FANUC Robotics and its integrators are regularly featured in a ...

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Nov 13, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


From YouTube to news sites,
FANUC Robotics and its integrators are regularly featured in a
variety of publications and
on the Web
. The following lists recent articles in the news

and videos


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Material Handling Management

Automation: Science Fact



As you look i
nto the future of manufacturing technology, the technology may begin to look back at
you. As manufacturing demands increase, as technology expands, and as costs for robots
decrease, 3D vision could become standard equipment on robots in the next several ye
according to John Burg, president of Ellison Technologies Automation, a Council Bluffs,
Iowabased integrator of robotic systems.

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Des Moines Area Comm
unity College teaches robotics

FANUC Robotics America announced that Rick E. Wagner, professor of electronics at Des
Moines Area Community College (DMACC) has successfully completed Certified Education
Robot Training (CERT) requirements. DMACC is the firs
t school in the country to complete the
CERT program.

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Fabricating & Metalworking

Robot for Superharsh Envi

The new M
710iC/50 SE FoundryPRO robot is IP67 protected for operation in the harshest
environments. The entire robot is coated with a special epoxy, and the wrist has protective covers
to withstand high
pressure washing. In addition, the base of

the robot purges air to avoid vapor

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Compact Painting Robot offers intelligent operation.

Designed to p
aint small parts, Paint Mate 200iA offers wrist load capacity, repeatability, work
envelope, and speed suited for hazardous coating environments.


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Assembly Magazine

A Sunny Disposition

Decades after the energy shocks of the 1970s first introduced Americans to the idea of using
direct sunlight as an alternative to coal and oil, solar panels are finally becoming a legitimate
contender in
the marketplace.

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Welding Magazine


Lincoln Electric opens new automation center

The Lincoln Electric Co. opened an innovative A
utomation Center of Excellence, adjacent to its
Cleveland worl
d headquarters in late October.
The state
art facility was designed as a
showcase for the company's comprehensive robotic welding systems and Lincoln Electric's
investment in one of the
fastest growing areas of welding.

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