57600


Data is saved in the Excel spreadsheets. Data Files can not be saved in this version.

Notes probably not

on the Instruction Sheet.

Rx Filter settings:

Because there 144 different filter settings (12 upper 12 lower limits

and to parallel the
sheet I did for the Icom 706 which only has three bandwidths), each mode has settable
filter settings for three d
efault bandwidths called Narrow, Mid and Wide. Access these
preferences with the Filter Prefs Button on the upper right of the Control sheet.

Control Sheet:

Don't change anything to the right of column P . These are needed tables.

Frequency Range is che

Mode must be entered completely. It defaults to LSB when

to the radio.

Filter bandwidth can be entered with one letter (n = Narrow), but the full entry is not filled in
(n is not changed to Narrow) on this version.

CTCSS Type can be entered by

the first letter (o = off)

CTCSS tones can be entered without the decimal part (107 => 107.2).

Memories Sheet:

Mode can be entered with just enough to identify what is wanted.

Filter bandwidth is not stored in memories

CTCSS Type can be entered by the fi
rst letter.

CTCSS tones can be entered without the decimal part (107 => 107.2).

Satellite Memories Sheet:

Does NOT support the CTCSS aware software. Sorry.

Multiple groups of the ten Satellite Memories can be saved in the sheet.

Enjoy, Steve, K9DCI