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We promise you One Stop, One Fair Price, for all your Cleaning, Aircon, Home Repairs, or your money back, guaranteed. Whatsapp/SMS/Call us at 8798 8911.

Convenience and Reliability

We promise you best value and prices for all your
Home Repairs & Maintenance needs, or your
money back, guaranteed.

We have made it super simple for you to obtain the best in Home Repairs &
Maintenance, where now you no

longer have to worry about whether you are
getting the right price for the best service.

About iimafix

Peace of mind in
property repair

iimafix™ (pronounced ‘e
fix’) is the
first in Singapore to provide a One
Stop, One Fair Price service in Home
and Maintenance. You have
voted us one of Singapore’s most
trusted and reliable Home Repair
Services. We are certified by the
National Environment Agency
and are BizSafe 2 certified.Our
team of caring professionals,
ensures a safe and well
maintained home
for you and your loved ones. With
iimafix™, expect quality, convenience and on
time service

all guaranteed,
with no hidden costs.

What do we mean by One Stop, One Fair Price?

One Stop

iimafix™ is where all Singaporeans stop at

no more confusion compa
quotes. Home Care and Maintenance, where you access all the services that
you will need, in any home

whether you need a fix or to schedule preventive
maintenance. Access your very own dashboard where you can view online, your
job requests, invoices a
nd warranties, stored for a lifetime for your private

Our Home Care Technicians are experienced professionals who take pride in
their work and meet the stringent iimafix™ standards on repair quality,
conduct, cleanliness and tidiness. We understa
nd what your home means to
you and your family

we will be quick and efficient without the mess, fuss.

For the service and regular maintenance of your home, free from disruption, to
preserve its value, but most of all, peace of mind with the guarantee y
family is comfortable, secure, and that you are in Safe Hands.

One Fair Price

You are assured of One Fair Price

the right price to perform the service to
market standards and quality. Admittedly, we may not always be the lowest,
but we will guarantee you do not feel shortchanged. No more transport fees,
ranging price quotes o
r hidden costs. Most of all, no more haggling. This
One Fair Price ensures best in class workmanship and work performed by
qualified/licensed craftsmen.

Everyone is entitled to the same simple, transparent pricing and high quality,
service level.

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