28 Day Ultimate Guide

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28 Day Ultimate Guide

“New You, New Life”


James Dawborn

Edited By

Kymmie Krieger

Copyright 2013 by James Dawborn

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Chapter 1

Step 1

Emotional Strength

Covering Topics on:

Body Language

Emotional States

ve Thinking

Conquering Fear

Building Confidence

Understanding Change

3. Chapter 2

Step 2

Align Your Blue Print

Covering Topics on:


Keeping Anger at Bay

Values and Beliefs

Should vs. Must

4. Chapter 3

Step 3

Progress to Happiness 28 D
ay Guide

Covering Topics on:

Building Self

Positive Energy

28 Days to Success

The Walkthrough

5. Chapter 4

Step 4

Wealth Management

Covering Topics on:

Personal Budget Planner

6. Chapter 5

Step 5

Final Step to Success

Topics on:

Treat Yourself

Discover Your Compelling Future

Health and Fitness

Final Words from James Dawborn


Hello friend,

My name is James Dawborn
, and I am going to be your
inspirational life coach for the next 28 days. Exciting already, isn’t
it? Congratulations, and welcome to your new, life
Day Ultimate Guide:

New You
, New


This is definitely the start of something speci
al in your life! Inside
this book, I will provide and equip you with the necessary tools to
begin slaying your fears, creating compelling goals, and
immediately inciting minute yet monumental changes that will grow
you, in mind, body, and soul. I will reve
al methods that will give
you the freedom to boost your self
worth, and write your very own
success story!

This is the first of many books that I hope to write, sharing my
knowledge and inspiration along the way. While I am not a world
famous entity, I kn
ow my path in life and that it includes helping to
transform the lives of as many people as possible (Including you!).
You could say I am a new contender in the ever
evolving world of

I have attained the expert qualifications needed pro
fessionally in
life coaching, with most of my knowledge stemming from my ten
years of field experience pertaining to the mental effects of people
from different economic backgrounds. My other experiences have
evolved from being a personal fitness trainer.
I have had the
pleasure of training many diverse clients and seeing the positive
impacts that fitness and health have on an individual’s life, goals,
and attitude.

The human mind is a fascinating tool. Moreover, it is very
interesting to see how quickly
people can spiral out of control,
lacking the emotional strength to pick themselves up. This
downward turn is the reason why we see depression, alcoholism,
drug abuse, and extreme crime plaguing the world around us.

However, there is a positive flip side
(Thank goodness, right?). I
have found, throughout all of my experience, that there are key
areas in life that when cultivated and expanded upon provide you
with a fantastic foothold of success in whatever field you desire.

From your emotional strength t
o your core beliefs, I invite you to
take this journey with me, opening up your mind to the possibility
that change is feasible. Often throughout this book, I will repeat
myself, reiterating core concepts and important lessons. These

must be learned, taken

to heart, and remembered if you truly wish
to make the necessary changes in your life.

I want to reassure you that no matter what your background holds
or what internal conflicts you harbor (from depression to phobias),
the common principles, contained
in this program, can help soothe
your past.

Now, there are a few items that will be handy when completing
tasks within this 28 day program. Are you ready? First, you will
need a note book/journal, and second, grab a diary. I will explain in
more detail l
ater why these are needed, but I wanted to give you
the “heads up” now.

Before we begin, the biggest challenge you will face when creating
new emotional strength is being fully ready to “grab the bull by the
horns,” solidifying your commitment. This guide

will present you
with the methods and tasks to create a new life, BUT you have to
be ready to fully engage and actively commit to the change! If
you’re not completely focused, you simply cannot give 100%, and
you, therefore, will not fully experience the
amazing and life
changing benefits that this program offers.

Your first task is to ask yourself this important question: Are you
ready to rumble? Just kidding. But, really, are you ready?

In buying this book, I assume that you must play host to some
er element of unhappiness; however, I am more interested in
your purpose. I’m not going to pull any punches here. I, truthfully,
want you to know that it’s going to take effort, endurance, and
dedication to leap towards success. As any athlete will tell yo
performance is 80% mental and only 20% physical (Don’t you wish
you had known that as a kid?).

Make no mistake, success is intentional and to think otherwise is

I like to envision life as an art piece; it takes time and effort to
create som
ething that is both visually beautiful and well thought
out. If you can dream it, you can create it (with the right materials,
tools, and ideas). Your vision put into action can capture the hearts
and souls of others, proving memorable to all whom you touc


Minute Motivator

You are here for a reason, so make something of your life,
whatever it may be. Have the confidence to see things
through. You will not regret it (believe me)


I feel it’s necessary to highlight that in order to grow and develop
as a person, you need to first understand your emotional state,
which includes knowing when to motivate, when to work hard, and
when to persevere.

If you commit to and complete the exer
cises and steps within this
book, I assure you that life will take a turn in your favor. This world
is similar to a huge magnet and has to eventually balance out.
With a little rewiring of your emotional psychology, you can learn to
use life to your advant
age. Your dreams will become reality, and
you will realize that anything is possible (should you choose it to

Remember, your destiny is in your hands (no one else’s)! All that is

With all these tools in your arsenal, anything in life is achievable.
You can attain a rich, fulfilling life, whether career
wise, financially,
spiritually, health
wise, physically, or relationally. Do not saddle
others around you with the responsibilit
y of making you happy.
There will be moments when they let you down, and you will feel
rejected. But, have faith in yourself. Make your own path in life,
and let no one else take away from who you truly are.

Let’s take a moment, and think about successful

people. Do you
have successful people surrounding you? Think about the big
picture. Success does not necessarily have to be limited to
financial wealth. It can be happiness or achievement in the form of
spirituality, fitness, health, or even a career.

o, how do successful people bring in the “dough?” That’s the
million dollar question, right? The first step is to take some time to
research and learn about how the successful people you know
actually became successful. If they’re a close friend, it’s easy
! Just
ask them. If they are an idol or a role model of yours, take a look at
what methods helped them transition from idea to reality. I
guarantee that digging into a successful man’s (or woman’s)
journey will bring new inspiration and even give you some
ideas to use along your own path.

Now, think about what makes successful people different from you
(aside from their mansions, Ferraris, and private jets)? Okay, I kid,
but seriously, think about it. Some were born into money. Some
were not. Some w
ere instantly given amazing skills and physiques.
Some were not. Some had the luxury of jumping straight into their
dream job or buying their dream house, but again, some did not.

Most successful people increased their knowledge, embraced
change, remaine
d open minded, honed in on their goals, designed
a plan to achieve their vision, and set it in motion to get solid
results. Thoughts took life and became actions! And, you can do
the same.

Now, within this book, there will be exercises for you to work
ough. Take as much time as needed to complete each one.

Here is Exercise 1:


Exercise 1

Conducting research

You are going to research two people, who in your eyes,

successful. They can be male or female, successful in any
field. In your new notebook, I want you to describe each one,
answering the following:

1) Who is he/she?

2) What he/she do to be successful?

3) Did he/she start off with wealth?

4) What is hi
s/her back ground?

5) How did he/she find his/her success?

For this task, feel free to write quick summaries. Once you
have done this, write down the strengths you think each of
the two possessed. This may take a while, so please, take
whatever time you n
eed to achieve this.


Right now you may be thinking, “Why in the world is he asking me
to do this?” And, here’s your answer:

I want you to be open minded, remembering that in most cases,
successful people start off with nothing and m
ake significant
changes in their way of thinking. These changes in philosophy
allow them to devote more time to their vision. Your research will
help you see their courses of action and the obstacles they
overcame along the road to success.

Now, here com
es the juicy stuff! Are you ready?

There are five main areas of a person’s life that everyone can
relate to, no matter the background, situation, or circumstance.
Referring back to these five key areas can help you better
understand yourself and others.

Get ready because this is FACINATING STUFF!!! So, let’s jump
right to it.

Emotional Strength

It just sounds important, doesn’t it? I
have mentioned this attribute several times already, as it is by far
the most important factor to success. Stemming from our thoughts
and our actions, emotional strength gives us the ability to respond
to our gut
feelings. It gives us the power to seek solutions to our
problems and determine how quickly we can shift from one
emotion to the next. It’s our internal regulator and powerhouse!



How many people do you know that refuse to leave
their comfort

zone? Are you pointing at yourself? Are you one of
these people? If you are, that’s completely okay. However, it’s
important to understand that a lack of comfort in oneself has a
massive impact on the thought process. Relationships, for
example, rely heav
ily on both parties feeling comfortable and safe.
If these feelings are not present, the relationship can lose control,
triggering conflicting emotions such as anger, frustration, sadness,
and depression. Comfort is definitely an essential!



Raise your hand if you’re a control freak and proud of
it (I kid, of course)! However, though it sounds like a negative
connotation, most people prefer to be in control of their own lives. I
definitely want to direct my own feelings and actions, so I ca
focus on my strengths, achieve my goals, and progress
successfully in life. Control or be controlled, it’s your choice!


Who doesn’t like to feel important? We all enjoy being
appreciated and valued, whether at work, home, or in a
. Feeling valued is a huge emotional factor, which
affects our thoughts, self
confidence, and self
image. Moreover,
feeling insignificant can cause a loss of our sense of purpose,
which can also trigger other unwanted emotions. A sense of true
value is emo
tionally invaluable!


Love and Growth

And of course, I saved the best for last.
Only when you are completely happy, content, and fulfilled yourself
can you truly love others and experience inner growth. You will
experience an unmatched connection with

others and gain great
satisfaction from feeling loved. Relationships grant us the certainty
we desire, and with that, we naturally grow individually and in our
relationships as well. Lov
e and growth
are a perfect pair (like
peanut butter and jelly)!


mindset is pivotal in achieving your goals. Your ability to
focus, determination for achievement, desire for life progress, and
application of the right mindset WILL ultimately steer you in your
desired direction. It’s as simple as opening your mind and
ccepting some basic truths (regarding who you really are deep
inside and how much effort you’re willing to put into achieving your

In this ever
changing and unpredictable world, anything can be
thrown in your path, potentially spiraling your life

out of control. To
survive the storm, you have to prepare yourself for the potential
emotional fallout.

Have you ever been caught in an uncontrollable, swirling tornado
of emotion (including anger, sadness, fear, and frustration)? It’s no
fun now, is it?

You jump from one emotion to another, and it is
extremely difficult to break this cycle.

Control and confidence are going to be the keys to your success
during this journey. Once you acquire these (and you will jump for
joy when you do), you will be abl
e to put the past behind you, and
only focus on the future. This can definitely be a rewarding step, if
you allow it to be. Gaining control of our own lives is a major
component of our psychology, essential for our success.

In addition to control and co
nfidence, you need to have respect for
yourself and others around you. We all need core beliefs, most of
which are shaped and developed throughout our adolescent years.
These beliefs steer how we act, how we think, and the decisions
we make.

Wouldn’t it b
e grand to live a life of sheer significance, achieving all
of your dreams? Wouldn’t you love to be able to hold your head up
high each day, proud of who you are? Many people believe that
since this isn’t an animated Disney movie (with talking animals and
fairytale endings), those kinds of feelings aren’t attainable. And,
that couldn’t be more false!

You CAN have the strength and sheer determination to go out into
this tough world, and grab it by the horns proclaiming, “World, get
ready! Here I come!”


Minute Motivator

It does not matter how old you are, where you are from, or
how much money you have. What truly matters is that you
wake up each morning, find the positive in your situation, and
focus on achieving your dreams. Whether y
ou want more
from this life or not, we only get one life to live. So, LIVE IT