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Install C++ compiler for NetBeans (Windows XP Environment)

To run C++ programs through the NetBeans you can use MinGW package. To do this, use the
• MinWG package (MinGW-5.14)
• Java Package (JDK 6.14)
• NetBeans (Netbean 6.51)

1. Open MinGW folder
2. Run MinGW-5.1.4 file (Setup wizard is appeared)

3. Click Next
4. Select download and install
5. Click I agree
6. Select current package and click next
7. Select type of installation as Full and click next
8. Set the installation folder (Use default values) and click next
9. Select the shortcut menu name and Click next
10. To install Click Next
11. After install click close then Click Finish
12. Open the Utility folder
13. Select all the files
14. Click Copy

15. Go to C:\MinGW folder (your MinGW folder)
16. Paste all (it insert files Click Yes to All )

17. Now run gdb-6.3-2 file (gdb setup wizard is appears)
18. Install gdb by using it default values
To get more information see the HowtoinstallMinGW.avi video

Then install Java package

Install Netbeans

Configure Netbean for MinGW
1. Open NetBean
2. In the netbean window click tool – options
3. Click C/C++ tab
4. In the build tool tab set the following settings

5. Open a new C++ project
6. Right click on the project and select properties
7. In the build tab Select C++ compiler
8. Go to include directories
9. Click browse button

10. Add the following paths

11. Click OK
12. Click Apply
13. Click OK
14. Type the following siple program

15. Compile and run it
Note that, All the files and video clips are available on the LCS student server (IP