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Games for

How to develop


Empowering Youth Work

Mobile Game Development

size limited

Memory limited

CPU limited

Other limitations

Mobility equals limited performance ;)
But it has some pluses, too…

Mobile Game Development

More than 350 million Java™
enabled cell phones are in the hands
of users

Because of limitations, games are
simple and the developing team
don’t need to be large (in general 3
or 4 people will be enough)

What expects a mobile
game player?

A few years ago, the Interactive Digital
Software Association conducted a
survey in which people were asked
to identify why they played games

87% played for fun

71% wanted to be challenged

42% liked the social aspects of
playing games

What do the results mean?

We have to make our e
funny, first at all

There should be challenging (or at
least with scoring system)

We have to implement education in
funny games, which is very hard, but
not impossible

What types of platforms
could we use?


very heavy



the most popular!!!


fastest of all


Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, Palm
OS or other operating systems









And many more

How to turn an idea into a

You have an idea for very good
educational game on some topic

Ask “Uncle Google” for similar games
to the game in your head

Think of interaction between player
and game (input/output)

Think of the main goals of the game,
what has to be done to win, etc.

How to turn an idea into a

Think of the world you are creating,
characters, objects, etc. You should
know everything about your world
and have some drawings

Determine abilities, actions,
properties, quests... These will be
corrected many times

Play your game in your mind when
you are asleep or you have free time

How to turn an idea into a

Develop the game using your mind mostly

Write down everything! Generated ideas
often are being forgotten ;)

Don’t complicate too much your game,
remember it is for mobile devices!!!

Think of basic programming structure of
the game

These steps are called Game Design and
are well paid at Gameloft :P

How to program the game?

After the game design is finished and
the platform is chosen, it’s time to
program ;)

If the game design is bad, the
programming will take more time

Program for clean, fast and low
memory eating code!!! Don’t forget
mobile devices have limitations!


They should be drawn while
programmers are coding the game

Designers and programmers must be
a good team, because coordination
here is very important

Graphics are low resolution raster

easy to draw, hard to


Does anyone need it?

After the game is ready, it’s time for
gaming… It’s time for testing ;)

Testing is needed by the game
designer to be ensured that the
programmers and artist made HIS
game with HIS idea

Testing is needed by the
programmers to be ensured that the
game is free of bugs


Does anyone need it?

Testing is needed by all envolved to
be ensured that the game is funny,
educational and nice to play

Testing is made by the
programmers, artists, game designer
and a small group of other people

Testing is very important process,
but often is omitted because of lack
of time

Why mobile games?

Games for mobile devices are getting
more popular than ever

They are mobile!!!

They are simple and funny

They are easy to play

They are accessible to many people

A good example

"Be cool"


Human rights, racism


This is a game for
mobile phones
It is about a star in the universe that passes
by different objects, aiming at evading dark
ones and touching the bright ones. On the
way, you can meet smaller stars and give
them some of your light. The brighter your
star is at the end of the game, the more
stereotypes you have overcome and more
tolerant you have become.

Educational goals:


To promote respect and understanding
towards people with disabilities.


To fight stereotypes in the society


To oppose to fear of being different and
showing your personality.

The End

Any questions?