6. Nancy Horton - Canyon Lake


Feb 22, 2014 (7 years and 8 months ago)


Nancy C. Horton, Mayor Pro Tem

LESJWA Director

SJRWC Director

QVEC Director

Canyon Lake Dam

The basics

383 acres

13.8 miles of shoreline

3 main beaches, additional smaller ones

3 mile championship water ski course (wakeboard, sky

Jump Lagoon water ski ramp

2 marinas, 10 common dock areas

Concrete dam 80 feet high, 510 feet wide (1929)

Dam height 1381.76 feet above sea level

Lake Quality

Canyon Lake is considered impaired according to the
EPA regional standards

Levels of phosphorus and nitrogen must be reduced to
specific targets by 2020.

Levels of dissolved oxygen must be increased to
desired targets by 2020.

Benchmarks are to be in place by 2015, showing
progress to date and a plan for reaching the targets

Drainage culvert from QV

CLPOA Lake Lease

Since 1969, the CLPOA has paid an annual lake lease
to EVMWD which now costs $1,200,000 for 2011 for
surface rights including swimming, fishing, and
boating (body contact)

CLPOA operates the lake and provides treatments for
algae, fish kill clean up, etc.

CLPOA operates two launch areas and 10 common

CLPOA marine patrol monitors the main lake and East
Bay and issues citations for infractions

Salt Creek entering Canyon Lake


East Bay receives 3 inches a year on average of
sedimentation mostly through Salt Creek

A dredging project was undertaken in 2003

Goal was removal of 200,000 cu.

Operation of the dredge was sporadic

Actual removal: 20,000 cu. ft.

Two lawsuits stopped the process in 2007 and the
CLPOA sold the dredge, returning the money to

When the water overflows the dam

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water

Operates the dam

Processes the water from Canyon Lake into drinking water
for the district’s customers

CL reservoir provides 10% of district drinking water

Removes as much as 9 million gallons per day for
processing when the plant is operating

Can remove from 1381.76 feet above sea level to 1372
contractually but usually tries to maintain a level of 1375

Buys water from MWD when necessary, not from the
Colorado Rover Aqueduct because of

mussel issues



Mussel Program

Every boat entering the gates must be inspected for

mussels as of June, 2010

Cost of inspection: $20.00. The program costs the CLPOA
$76,000 per year.

Wet boats or those from any other water body are red
tagged for future inspection

Red tagged boats may not be launched before inspection

Boats leaving for gas or tune
up only are sealed. If the seal
is unbroken they are not inspected.

Two live cases so far. Owners cooperated fully.

Number of inspections per year: 2583
, quarantined 1275


CL Special Enforcement patrols the main lake and east
bay by boat on holidays

CLSE patrols the North Ski Area by boat every
weekend and for special events.

CLSE patrols the 800 acres of BLM land on both sides
of the North Ski area and the 60 acres around the
Jump Lagoon for compliance on foot, on bicycle and
by vehicle

Special Enforcement: traffic control

City NPDES responsibility

The city of Canyon Lake is responsible for NPDES

Reported spills get immediate action from Special
Enforcement and contracted clean up companies

Citations are issued if the owner is uncooperative

Unreported spills are cited if the owner is eventually

No major spills on record

Rain Events

2005 rain event resulted in closing of the lake
from early December, 2004 to early March, 2005

Lake is posted for contamination after each event as a
precaution per Health Dept.

Testing 72 hours after the last raindrop

Tests conducted by lab at EVMWD

are removed
after test results show no

Lake closed by POA when debris is present

Holiday Harbor Launch Ramp

Salt Creek Flooding

Quail Valley Environmental

A 501 c 3 formed in 2010 to raise awareness of the
moratorium on building in Quail Valley, the public health
threat from failing septic systems, the need for a sewer
system in Quail Valley, and the importance of getting the
2006 SARWQRB moratorium on building lifted

QVEC works to further the plans of EMWD and the City of
Menifee to sewer Area 4 and Area 9

QVEC strives to encourage the city of Menifee to get an
emergency plan in place for winter rain events in QV

QVEC provides outreach for the QV community on public
health and safety issues related to failing septic systems

Dr. Anderson’s Analysis

Lake is stratified with the lowest stratum anaerobic

To reduce phosphorus and nitrogen and increase
dissolved oxygen, he modeled the use of alum,
aeration and oxygenation

The model that would get closest to targets would be

Conceptual design of a HOS completed by PACE
Engineering in 2010

Next Steps

The TMDL has possible options on what to do to
reduce nutrients in CL and no identified funds

1. HOS for the main lake paid for by a credit system for
nutrient producers in the watershed

2. The use of PHOSLOK, a chemical treatment that
binds phosphorus and captures it at the lowest layer of
the lake strata

3. The East Bay will have to be dredged at some point.

The SARWQB will decide which approach will be

No diving, no jumping