Tutorial on installing Netbeans on your Computer using ...

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Aug 15, 2012 (5 years and 9 months ago)


Tutorial on installing Netbeans on your Computer using
Fedora 14

The initial install will take place in terminal.

This tutorial assumes no changes to Fedora’s filing system have been changed.

Open Terminal and log in as root.

[user@computer]$ su -

Password: enter password


If you haven’t updated Fedora then

[root@computer]# yum update

Let system update.

[root@computer]# yum install netbeans

Fedora will install netbeans.

After Fedora has installed netbeans

open netbeans through the terminal by entering:

[root@computer]# netbeans

click on Tools in netbeans and select plugins

click on Available Plugins

Select c/c++ or something similar

Then click install.

After installing, close netbeans

Now you need to supply netbeans the correct compilers, debugger, and make

So, at terminal enter

[root@computer]# yum install gcc gdb gcc-c++ make

or separately like

[root@computer]# yum install gcc

[root@computer]# yum install gdb

[root@computer]# yum install gcc-c++

[root@computer]# yum install make

After installing these four required items, open netbeans again

[root@computer]# netbeans

Then in netbeans:

click on Tools --> Options

then select C\C++ from the selects at the top

Netbeans should have recognized:

The C Compiler
Make Command
If there is a path for the C++ Compiler like /usr/bin/g++ then you are done and can test
netbeans by compiling a program.

If the C++ Compiler is missing then most likely it is in the path given above /usr/bin/g++

Or you can enter

[root@computer]# whereis g++

in terminal and the path will be given.

Type the path into the C++ Compiler click ok then try and compile a program.

You are done.