An example of research: The history of RFID

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An example of research: The history of RFID

Google Scholar (recent articles) sorted by # cited gives:

The history of RFID

Landt, J.

Los Alamos Nat. Lab., NM, USA;

This paper appears in:
Potentials, IEEE

Publication Date: Oct.
Nov. 2005

Volume: 24,

Issue: 4

On page(s): 8


ISSN: 0278

INSPEC Accession Number: 8674922

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/MP.2005.1549751

Current Version Published: 2005

How to cite:

Landt, J. (
2005), "The history of RFID", p11, Potentials, IEEE, Volume: 24,
Issue: 4, ISSN: 0278

A possible use of this reference:

What is t
he history of RFID?

Landt (2005) clearly describes the history of RFID in terms of decades:

ExThe Decades of RFID

t, J. 2005),

We see that
RFID is commonly used these days but the origins date back to world war
2 and the development of radar. Whilst radar technology led to laboratory
experiments, it wasn’t until the 1970s that a theory was developed, and the
tion of small, cheap microprocessors in the 1980s produced rapid
developments and widespread adoption in the 1990s and this century. Standards were
defined in the 1990s.