Maryland Swimming Board of Directors Meeting

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Dec 11, 2013 (4 years and 5 months ago)


Maryland Swimming Board of Directors Meeting

May 4, 2010

Attendees: Jeff Scrivener

Tim Pierce; Raymond Brown,
Bill Kirkner, Tom Yetter, Pat Kaplan
, Fred


Meeting was called to order by Ray

rown at 7PM.

Minutes from April meeting were

Committee Reports:

Athletes Meeting


read from athlete rep Elena Donald who was not in attendance

new athlete
representatives elected for 2010/2011 are: Oliver Bennett from L
A and Cody Edwards from


Athletes want coaches to address

Open Events at State Championship Meet allowing athletes to
compete who are older than 19, and taking finals opportunities away from 19 and under athletes at
their State Championships. Suggestions are: do not al
ow swimmers over 19 to compete in the meet
have bonus heats to allow more swimmers to make finals

or do not let over 19 year old swimmers swim
in finals.

Coaches will bring recommendations to the
ouse of Delegates.

Equipment report

issues emailed

report from Don Smith

Coaches Meeting

rt given by General Chair

Ken de Gruchy will run the meeting which is
scheduled for May 15

at 11AM at UMBC. Items to be discussed are the 2010/2011 Meet Schedule;
LSC decision on whether or not to support Summer Zones; 19
overs at State Meet.

egistration and Club Development


Pat Kaplan

Registrations on target to match 2009/2010
numbers. RAID is splitting and VA practice site is joining VA LSC in2010/2011. LEAP 2 submissions to be
completed when Swimposium concludes.

LSC needs to conduct a
camp or clinic in 2010/2011. Need to
see if any other LSC’s have implemented background checks for officials as suggested by LEAP. USA
Swimming has set an age requirement of 15 years for a coach to take the Safety Training for Swim
Coaches class. Letter r
ead from USA Swimming stating that minimum age may be put into place this fall
for any coach

they must be 18 years of
age to serve on the
USA Swimming Board and House of


report read by Pat Kaplan as webmaster was not in attendanc

Site being
updated with more ideas from Athlete meetings
should be complete by start of 2010/2011 season.
Request to be submitted to Jamie Cahn for a standardized reimbursement form and have it posted on
the web


Tom Yetter

Dual Meet

notices need to be redone and posted on website. Doing
HOD prep

portions of the MSI ByLaws must be approved. Coach Education Funding has never been
approved by the HOD.

Coaches Report

Jeff Scrivener

There will be no Far Eastern Meet

are we going
participate in Zones as an LSC. This will be discussed at the May Coaches Meeting. If necessary, a July
Board meeting will be held to discuss results from coaches meeting referring to Zone attendance.

TIMES report

Fred Manning

Possible 3 records br
oken at NAAC Meet

waiting for
notification. Insurance for the Board must be researched and purchased as soon as possible. Raymond
will contact Jamie Cahn to research and implement.

Bill Kirkner

May Coaches Clinic and
Swimposium are

getting signups but

not as many as hoped.
Meet Directors need to be blast emailed that they are required to attend. Pat Kaplan will send email
from the Board to all clubs that host meets.

Hall of Fame

report read by Raymond Brown

there will be a fall HOF celebration. T
he 2
inductees have been selected.

Nominating Committee: No nominations for this HOD. One appointment to be approved for
new Technical Chair to replace retiring Ken deGruchy.

Old Business: NONE

New Business: There is a scheduled Board Meeting for Ju
ne 1

this may be cancelled due to
its proximity to the HOD Meeting, Saturday, June 19
, 1PM, Loyola High School. Board Members will be
advised. There is no scheduled meeting for July, however, if after the coaches meeting one needs to be
held to make
decisions concerning LSC participation in Summer Zones, Board Members will be advised

Motion to adjourn at 7:50 PM

Respectfully submitted by Pat Kaplan, who is nowhere near as good a note taker as Lori James!