Dear IAAS-members and alumnis,

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Nov 3, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


members and alumnis,

Here in IAAS Greece we are more than happy to welcome you to this year’s amazing
and long
awaited EDM 2007/08. This is our first e
mail to you, it contains the first
necessary information about the EDM as we
ll as the application form and our
preliminary program. In the following weeks we will send you more information
about what to expect as we are finalizing our program and we are going to meet with
IAAS President Laura

for a preparation meeting on

October 5


As I mentioned before the program we are sending you is the preliminary program.
The final one is going to be more concrete and you will have it before your arrival,
but we will also keep you updated with the changes up to the day
of the EDM. The
most important thing that you should know is that the EDM will take place in 2 places
in Greece. The first part will take place in Aridea which is a beautiful area situated in
the North of Greece close to Thessaloniki ,which is the second b
iggest city of Greece,
and the second part will be in Athens, the capital of Greece. The unique combination
of the countryside and the urban landscape is going to make our EDM an
unforgettable experience. The organizing committee has decided to dedicate t
he first
part of our EDM in Aridea to environmental awareness and right now we are in
contact with several environment
concerned associations and groups in order to act
together for the relief of the environment and the forests, especially after the fires
destroyed a great part of Greece’s forests this summer and also caused the death of
many people. More analytical information will be sent to you soon. What is very
important is to state that that EDM is starting in Thessaloniki on the 27

of December

and it ends in Athens on the 3

of January.

Participation fee

After long conversations about it we agreed for the participation fee to be at
€.Don’t worry if you are no longer a student but still want to join our EDM!

Alumnis are welcome to our EDM and participation fee for alumnis is 190€.We have
extra work looking for sponsors to keep the fee that low but we would like to
welcome as many peop
le as we can to our EDM and we wouldn’t like the fee to be an
obstacle to someone who would really like to participate. The participation fee
includes accommodation from the night of the 27

of December until the night of the

of January, all meals (3
meals a day
breakfast, lunch and dinner as stated in the
program) as well as local transport and the tickets for the night train from
Thessaloniki to Athens on the night of the 30
December. They do not include any
transportation from Athens to Thessaloni
ki on the 3

of January for those of you who
will have to travel back to Thessaloniki to go home. More information concerning
means of transport that you can use will be sent to you shortly. Should you have any
questions concerning transportation from/to
or inside Greece, please feel free to
contact our team that is responsible for the transport through the following e


People who need to get a visa to come to Greece should get in action as soon as
possible because the issue of a visa sometimes takes a lot of time. Responsible for the
visas is Pepita Migliacchio and y
ou should reach her to arrange the necessary actions
for the issue of your visa as soon as possible .Her e
mail is


This is the list of European countries that will not need to obtain a

isa for visits to Greece of up to 90 days:






>Czech Republic






>The Holy See










>The Nethe




>San Marino






>United Kingdom


For those European countries that they are not in this list please

send a mail to

until the end of September to

inform us that u want to participate and you need visa. Until then, we

are going to send you all the information about EDM in Greece.

Number of participants per country

ers from outside the European region

We are going to accept at least 5 people from each country of the European region. If
there are more than 5 people from one European country those wishes to come they
d all apply and they will be put in a waiting list. We will try to host as many
people as possible .We are going to send a form to every National Director to fill in
the participants from their country until the 20

of December . So far we have
received a
lso a few e
mails from IAAS
ers from other regions wishing to participate
in our EDM. We should say that everyone is welcome and anyone who wants to
participate should fill in the application form and send it to us and start working on
their visa if they n
eed one. We will try to host as many people as possible but you
should know that there is always a limited number of participants.

Deadlines for sending out the application form

The deadline for sending the application form is Tuesday the 20

of Novemb
er 2007.
In order to secure a place in the EDM you have to sent us a deposit of 50

(or more if
you wish) to our bank account and your travel documents (a copy of the receipt or the
ticket).That would really be a lot of help to us in order to pay for some things in
advance The deadline for the travel documents and the deposit is Sunday
the 1

December 2007.

If you have any kind of question don’t hesitate to contact us through this e

Argiro (Argi),Silvia also

Questions for visa:


Questions for transport:


Thank you for your time, we are looking forward to meet you very

soon in our
wonderful EDM.

Kind regards,

Argiro (Argi)Giannara

ND IAAS Greece

Note to the National Directors and IAAS members
: Please forward this e
mail to the
members of your committee and your alumnis and people that you think could be
interested in
participating. Thank you.