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Nov 9, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


ZHRC/HTI Financial
Management Training

Session 0: Introduction to Course


Your name (what you would like to be
called during this training?)

What you do

Where you work

Years of experience in financial

What do you hope or expect to learn in
this training course?

Ground Rules/Norms

Agreement between trainers and
participants for how this training will be

Posted on the wall

Referred to throughout the training

Helpful to manage the training

Require group commitment to abide by
ground rules throughout the course

Parking Lot

Place to put or ‘park’ items such as
questions, concerns, or topics that:

Require extra time

Are related to the training but not critical

Require follow up

These items can be dealt with during
breaks, lunch, evenings or at the end of
the training


Timings of the training

Locations of:


Lunch and tea room

Payment of per diems

Background and Rationale of the
Training Course (1)

Financial Management Assessment of
ZHRCs was conducted in
Sept 2008

Purpose: to identify ways in which the ZHRC
could be strengthened in management

Results: ZHRCs should build their capacity in
financial management, leadership and

Background and Rationale of the
Training Course (2)

This course was
developed and
conducted in
March, 2010 in Iringa to respond to needs identified
during financial assessment of ZHRCs

Differences between the original version of the
course and this current one include:

Target audience of original course has been
expanded to include Finance and Management teams
from the HTIs

Course content has been adapted to incorporate the
Tanzania context and financial practices, especially
regarding procurement

Course Goal and Objectives

To build the capacities of the ZHRCs/HTIs in
financial management

By the end of this training course,
participants will be able to:

Better manage funds of ZHRCs/HTIs

Develop stronger internal controls and financial
processes in ZHRCs/HTIs which will attract
development partner funding and involvement

Objectives (continued)

Develop and expand income generating activities

Create an action plan for implementing the
financial management improvements in

Share best practices and challenges and
continue peer education and communication
among ZHRCs/HTIs post

Target Participants

ZHRC Coordinators

HTI Principles


Health Administrators

Supply Officers

Financial Management Course
Outline (1)

Day 1
: Learn an overview of financial
management, internal controls for cash, banking
and payments, and practice creating a bank
statement reconciliation.

Day 2
: Learn about budgeting, accounting and
financial reporting, study a case about strategic
planning, learn about auditing.

Day 3
: Learn about development partner
relations, per
diem policies, and public
procurement & legal framework in Tanzania.

Financial Management Course
Outline (2)

Day 4
: Learn and discuss about different
procurement and tendering methods, learn
about annual procurement plans, and review
tools for procurement

Day 5
: Learn about Store Management, Income
Generating Activities (IGAs) and resource
mobilisation, plan an IGA, and develop resource
mobilisation strategies

Course Materials

Participant Handbook

Copies of PowerPoint slides

Supporting explanations for many slides



Course Assessment

Pre/post test

Conducted at the before and after the course

Daily Evaluation

Completed by participants daily

Final Course Evaluation

An overall rating for the course at the end

Your feedback is valued and appreciated

Key Points to Remember
Throughout Training

This course was developed to respond to
needs identified during the Financial
Assessment of ZHRCs in 2008

You already know a lot about financial

You have much to share with others

Ask questions throughout this workshop

We are here to guide you on how to more
effectively manage the financial operations of
your organization