ABICOR BINZEL the 1st choice in robot welding equipment

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Nov 13, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



the 1st choice in robot welding

Robot periphery for robot welding equipment

Abicor Binzel TIG WH robotic neck change torches, including 6D Scout seam
detection system

Time and again, Listec Schweisstechnik AG in Rhein
eck, Switzerland develops for its
customers special solutions in the field of robotic welding technology.

The latest
example: a robotic system for Berni Burtscher AG’s plant in Freidorf.

In the
production of special tanks made of 1.4301 stainless steel, va
rious welding
processes (MIG/MAG and TIG) have to be combined in order to ensure the required
superlative quality.

These tanks are used in the tool and die industry to cool or heat
materials to the ideal processing temperature.

Since the weld seams are cle
visible, the welds have to be executed neatly, as well as being seal

ABICOR BINZEL welding torches have especially proven their worth here, since they
guarantee high process quality.

In the production of the tanks it is thus possible to
minate one of the job steps, namely the preliminary tack welding.

The very latest laser technology ensures high
precision, high
speed welding

The special solution custom
tailored for Burtscher consists of a KUKA Roboter,
ESAB welding machines and an AB
ICOR BINZEL robot torch and robot periphery.

The robot arm is equipped with a Scout 6D seam tracking system, whose state
art laser technology ensures high
precision, high
speed welding

Scout positions
the robot along a weld seam with a precision of


mm in three dimensions,
while the orientation of the welding torch relative to the workpiece surface is also held
constant at the desired presetting.

The ABICOR BINZEL Neck Change Welding Torch ABITIG WH 400 W (TIG) and the
Push Pull) are operated with welding machines from ESAB
(Aristo 320 for MIG/MAG applications and Aristotig 450 AC/DC for TIG applications).

The ATS rotor from ABICOR BINZEL is integrated in the robotic cell and can be
equipped with up to five replacement

torch necks.

A standard interface for company products enables the use of interchangeable
MIG/MAG and TIG necks.

Depending on the welding task, the robot accesses the
changer system either cyclically or on an event
oriented basis (e.g. in the event of
ticking) in order to exchange the torch neck for a new or reworked neck.

Only after
all five interchangeable necks have been used is manual intervention in the cell
necessary to reload the ATS rotor.

The exchange of spare and wearing parts on the
torch nec
ks is carried out outside of the robotic cell while the production process

For the user this means an up to fivefold increase in system availability
(with regard to maintenance work on the torch neck).

CAT 2, the new robot torch holder from AB
ICOR BINZEL, protects against collisions
between the torch and the workpiece.

A very sensitive touch and high restoration
accuracy make the CAT 2 especially suitable for high
precision thin sheet systems
such as those at Burtscher.

Furthermore, Burtscher

AG also uses the tool change system (WWS) from ABICOR

The WWS is a pneumatic system for fully
automatic tool changing.

the WWS enables the near
instantaneous exchange of complete tools, and thus also
quick changes between different welding p
rocesses (MIG/MAG and TIG), this system
is ideally suited to Burtscher’s needs.

The DAV wire cutting device from ABICOR BINZEL is an essential element in robotic
MIG/MAG arc welding in order to avoid lack of fusion, guaranteeing that the end of
the wire
is continuously free, and provides better ignition characteristics thanks to the
removal of the welding bead and oxide layer at the end of the wire.

In order to ensure the longest possible service life for welding torches, proper
cleaning is very importa

Here Listec recommends the BRS
FP torch cleaning
system from ABICOR BINZEL.

Using the milling cutter principle, this is the optimal
system for heavy spatter deposits.

The precision and speed of this system minimizes
the need for manual intervention, le
ngthens the service life of the wearing parts, and
shortens idle times for the robot.

After cleaning, the torch neck is freed of loose spatter by means of an injector.

applicator sprays the inside and outside of the torch neck with ABICOR BINZEL
luid, thus preventing the subsequent adhesion of spatter, and making the next
cleaning operation easier.

Armin Camenzind of Listec:

“This comprehensive robot periphery from ABICOR
BINZEL turns the robotic system into a fully
automatic, high
performance u

important specification made by my customer was that this system had to achieve
high precision and speed in the production sequence.

From my experience with
ABICOR BINZEL products in equipping similar systems, I knew that these
demanding requiremen
ts could only be achieved using ABICOR BINZEL