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Oct 28, 2013 (5 years and 7 months ago)


Client Installation Failure Resolution

Last Execution Result


= Installation Successful, reboot may be required to remove previous AV software
. Working on a
way to suppress this “failure.”


= Removal of Symantec Endpoint Protection
failed. Also has been related to user
permissions on the machine. Try the install with local admin privileges.

Try to remove

The Symantec
Endpoint software from windows Add/Remove programs first. If that does not work,
removal tool

be found on iTech e
Xpress under Free

Software/Virus Protection/
Nortol Removal Tool

or the Symantec
Endpoint Removal

Tool found on the same page.

If Symantec was installed from a network drive, it will have to be removed manually. The automated
removal of Symantec by FEP will

not function correctly if Symantec Endpoint Protection was installed
from a network location.

2147156142 or

= Unclean removal of Microsoft Security Essentials. Run the tool found at

, reboot the machine, and try the FEP installation again.

2147416395 or 0x800106B5

= Existing antivirus/security software is preventing the installation from
completing. Please be sure that all antivirus softw
are is removed. This includes, but is not limited to,
products from Norton, AVG, McAffe, Symantec, and Microsoft. Some custom firewall software may have
spyware/virus protection built in as well. Remove all security software and reboot, attempt a manual
stallation by going to Run Advertised programs.

2147156224 or 0x8004FF00

Another process is running. Be sure all background updates are inactive.
If any other software updates are running,
this error can be triggered
. This error has also been reported
when trial versions of Norton or McAffe antivirus are or previously have been installed. Cleanup tools for
McAffe can be found here:

The Norton
removal tool can be found here:

After those processes have complete, attempt a reinstall from Run Advertised Programs.

6138 or
0x8004FF56 =
Windows update is required for Windows XP service pack 2. The update
can be obtained from:

2147156208 or 0x8004FF10

Problem with the windows inst
aller service, likely damaged by a virus.
This may require a reformat.

2147023284 or 0x8007064c

The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the
source exists and that you can access it.

This may be a permissions issue to the i
nstallation folder. Try to
run as administrator. If that does not take care of the issue, put in heat ticket w
ith enterprise network
security with the machine name in the call description.


cscript.exe cannot run. This is a sign that the %PATH%
environment variable is set incorrectly. This
will need to be corrected as soon as possible to avoid any future complications.


= Wrong platform (trying to install a 32
bit client on a 64
bit OS)


= Windows has not been activated, or for
some other reason has failed the windows genuine
advantage WGA checks. Activate windows, and try the install again.

Error code


Retry installation from run advertised programs

Error code 1 =
Not defined.

“Run time exceeded” or “No Content”

= Reboot the
computer. Log in as an administrator if possible.
Run the advertisement from run advertised programs.

If after attempting the fix listed on this sheet you are still having issues, please submit a heat ticket to
the Enterprise Network Security group. Be
sure the machine name of the computer having problems is
listed in the ticket.

Other Tips

Be sure the windows scripting host is enabled, and that VBS is a registered file type. Instructions for this
can be found:


And here;