India Biotech Briefing - Dr. Brian W. Tempest


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Hale & Tempest

India Biotech Briefing

Dr. Brian W Tempest

IBIZ Conference, NHS Expo

Excel London UK 9 March 2011

Hale & Tempest

Dr Brian Tempest advises Companies, Banks, High Net Worth Individuals and Investment Funds on
their Strategy in the Emerging World based on his wide experience in China, Japan, South East Asia
and India where he has lived for the last decade.

Brian has worked for Ranbaxy Laboratories since 1995 holding the position of Managing Director
and Chief Executive Officer until 2005. He was then Chief Mentor and Non Executive Director until
2008. He is one of the few westerners to have led a Sensex Nifty 50 Indian blue Chip MNC and as a
result has a valuable insight into India. Brian has also been Regional Director, Far East for Glaxo
where he was responsible for businesses in Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan.

Brian has worked in the Pharmaceutical Industry for the last 39 years and led Healthcare businesses in
North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and India. He has also led sessions
at Investor Meetings across Asia, Europe and USA. He is now an International Advisor to MAPE

India, Religare
India and UNCTAD

Switzerland. In addition he is a member of the SCRIP Global
awards panel. Brian speaks at global conferences on the Challenge from India and China and more
information on these presentations can be found on his website

Brian has a PhD in Polymer Chemistry from Lancaster University and is a member of the Royal
Society of Medicine, the Royal Society of Chemistry and is a Chartered Chemist. He is now
Chairman of Hale & Tempest Co Ltd.

Hale & Tempest

President, CEO, Non Exec Indian Pharma

Ranbaxy 1995

One of the few westerners to have a lead a
Sensex 50 blue chip Indian MNC

Resided in India 2000
2010, bought & sold
homes in Delhi, today an Indian pensioner and
Indian tax payer

Non Exec Chairman, Indian Investment Bank,
Religare Capital Markets

Non Exec Director, Indian Diagnostic Company,

Non Exec Director, Indian Healthcare Company

Fortis Global Healthcare

India Briefing

Hale & Tempest

The Indian Education Advantage

Engineers/Science graduates pa

India 0.7m, China 0.5m, EU 0.5m, USA 0.4m, Japan 0.3m

Hale & Tempest

Indian Businesses are Global

Pharma Exports by Country

Hale & Tempest

Indian Pharma Sales by Geography
Source Ranbaxy 2006

Europe & CIS
$ 1.34b

Hale & Tempest

India Pharma Market Projections
Source IPA

Hale & Tempest

FDA Approved Manufacturing Sites

source FDA

Hale & Tempest

USA DMFs ex India

Hale & Tempest

USA DMFs ex China
Source FDA

Hale & Tempest

India represents 50% of USA ANDAs

Hale & Tempest

Top Generics Companies
Source Generics Bulletin June 2009

Hale & Tempest

Middle Size Generics Companies
Source Generics Bulletin June 2009

Hale & Tempest

WHO Pre Qualified Products

Hale & Tempest

Discovery Services in India

Hale & Tempest

Early discovery leads from USA, Europe or Singapore

Molecular optimisation from India

Toxicology from China, Central Europe, Singapore

Electronic Data Capture India

API Manufacture India

Drug Formulation Manufacture India, USA

Phase 1 Clinical Trials Europe

Phase 2,3 heavy use of India

Corporate back office India

India and Global Drug Development

Hale & Tempest

Biosimilar Distributors
Source IMS

Hale & Tempest

India R&D Investment

Hale & Tempest

Thank You

Hale & Tempest

India UKIBC Briefing

Dr. Brian W Tempest

UK India Business Council

Manchester 10 March 2011