Web Technology . 3D& 2D Design . Animation & VFX


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Web Technology . 3D& 2D Design . Animation & VFX
SQUALL MOTION is a creative company specialized in internet
(web design ,web apps development,…) and audiovisual technologies (graphics, animations,…). Its experience, work ethic and high tech arsenal allow this
company to bring any idea to life even the most ambitious ones.

SQUALL MOTION works worldwide from Africa to Europe and via Asia for companies and individuals.
With our services you have access to :
- A real follow up while working with us according to your needs
- A long term budget approach, in order for you to take advantage of new technologies faster
A relationship based on a mutual trust in order for your company to grow as we are working for you.
Squall Motion , Ltd. with capital of 1 million FCFA, N° RCCM CI-ABJ-2012-B-8127
www.squallmotion.com - info@squallmotion.com - Riviera golf - 25 bp 694 abidjan 25 - Phone : +225 07989420/+225 55302929/+225 22434006
Website & Web apps
Boost your results with des Web apps, fast internet based,
worldwide access and real time data updates.
Website & Web technologies
Give a fresher and more competitive face to
your company.Get a taylormade website fitting
your clients expectations.
Our services include :
- Websites conception
- HTML 5, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax,
- Website makeover
- Website hosting
- Web modules (e.g : newsletter system...)
Web apps development
We provide solutions according to your
needs. This software development service
includes all the steps leading to a reliable
software conception.
According to your needs we provide :
- Analysing and conception of database
- HTML 5, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax,
- Flash - Actionscript 3 / Flex apps
Our advantages in web technologies:
- Attractive website, with a taylormade ergonomy
- Dynamic website fitting your professional field
- Apps fluidity, with almost zero per cent rate of error and crash
We offer website designs, web apps development, interface design.
With Squall motion change the way you perceive
Some web references
Design & Animation 3D
New technologies brings a new era. This new era brings new
requirements. With our advanced skills and techniques we create 3D
representations, 3D animations, natural environment simulations
Powerful 3D modeling, animation & rendering tools for game
developers, VFX & motion graphics artists, architects, designers
& visualization specialists.
3D or 2D Commercials with impressive
visual effect using advanced techniques
allowing you to increase your visual and
commercial impact on your targeted market.
3d Architectural preview
For architecture professionals, architectural
preview will take your clients to a virtual
universe, yet very close to the real environ-
ment you want to create. with 3D modeling
following the architectural plans, we bring
your project to life with animated or frozen
3D images.
3D Animation & VFX
With your vision, ideas, your imagination we
create 3D worlds where we animate your sto-
ryboard. Creating visual effects, inserting real
scenes in virtual environments using com-
positing techniques. Creating hyper realistic
Choose 3D, choose a better representation of your
products as 2d/3d animation with smashing visual effects.

We offer 3D modeling services, TV Commercials, Compositing ,visual effects
(VFX),and 3D Architecture.
Design & Animation 2D
Because your image represent your company, the Squall motion team gathers
skills and experience to create flawless advertising materials. With our unique
style, we guarantee clean and professional looking products.
Visual Arts
- 2d graphics
- Advertising poster design
- Logo Design
- Design presentation boards
- CD,DVD,BlueRay cover design
- Reportage, Documentary
Page layout / Editing
- Illustrations for Books & Comics
- Magazines Design
- Brochures Design
- Catalog design
- Print
- Flash Animation
- Interactive flash application
- Cd rom design
We create visual communication objects, important
for the advertising and prestige of a company.
We make illustrations in 2D for ad signs, video and editing. With our
unique style, we guarantee clean and professional looking products.