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Sep 10, 2014 (7 years and 4 months ago)


Bathrooms like kitchens are the home of most of the plumbing components in our homes. So much can go wrong, and often times they are an easy DIY fix.

Las Vegas Plumbing Repair

Ideal Electrical Services

knows that any type of interruption in your electrical systems means
and loss of productivity. That’s why we offer all types of
electrical services to both businesses and
residences in the Las Vegas valley
. We do everything

from electrical troubleshooting using the latest
diagnostic equipment, to skilled and licensed residential and commercial services. Some of our
commercial services include:

Circuit breaker repair

Fire alarm installatio

Exterior lighting installation for safety

Commercial LED and fluorescent lighting

Commercial remodels and modifications

Cat 5 and network wiring

And much, much more!

Ideal Air Conditioning Services

We started as a small company in Las Vegas in 2001. We focused on providing quality


and equipment while growing one customer at a time. Since that humble beginning,
more and
more families and businesses within the Las Vegas area have relied on us for honest,


air conditioning services

heating, and electrical services. The
y told
their friends and families about us, helping us grow into one of the best repair companies

in Las

That’s just one of the many reasons why today we are a 20
plus person company with
over 16 trucks.

Our team of

qualified plumbers

HVAC techs, a


will work with your schedule
whether it’s an emergency service, same
day service or convenient on
time appointments

even on weekends! We offer free estimates on maintenance, repairs, and new equipment

you approve the price before we sta

Emergency Electrical

It’s a holiday, weekend, or evening and it’s an emergency situation. Trying to find a dependable
service can be tough in this t
own. That’s why when you call

Ideal Services

your complete
satisfaction is always backed by our 100% guarantee. Serving Las Vegas for over 15 years, our
licensed electricians are highly skilled who attend cont
inuing education and training to keep up
with the latest tools and codes. Each
electrical job

site we work on is completed with all state,
local, and national code requirements. We use only licensed electricians that can diagnose any
emergency electrical issue day or night

In the event you have an emergency electrical
situation, please take these precautions:

If you think there is any chance of fire, call 911 immediately

If there is an ex
posed wire, steer clear of it

Turn off the power to any appliance, or service that may be involved in the electrical

If there is severe lighting or an electrical storm, turn off all power and don’t use any
electrical devices at all

Electrical Repair

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to update a room. It seems easy enough…Purchase the fan kit, then
install. Although it does ap
pear easy and with all the DIY shows on TV, they make it look so
easy. Anytime you are dealing with electricity and you have to be extra careful. If you are
placing a ceiling fan where there is no existing wiring for it, then crawling up in a tight attic
pace, cutting the drywall, and fishing the wiring through the walls for the switch is time
consuming and oftentimes it’s just better to hire a professional. Ideal Services has some great
prices on ceiling fans, and installations for the total package. Imag
ine not having to do anything
but pick up the phone to call one of our


to bring out the fan, and install it
backed by a 100%


Bathroom Plumbing Repair Problems

Bathrooms like kitchens are the ho
me of most of the plumbing components in our homes. So
much can go wrong, and often times they are an easy DIY fix. If you have clogged drains, your
toilet is stopped up, or your shower is suffering from a little less water pressure than what you
are used
to, these may be easy to fix problems you can address yourself. However, if you find
yourself with some larger issues such as a clog in your main line, a cracked toilet or broken seal,
you are doing some light remodeling and need some plumbing moved or a d
rain moved, or are
replacing your vanity and faucet, then hiring a plumber can often save you time and money.
When you consider the tools, the time you have to go back and forth to your home
improvement store for parts, and the overall frustration, call
Ideal Services for your bathroom
plumbing repair

fixes and problems no matter how large or small. One of our
licensed plumbers

will come out and provide you with a free written estimate and back our work by a written

Ideal Plumbing

You require a

plumbing contractor

to repair or install the

plumbing system(s) in your home.
Ideal Plumbing services is

available to repair or install plumbing fixtures in your entire home


Ideal Plumbing is a licensed and certified

plumbing contractor

serving the entire Las Vegas
valley. Don’t be fooled those “other guys” in town who promise the moon but disappear when
it comes
time to service the guarantee.

It doesn’t matter if you have a slab leak, leaky pipe,
clogged drain or toilet, need a pipe re
routed, water heater installed, or emergency plumbing,
our licensed plumbers will come out and provide you a free estimate.

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