Web Technology 2010


Nov 5, 2013 (4 years and 8 months ago)


Web Technology 2010
Lab Assignment 1:
Client-side - HTML / JavaScript
1. Prerequisites
• You will need a plain text editor and a standard web browser.
2. Individual preparations
• First, each student individually works through the
Diving into JavaScript
chapter from the book

Designing with JavaScript
• You can find it at the course website.
• Don't miss the chance to be gently and swiftly led into the world of web programming (again)

while at the same time already completing some required reading for the exam!
• Then, go to W3School's
JavaScript Tutorial
(see course website) and work through the following

mini-tutorials, accessible via the column on the left side of that page:

JS Basic
all tutorials.

JS Advanced
Image Maps
Timing Events
Try out the examples and make sure you understand their working.
• Finally, from the above
or the course website, freely explore the examples of W3School's

DHTML Tutorial
3. Collaborative work
• Form a team of 3 together with other students.
• Clearly communicate your team's existence to the lab assistant!
• Get together with your team members and, inspired by what you've learnt from the tutorials,
think of

and implement a simple game in JavaScript
• You can use an existing game, such as Mastermind, Tic-tac-toe, some action or guessing

game, etc.
• Alternatively, feel free to invent your own game.
• Grading is based on code quality and code creativity. Visual design is less important.
• Simple is fine. Still, your game must show a minimal level of JavaScript sophistication in a

standard web browser environment.
• The use of interactive graphical elements is encouraged, but a purely text-based game is also

• Search on your own initiative for the remaining JavaScript examples and information that you

need to write the code for your idea.
When in doubt about any of the above, check with the lab assistant.
4. Result
• On or before the deadline, email a zip file to the lab assistant containing the following items:
• The source code HTML and all other files required by your game to work stand-alone in a

standard web browser. All code should be clearly structured and readable for humans.
• Each team member adds an original and separate written explanation of what the code does,

and how it works. Explanations should be short but complete, and complement the code.
• Please take note of the following:
1. Delays in turning in your work will not be accepted. It leads to failing the assignment.
2. Plagiarism, copying other people's work, will not be accepted. It leads to failing the
3. If written explanations are found to be too much alike, (e.g., one experienced person writes

the code, and fakes the separate explanations by the other two) the team will get a "fail" as a

whole. Instead of this, please help eachother understand the code that you create together!
4. While reviewing, the lab assistant may ask the team for a demonstration, and any team

member separately for further clarification.
Good luck, and have fun!