Transistors and Other Semiconductor Devices

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Nov 2, 2013 (4 years and 6 months ago)


Transistors and Other Semiconductor
Clearly, Simply, Intuitively, and Concisely Explained
Michael LoneWolf
Revolutionary simple, clear, intuitive, and practical knowledge!
Why should learning electronics (the textbooks way) be about memorizing equations,
doing calculus, and solving complicated, arcane, and crazy-looking circuits you will
never see in your life?
Why should the textbook be 1500 pages and cost two hundred dollars?
You are holding in your hands a revolutionary approach to learning electronics – a
hands-on approach for intuitive learning and understanding!
This book has been written to fill the void created by other books – the lack of
coverage of transistor theory of operation and circuit design. Learning about
electronics but not being taught about transistors makes little sense. This book will
discuss transistors and semiconductors, along with circuits using these devices,
without leaving anything out. As an example, there is thorough coverage of driving
LEDs and MOSFET switches from digital logic and microcontrollers, which is very
important for related fields such as robotics.
Target audience: technicians, hobbyists, experimenters, inventors, tinkerers, confused
students, electrical and non-electrical engineers, teachers, and practical hands—on
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