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May 3, 2021 (3 days and 11 hours ago)


Are you looking for someone to walk your dog in stuytown, and then you are in the right place we offer dog walker services at an affordable price with our experienced team. So get the benefits for visit our website today!

Pants is proud to have been selected to provide care
for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals!) and have 11
acres to frolic, have an abundance of free time, or a
designated staff of Dog Walker and Dog Runners at your
disposal, you probably need to figure a way to make sure
that your dog gets the daily love and exercise it needs and

Now get the best dog walker services in NYC. Our professional
dog sitters will take care of your dog and make sure your dog gets a
good time. For more details, visit our website

Our Services:

Puppy Care

Play Ground

Dog Sitting

Dog needs to go outside to relieve itself,
exercise, and socialize with other dogs and

Happy Pants takes the honor of being let into
your home and taking care of your dog very
seriously. We strive to build a trusting, lasting
relationship with you and your pet.

Happy Pants is committed to your dog’s safety and
welfare. Our goal is not to push your dog to run as
far or fast as it can. Rather, we design a program to
maximize its fitness level, taking into consideration
such factors as its medical history, age, breed, etc.

Westchester, 60154, New York City,
United States

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