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Dec 11, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Louisiana Association of School Librarians

Executive Board Meeting

September 22, 2012

Call to Order

Cathy Smith

The LASL Executive Board met at the Westside Regional Branch Library in Alexandria on September 22,
2012. The meeting began at 11:12 am. Those attending were Cathy Smith, Leslie Carloss, Kristy Sturm,
Amanda Graves, Charlene Picheloup,
Paula Clemmons,
Jan McGee
. Also present were


and Janet Gary.


Leslie Carloss

A m
otion was made to dispense with the reading of the minutes from the last LASL meeting as they
were approved electronically.
The motion was made by Charlene Pic
heloup, seconded by Amanda
Graves, and passed unanimously.

Second Vice President’s Report

Kristy Sturm

A call for proposals for LASL presentations at LLA in March was sent out on 9/10/12 by Kristy Sturm. A
second call for proposals was sent out on Septe
mber 20, 2012. So far, two people have responded to
submit proposals. If you received the call for proposals, please forward to anyone you may think would
be interested.

Various presentation topics were discussed at the meeting including common core stan
dards and
evaluation methods.

First Vice President’s Report

Amanda Graves

Jordan Sonnenblick will be our speaker for the
Author Luncheon at LLA in Baton Rouge. I have
received his signed contract and sent it on to Amber at the LLA office as well as

LASL President, Cathy
Smith. He will also be doing a couple of school visits while here

in the Baton Rouge area

President’s Report

Cathy Smith

I attended the LLA Executive Board Meeting on July 27, 2012 in Baton Rouge, LA at the Association

Charlene Picheloup presiding. How great to have one of our own school librarians in charge of
our entire group!

It was a very informative meeting with most of the Section Chairs in attendance. It was very interesting
to discover how the association wor
ks and that the Louisiana Association of School Librarians is one of
the most active sections in the Association.

Of particular interest to us would be:

Theme for the year is “Louisiana Libraries…Unlock the Possibilities”

Location of conference will be B
aton Rouge, March 6
8, 2013

A new LLA logo was presented

Retractable display signs using the new logo will be ordered for use at conference and other

A possibility of using online meeting software for future meetings

not all Executive Board

need to be face to face with cost of travel and time ensued for those in other parts of
the state

Budget was discussed including fact that allocations for sections are based on membership the
previous year, giving us about 800.00 to add to funds we alread
y have

After studying the book
Being Indispensable

this summer with the librarians in Caddo, I decided my
emphasis this year would be “LASL…We’ve come a long, long way.” We need to celebrate the changes
in school librarianship and continue to be on the le
ading edge of technology and providing the best
books in order to be the indispensable force we should be in our schools.

I attended all sites of LA LAMP the week of September 10, 2013. It was a very interesting experience
and I know I do not want to
be a salesman in my next life. It was great to see librarians from all over the
state but disturbing to know that so few are members of our professional organization. I tried to speak
personally to as many librarians as possible and got contact informati
on from many through asking for
feedback to complete the sentence, “I knew we had come a long, long way when…..” Before we leave
today, we need to choose a winner from the entries and have Paula post her name on the wiki. I will
donate a Barnes and Noble

gift card to the lucky winner.

I plan to really work on membership this year and encouraging attendance at the conference in Baton
Rouge. With so many issues on the forefront now

COMPASS evaluation, including writing Student
Learning Targets, we need t
o be more active and vocal about our importance as trained, certified
librarians. More abou
t that later when we discuss “new business.”

Our next project is preparing for Conference, March 6
8 at the Baton Rouge Hilton. Attendance is
usually better when c
onference is in Baton Rouge so we really need to plan an interesting slate of
programs and promote the conference to all of our colleagues.

Membership and promotion will need to be strong committees this year, actively seeking new members.
Using the con
tact information from LA LAMP, both the information I got and the information from
registration, we should have a good many librarians to contact

we just need to get organized and do it.

Now, let’s hear from our other committees and deal with the issues me
ntioned when it is time for new

I look forward to working with you all this year and am so appreciative of your time and talents you are
sharing with your colleagues in your chosen profession. You are certainly the “cream of the crop.”

Affiliate Assembly Report

Charlene Picheloup

Dates of Importance with significance to school librarians:

Banned Books Week


Anniversary (1982

plan to promote banned books in your library;
included on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 is Banned W
ebsite Awareness Day which is to raise awareness
of websites that are overly blocked or restricted.

National School Library Program of the Year,

application deadline is January 1, 2013.

Transliteracy and the School Library

Fall Forum, October 12
2012 in Greenville, South Carolina
presents literacy and the ability to read and write through a varied range of mediums.

Items of Interest to School Librarians

The American Association of School Librarians (
) is now
accepting nominations

for its new
Apps for Teaching and Learning


*The American Association of School Librarians (
) has joined 30 other groups representing
educational, school and commun
ity leaders in support of the new
National Center for Literacy
Education (

A 21st
Century Approach to School Librarian Evaluation

offers guidelines established in
“Empowering Learners: Guidelines for School Library Programs” as the basis for
a school librarian
evaluation rubric

one that can be adapted or duplicated by school librarians and shared with school

At the annual conference, several programs were recognized for commendation: Kansas Summer
Institute for Librarians, Okl
ahoma Teaching with Primary Sources Project, Southern Kentucky Book Fest,
Minnesota’s Leap into Reading program, Texas Library Association’s program, “Strong Libraries, Strong
Scores,” Texans Leadership Institute, Reading Rocks in Richland One, Read Acros
s Maryland and Team
Read & Hit a Home Run Reading Program.

Other issues for AASL were areas of concern. Strongly debated and discussed was the topic of
organizing a school library by genres. Kansas Association of School Librarians wanted AASL
to organize

task force to establish a set of guidelines for organizing a library in such a manner. AASL would not
endorse this practice for several reasons. No evidence based research supports this practice. Secondly,
it is not considered among the “best practic
es” as recognized by AASL. Finally, library schools across
America are not teaching this methodology. Even after discussion, AASL would not agree to form a task

For other consideration, in the midst of technology advancements and e
books era, a stu
dy shared with
AASL indicates that children (elemen
aged) prefer to read print books.

Charlene urged Louisiana school librarians to apply for the National School Library Program of the Year
as our state has never won the award.

Committee Reports

Constitution, Bylaws, & Policies

Idella Washington

No report at this time.

Continuing Education

Kristy Sturm

See 1

Vice President’s Report.


Melanie LeJeune

No report at this time.


Dawn Pinkston

Legislative Library Day
was successful. We met with many legislators and talked with them about
returning the online research databases to the budget of the Department of Education.

We also had the opportunity to speak with Penny Dastugue and Connie Bradford of BESE.

Senator Kos
telka offered to attend a meeting with BESE members and discuss the need for the online
research databases.

We will continue to work on the reinstatement of the databases to the budget.

It was noted that Phyllis Heroy has resigned as the LLA Legislative


Cinde Sulik

No report at this time.


Janet Lathrop

No report at this time.


Paula Clemmons

Information regarding professional development has been updated. Current officers are listed with
contact inform
ation and I am currently waiting for the updated committee chair list to post.

Cathy Smith did an outstanding job at LaLamp promoting the wiki as a source for all librarians. Our wiki
continues to be promoted through an imprinted ink pen. Since LaLamp, w
e are running extremely low
on the pens. I ask permission to reorder these pens. Cathy Smith also used business type cards to
promote LASL information. Do you want professional business cards that promote the wiki in which all
officers could distribute?

ere is now a lesson plan exchange project link on the wiki. Only members can view and edit. I hope
this encourages peer participation on the wiki.

Please contact me if you find an error or have recommendations for additional information.

Cathy Smith
will order LASL business cards from Vista Print.

School Library Media Specialist Award

Penny Kulp

No report at this time.


Cathy Seal

I am asking that the Standards Committee's tasks be tabled until the March meeting when we can
decide on

our best direction to complete our task.

I still think that the AASL Rubric tailored after the Charlotte Danielson model should be our starting
point. When I sent it to all this past summer with the AASL job description for school librarians, I think
e conversation went down the wrong path because I sent the corresponding job description. Everyone
commented on the requirement for a master's degree and probably did not look at the AASL evaluation
rubric. FYI, in EBR, we do hire ancillary certified and n
mastered degreed librarians but our job
description still requires the degree. The HR opinion is that we prefer the master's degree and that
when we cannot find a candidate with the degree, then we look at others.

I strongly feel that the Compass Evalu
ation will be quite consuming this year and that we should turn
our attention to the evaluation of librarians. The director of School Counselors in our district was very
instrumental in getting a different evaluation on the state level. I am not sure if we

are using it in EBR
but I can find out. I can ask her what was accomplished and how.

Student Relations

Paula Clemmons

We had a rough start this school year with Hurricane Isaac affecting two of our state officers. One
officer has lost her home. She

is making all efforts to keep up with her duties with the help of her
sponsor, Cindy Stilley of Maurepas High School. The LTLA executive board will meet next Saturday,
September 29, 2012 in Lafayette to discuss further plans for our convention that will
be held at the Sai
Convention Center in Alexandr
ia, LA on February 24
25, 2012.

Our theme is

LTLA Reads Around the World

Book Discussion Books to Read before Convention:

Junior High:

Hide and Seek

by Katy Grant

How to Survive Middle School

by Donna Gep

Somebody Everybody Listen


by Suzanne Supplee

High School


by A
lly Condi

Before I Fall

by Lauren Oliver

Somebody Everyb
ody Listen


by Suzanne Supplee

Essay Topic:

"If you could travel into a book, which book and why?"

We have booked author Suzanne Supplee as our banquet speaker.

We look forward to receiving greetings from LLA/LASL at the LLA convention in March

Hefley Educator Award

Paula Clemmons

No report at this time.

Louisiana Libraries

Leslie Carloss

It was suggested that the top entries from the “We’ve Come a Long, Long Way” contest be submitted to
the journal for publication.


Sandra Stokley


New Orleans


Baton Rouge











Program met


0 31

Speakers were


0 37

Activities improved

skills 33
0 25

Handouts were


0 25

Discussion time

provided 24
0 27

Program appro

43 4

priate for

knowledge level

Most helpful about the program

New Orleans

Baton Rouge

SLTs information, book talks, Comm
on Core, uses of technology


top web sites, AASL, vendors, collaboration


Areas of Interest for Future Programs

New Orleans

Baton Rouge

Information literacy, Best Books (Fiction), Curriculum resources


Best Books (Nonfiction), Best Books (Fiction), Information Literacy, Common




New Orleans

Baton Rouge

Very informative, great, loved it, thanks for doing so much work, Cathy Seal’s

sentation was awesome!


Great program, great day, good to network with other librarians, collaboration

presentation was awesome, encouraging and motivational, Paula’s CD was like winning a

door prize, best LAMP in a long tim
e, always interested in new ideas, look forward to it

every year, thanks to vendors



New Orleans

Baton Rouge

several volunteers to do future programs!!!


need something in central Louisiana again, ne
ed more vendors, have in a town with

more lunch options or provide lunch for a fee


Old Business

A discussion regarding the duties and responsibilities of each section (vendors, LASL, etc.) regarding
LaLAMP ensued.

A motion was mad
e to
recommend that the LASL president attend each LaLAMP site or that she
select/find an LASL representative for sites in order to help promote LASL and the profession of
The motion was made by
Paula Clemmons
, seconded by
Leslie Carloss
, a
nd passed

New Business

The 2012
2013 budget was discussed. Due to a lower attendance than usual, the LASL Midwinter
Conference did not earn the usual amount. As of now, LASL needs funds to meet the costs assessed in
the budget. Different fu
ndraiser ideas were discussed.

The proposed evaluation for librarians in Louisiana was discussed. It was suggested that Cathy Smith
write a letter regarding the new standards and evaluation rubrics to ensure that school librarians are
represented when
these new methods are being devised.

Increasing membership of professional organizations and attending conferences was discussed.

meeting was adjourned and those who could stay after chose the
winner of the “We’ve Come a
Long, Long Way” contest (offere
d at LaLAMP

by Cathy Smith, LASL President) which will be posted on
the LASL wiki.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 2:00 pm.
The motion was made by Paula Clemmons,
seconded by Elizabeth Dumas, and passed unanimously.

Respectfully compiled and
tted by Leslie Carloss.