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Energy Management


January 2010

Our Company and Market

Our mission:

security, temperature, and
lighting for comfort,
convenience and safety

We offer the best
price/performance ratio in
the industry

HAI has more home
automation systems in use
than any other company

HAI: The Company

Recognized name

Industry leader since

Seventh generation

High performance, low

Standard product


Top awards

What is Home Automation?

An automated home brings together security, fire,
lighting, energy management, surveillance, audio,
and anything else that you want so that these
systems can talk to each other and work together

An automated home can include some or all of these

In an automated home these devices work together to make
the home more comfortable, more convenient, and safer

HAI Systems can do it all!

Central Control

Everything in the house still functions normally

For example, light switches are still light switches, push the
top of the paddle to turn the light on and the bottom to turn it

Everything in the house will work by itself without the
automation system

You can control any device in the house from any interface
(console, touchscreen, internet, telephone)

Event Based Automation

The automation system can control devices
automatically based on any event in the system. These
programs are customized for the homeowner to do
anything they want.

Manage temperatures, lights, and heavy duty loads based
on schedule and/or occupancy

When I arm the security system in AWAY turn all lights off, set
back thermostat, turn off the hot water heater

Turn the light on in a dark hallway if someone walks through a
motion detector and turn it off after 30 seconds

Temperature Control

Heating and cooling account for about 56% of the energy use in a
typical U.S. home according to the U.S. Department of Energy

HAI Omnistat II Thermostats

Stand Alone

Operates like a
conventional thermostat


Built in Serial Connection

Optional Ethernet

Optional ZigBee, Z
and other wireless available


EPA Energy Star Listed

Backlighted thermostats

Simple and intuitive

Proximity Sensor

Available in White, Black, or

Backlight can be set to over
100 colors

Displays Outdoor Temperature
(with sensor)

Compatible with 95% of
residential and light commercial

Omnistat Capabilities

Compressor short
cycle protection

Optical isolation for long term reliability

High/Low Setting Limits

Control Lock Out

volatile Memory

No Batteries

Filter Reminder Feature / FILE

Celsius or Fahrenheit / 24 Hour or AM/PM

Adjustable Cycle Times
(Energy Saving)

Day/Night Modes

Displays Outdoor Temperature

Choose Your Model


Single Stage Conventional

Two Stage Conventional

Heat Pump

Multi Stage Heat Pump

Dual Fuel Heat Pump

Master Thermostat for Zone




Fan Speed Control


Single Stage Conventional

Heat Pump

Remote Temperature Sensors

Surface and Flush remote temp sensors can
be used with Omnistat thermostats. Requires
shielded cable.

1 (surface)

2 (flush)

Main Menu


System Options

Stage Settings

Humidity Options

Omnistat2 Learns Your House

System Runtime Information

Filter Reminder

Having a dirty filter can reduce efficiency by 5%

Easy to use Scheduling

The Omnistat2 has a simple
to use scroll wheel that
makes programming the
thermostat easy

You can adjust the time
settings for Morning, Day,
Evening, and Night for each
day of the week

Customize heat and cool set
points for time period

Copy and paste entire days


Coming soon to a Utility near you

Omnistat2 thermostats can
communicate with your
electric meter with
participation from your local

View information such as:

Current cost of energy

How much energy you have

How much your utility bill will
be this month

Set back temperatures based
on demand

Display Information

Energy Cost

Energy Usage Graph

Demand Setbacks

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

7 Extended Range

Indoor/Outdoor Temp Sensor

8 Extended RangeTemp and Humidity Sensor

8 Water Temp Sensor

Energy Management

Temperature and humidity
sensors may be used for
temperature based
programming of events.

Energy Management

Temperature sensors can be
used to control the
temperatures in attics,
garages, greenhouses,
basements, wine cellars or

Heavy Duty Load Control

According to the Department of Energy 14%
25% of the
energy used in home is used by your hot water heater.

Control hot water
heaters and pool
pumps and other heavy
duty loads with HAI’s
Load Control Modules

Hardwired, Powerline,
and wireless available

Load Control

Hardwired Load Control Module

Control loads up to 20A

110V, 220V, or 277V

3 position switch allows the
load to be ON, OFF, or

LED Status indicator

Lighting Control

According to the U.S. Department of Energy artificial lighting
consumes almost 15% of a household's electricity use

The Home Lighting Control Alliance says that dimming your
lights by 25% saves 20% of the energy used and extends
bulb life by 10 times. Dimming your lights by 50% and
saves 40% in energy and extends bulb life by 20 times

Elegant Lighting Control

Using the Omni or Lumina you
get the easiest to install, easiest
to program, and easiest to
operate lighting control system
on the market today!

The HLC family of products from
HAI uses existing wires so it can
be used in new or retrofit

How UPB Works

Light Switches

HLC Dimmer Switches act the same as the Dimmer Switches
that homeowners know.

Light Switches

With the exception of the 1500W UPB™ and 2400W UPB™
Dimmer Switches, HLC switches accommodate standard
style Wallplates available at any home center.

Mix and match Decora
style Wallplates from
your electrical distributor
to easily add a
personalized touch to
any room.

Light Switches

HLC has the following switches:

600W UPB™ Dimmer

600W UPB™ Non

1000W UPB™ Dimmer

1500W UPB™ Dimmer

2400W UPB™ Dimmer

15A Relay UPB™

Auxiliary UPB™


House Status


Lamp Modules

Simply Plug in the lamp module to add
lighting control to any room

Scene Switch

Room Controllers work with
switches in a room to set scenes,
turn the room on and off, and dim
and brighten.

Room on, or hold to brighten

Set a scene

Room off, or hold to dim room

Use a remote
control with a
Scene Switch

Scene Switch Remote Control

House Status Switch

Shows status of each room
in the house

Ideal for master control of
lighting in master bedroom,
by entry door, garage, etc.

More than one can be used
in a system

Custom engraving available

Thanks for


We hope HAI can be a

profitable part of your future!