Applications of Artificial Neural Networks

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Research Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Junaid Akhtar, 2004

Ayesha Farrukh, 2004

Applications of Artificial Neural Networks

Neural networks are increasingly being used in real
world business applications and, in some cases, such as fraud
detection, they have already become the method of choice. Their use for risk assessment is also g
rowing and they
have been employed to visualise complex databases for marketing segmentation. This boom in applications covers a
wide range of business interests

from finance management, through forecasting, to production.

1) Researchers Able to Predict

Death Penalty Outcomes

Following a Supreme Court decision prohibiting the execution of minors which could have ramifications for the
future of the death penalty, researchers at Loyola University New Orleans have found further evidence questioning
the fair
ness of the capital punishment process. The researchers have developed, trained and tested an artificial neural
network that is more than 90 percent accurate at predicting whether a convicted capital offender will be executed or
not. [1]

2) Machine


MVTec has introduced version 3.0 of its ActivVisionTools machine
vision software, based on the company's
HALCON machine
vision library. ActivVisionTools includes ActivOCR, a multilayer perceptron (neural network)
classifier that supports many ready
use fonts found in industrial applications

such as dot
matrix prints and prints
on metal surfaces

as well as common document fonts. ActivOCR has been trained to recognize more than 1 million
characters, including 460,000 handwritten characters collect
ed worldwide and spanning many cultures. [2]

3) Neural Network for Gene Expression

The demand for biomarkers continues to rise, as does the number of vendors providing tools for this field. As one
Natural Selection

[3] provides computational tools using n
eural networks for gene expression analysis.

4) Neural Network
Based Face Detection

A neural network
based upright frontal face detection system has been built. A retinally connected neural network
examines small windows of an image, and decides whether e
ach window contains a face. The system arbitrates
between multiple networks to improve performance over a single network. [4]

5) ANN to log and monitor vehicle identification number for the Nissan plant

Using template matching and neural
network software
IVS have engineered an automated system to log and monitor
frame VIN (vehicle identification number) numbers for the Nissan plant in Sunderland. The numbers provide a
unique vehicle reference for tracking of service records and stolen vehicles. [5]


Cheque fraud protection

Mitek Systems [6] is a premier provider of cheque imaging software and cheque fraud protection solutions for the
banking industry. Mitek develops recognition technology using advanced neural networking techniques and deploys
this e
xpertise in fraud prevention, cheque, financial document and forms processing applications.

7) Neural Network Strengthens Technology
Rich Norton AntiVirus

IBM's neural network boot detection technology provides additional security by mimicking human neuro
ns in
learning the difference between infected and uninfected boot records. By being shown many examples of viruses
and non
viruses, the neural network learned to recognize viruses better than traditional heuristics hand
tuned by
virus researchers. This ne
ural network can detect an extremely high percentage of new and unknown boot record
viruses automatically. Together, these technologies provide Norton AntiVirus customers superior protection against
both known and unknown boot sector viruses. [7]

8) Speec
h Recognition

Babel [8] has developed a unique proprietary Speech Recognition technology that is the outcome of combining
Hidden Markov Models and Artificial Neural Networks. This allows the Babel ASR systems to achieve an
outstanding level of recognition
accuracy with unequalled robustness to environmental noise and speech


Research Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Junaid Akhtar, 2004

Ayesha Farrukh, 2004

9) Stock market decision support system

DeepInsight [9] is a predictive analytics and decision
support system for stock market using Neural Networks.

10) Automated Car

During the tour of America, which was sponsored by Delco Electronics, AssistWare Technology, and Carnegie
Mellon University, two researcher from CMU's Robotics Institute "drove" from Pittsburgh, PA to San Diego, CA
using the
computer program. RALPH (Rapidly Adapting Lateral Position Handler) uses video images to
determine the location of the road ahead and the appropriate steering direction to keep the vehicle on
the road. (The
researchers handled the throttle and brake.) [10]

11) Neural network music composition by prediction

Music can be composed using a recurrent autopredictive connectionist network called CONCERT. CONCERT is
trained on a set of pieces with th
e aim of extracting stylistic regularities. CONCERT can then be used to compose
new pieces. A central ingredient of CONCERT is the incorporation of psychologically
grounded representations of
pitch, duration, and harmonic structure. CONCERT was tested on s
ets of examples artificially generated according
to simple rules and was shown to learn the underlying structure, even where other approaches failed. [11]

12) Weather forecasting

A neural network (NN) model has been used to predict the sea surface tempera
ture anomalies in the Nino3.4 region
in the equatorial Pacific. Using sea level pressure, sea surface and subsurface temperature data up to the end of
February 2005, forecasts were made with the NN model. [12]



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