HHB leads the field in multichannel audio acquisition

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Oct 17, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


HHB leads the field in multichannel audio acquisition

IBC 2006, 8th
12th September, Rai Centre, Amsterdam.

HHB Communications Ltd Stand 8.554

Much of the technology on display at pro
audio specialist HHB Communications’
IBC 2006 exhibit centres around d
evelopments in HDTV and the necessity to
deliver audio in 5.1 surround sound.

In the area of audio acquisition, the HHB stand is the venue for the launch of the
new SoundField DSF
2 Broadcast Microphone System. Already chosen by Sky
Sports to capture crow
d ambience for HD coverage of Premiership football
the DSF
2 simultaneously provides both the surround and stereo
soundscapes, generating phase
coherent multichannel audio from a ‘single point’
source. This enables the broadcaster to collapse the
surround to stereo or mono
for TV and radio feeds without loss of information, frequency imbalance or any of
the other phase problems associated with spaced microphones or multi capsule
‘dummy head’ arrangements.

All processing is in the digital domain a
nd the 1U controller is equipped with
digital 75 ohm AES 3
id outputs on BNC connectors capable of driving up to
1000m of coaxial cable. When used is conjunction with the 250m SoundField mic
cable, the microphone head can be situated up to 1.25 kilometres
from the DSF
2 controller. This can be a major benefit in situations where the OB vehicles have
to be sited some distance away from the venue or performance.

For stereo acquisition, the new Røde Stereo VideoMic delivers an unbeatable
combination of perfo
rmance and value for money. Based on the company’s
acclaimed ultra
low noise microphone technology, the SVM features an X/Y
configuration that meets the challenge of professional stereo field recording by
imposing a high level of rear noise rejection, whil
st retaining the essential
ambient sound of the recording environment.

The SVM attaches to the camera with a standard shoe
fitting, and includes a
removable high wind furry windshield (known as the ‘Dead Kitten’) and an
integral suspension mount, designed

to prevent mechanical camera noise
bleeding into the captured audio.

Increasing its versatility, the SVM can also be used on a stand or a boom pole,
making it ideal for a wide
range of applications from interviews and electronic
news gathering to sports


The HHB Broadcast Sales team is available to discuss its work with BBC English
Regions demonstrating the benefits of Dutch manufacturer Technica Del Arte’s
Luci PocketPC software. Luci transforms a PocketPC or Smartphone into an
audio recorder ca
pable of sending high
quality sound via the mobile network or
from a wireless hotspot. Seven systems comprising of Luci Edit running on an E
Ten M600+ PocketPC phone have already been supplied by HHB, and a
broadcast in which BBC Radio Lincolnshire present
er William Wright interviewed
celebrity chef Jamie Oliver with the system has been shortlisted for an IBC
Innovation Award.

Among a number of portable recorders on show at the HHB stand, the
company’s own FlashMic and PORTADRIVE take pride of place. Fast
an international standard among radio and press journalists, the FlashMic
combines an omnidirectional capsule with a broadcast
quality Flash recorder to
create the world’s first digital recording microphone. Unencumbered by fiddly
cables, the user

can record in linear PCM or MPEG 2 formats with a single
button push, with files easily transferable via USB for onward transmission.

Meanwhile the facility to combine 8
track recording on removable hard drive with
the simultaneous recording of mono or

channel rushes to an external DVD
drive, sophisticated on
board mixing, comprehensive timecode facilities and
flexible session based file transfer make HHB’s PORTADRIVE the essential
location recorder for film sound acquisition.

Commenting at IBC, HHB
Broadcast Sales Manager Martin O’Donnell says “The
advent of HD TV has precipitated a revolution in broadcast audio technology and
nowhere is this more evident than in the field of acquisition. We look forward to
sharing our experience with colleagues at I


Editors' information:

Founded in 1976, HHB Communications is Europe's leading supplier of
professional audio equipment to the broadcast sector, post production facilities,
recording studios, sound recordists, industrial and academic establishm
HHB also develops and distributes a range of innovative own brand products,
including the new FlashMic professional digital recording microphone,
channel 24
bit/96kHz location sound recorder, the PORTADISC
professional portable MD record
er, the CDR830 BurnIT and BurnIT PLUS CD
recorders and HHB Professional Recording Media. HHB operates from
headquarters in North West London and its products are supplied and supported
by a network of distribution partners worldwide. A recent addition to t
he company
is Soho
based Scrub, set up to address the audio technology requirements of the
production sector.

For further information, please contact:

Martin O’Donnell

Broadcast Sales Manager

HHB Communications Ltd

75 Scrubs Lane

London NW10 6QU


Tel: +44 (0)20 8962 5000

Fax: +44 (0)20 8962 5050

mail: sales@hhb.co.uk


Picture: dsf

Caption: The new SoundField DSF
2 Broadcast Microphone System