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Offline Consulting Step by Step
By Ryan Shaw
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
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Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
Table Of Contents:
Suggestions for Offline Consulting
Page 4
Ten Methods to Acquire Clients
Pages 5 - 17
Running a SEO Business on Auto-Pilot
Pages 18 - 20
Services to Offer
Pages 20- 24
Pages 24 - 29
Local Facebook Fan Pages
Pages 29- 31
Importance of massive prospecting
Pages 31 - 33
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
I have talked with a few offline internet marketers and it seems that we all have

one thing in common. Most of us have the technical skills needed to offer

services to business owners, but we don't have the sales skills or we are not

motivated enough to pick up the phone and contact them.
Guess what, neither do you need technical skills or massive sales skills. You do

however need some
common sense, motivation, and belief in yourself

that you can really HELP small business owners in your offering of services.
If you haven't gotten your first offline client yet, don't worry. You need to start

small and build on your successes and also learn from your failures.
Having small successes to start off with will build your confidence and help you

land bigger clients that pay massive money!
One client can literally help you quit your job; at least it did for me!
In this quick, easy to read ecourse, I'm going to highlight 10 ways to get a new

offline client for your business. Pick at least 3 that you can use in your business

starting today!
Almost every single client I have gotten, I have used a different marketing

method to get.
Here is some quick advice.
When you start to look to acquire clients, focus on ONE niche and ONE product.

Don't take the next two months to figure out what businesses to target and what

to offer them.
Decide TODAY of what niche you feel most comfortable selling to and what

service you would feel most comfortable and confident in offering them.
This way, you don't waste time in the beginning and you will quickly learn what

methods are best to acquire some clients. Here are the ten different ways I

acquired new clients.
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
If you are brand new, I recommend you use the following method to get the

quickest results possible:
#1 Zone of Influence / Referral Marketing
This was the real beginning for my business and it should be for yours! I know

you know at least 200 people. Now, write down those people that are business

owners or that could use a website. Write down those those people already have

a website and find ways to help them promote it or make it better.
Simply contact them via email or phone and let them know you are starting a

new business geared to helping small business owners get more business using

the internet.
Tell them it would mean a lot to you if they would help you out if they just

TRIED your services. If you need to, explain that you are SICK of your job and

are really looking for a way out.
Even if they say they aren't interested, you can always ask for referrals from

them as well.
All of my first clients came from using this method. Now, I was new and I didn't

have outsourcing in place yet. My services weren't as good as they are today

My first client, I built his website and created a logo and postcards for his

business. I charged what was a pretty cheap price of about $500 for this.
I did everything myself and it took me a long time! I wasn't very good or quick.

Here's the results.
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
This was a simple Wordpress blog. Nothing real advanced here.
I did the top banner and logo myself which took me a long time to set up just

right using Photoshop.
From then on, I would head over to Digital Point Forums and outsource it for

95% of the time, the results were a better quality than I could deliver myself!
After a while of doing that, I found a couple people I like and I just email them

when I need something. Now it takes me just a minute to get that done instead

of a couple hours.
I would rather much pocket the profit myself. Wouldn't you?
Ok, so I created a simple website. What if you don't have technical skills to do

You can outsource that as well!
If you have a Host Gator account, you can setup Wordpress in just seconds using

a little thing called Fantastico De Luxe. You simple click on Wordpress and it

will install it into any directory you choose. You then have a website up and

running in just seconds! It's so much easier than the old days of HTML!
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
Ok, so now we made out first website. What other services could we offer??
What about SEO? This service is monthly and can help you really make a

residual income if done right.
When I first started out learning about SEO, I started using Pauls & Angela's

Backlinks. These things are cheap and pretty easy to use. Not only that, they got

me some good results!
My next client, I got a chance to test out these links. I ended up ranking for the

keyword “HVAC Duct Design” and getting a page one listing on Google. There is

a good amount of traffic for this keyword and this led my client to a couple nice

sales to his business.
As you can see about, I also optimized his homepage for that keyword as well as

for his company name.
This I did for $100. Really raking in the dough right?? Well, not quite.
However, getting some small clients to begin with will build your

skills, experience, and confidence and start building you a nice

#2 Send 10 Emails Per Day
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
Ok, I admit it. I don't like calling up business owners cold. In most cases, it's bad

timing for them and it doesn't make it easy to sell them something when they are

not willing to listen!
Many times, they just don't want to be bothered and I'm always looking for a

way of the least resistance.
They NEED your services, it's just a matter of getting them to listen to you!
However, I'm not saying to never call business owners. Please do! It works!
In any case, here is a great way to get in front of hundreds of prospects a month

offering your services without rejection.
Visit Google Maps and start visiting your local business listings. You can start

with really any type of business. Salons, restaurants, doctors offices, etc. Take a

look at their website and see where you can help them out.
Visit their website and contact them via email. Believe it or not, I actually get

positive results from this! It's quick and easy and you can quickly send out 10 of

these emails a day. Just use a simple script and copy and paste in most cases.
What can you offer an existing website??
Here are just some of the services you can offer them:


New Updated Website / Graphics / Logos

Video Marketing (Youtube) – Using a flip camera, Iphone,

Email Marketing (I use Constant Contact for Businesses)

Social Media Marketing (Facebook and Twitter)

Press Releases
I charge around $100 per service.
I tell them that and then I tell them that I will package it all together for a cool

monthly price of $247! It sounds like a great deal for them since altogether it

would normally be $500.
Figure out what the monthly costs are to you to do the services and see if this

Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
price works for you. It does for me especially as I build my client list, my profit

ratio increases greatly.
There is a profit margin of about 80%. This is using outsourcing for most of

these tasks. I will write up an occasional email for them or make a video, but

that's about it.
I outsource the graphics and website coding as well as the SEO.
So in reality, all I am is the middle man for the business owner.
The expert designers, coders, and online marketers that do the work for me are

working well below minimum wage.
So, why wouldn't I outsource to people that do a
better job than me

me time
to get NEW clients!
That's the key! Focus 60 – 80 % of your business on getting new

clients. Outsource the details!
Do THIS, and you will constantly be getting new checks coming in!
So, as you get new clients coming in, will you forget about your old ones?
I hope not!
Even though the work for the clients is being outsourced, it is still your

responsibility to keep up your relationship with the business owner and share

with him or her what you are doing and what increases or benefits they are

getting from using your service.
Otherwise, they may not see that you are doing anything! SEO for instance is a

hard thing for a business owner to understand or care about.
Simply, explain what you do each month for the business. Send a monthly traffic

report and SEO report each month. This isn't always necessary, but it goes a long

way to showing you care and want results for the business owner.
Simply by
showing you care
will help you retain those clients longterm.
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
Who should you use to outsource?
I prefer to outsource the coding and graphics to someone in India although I

have had success with using people from the Philippines and Pakistan.
Test out different people that you find on Digital Point Forums or any other

forum that has a buy and sell area for web designers.
Keep their contact information on skype and email to get quick access to them. If

someone isn't working out for you,
always have a backup
ready to step in and

get your assignments done.
For the SEO, I have use many methods with varied successes. I will create a

special section for this topic later in this course.
Ok, so you contacted everyone you knew and went through who they referred

you. You are sending out emails daily to get responses from interested business

What else can you do to start getting new clients?
#3 Contact Local Non-Profit Groups / Get INVOLVED with the


Join your local chamber of commerce

Start a Non-Profit Group

Join a Non-Profit Group

Ask a Non-Profit Group if they need help for their website, FB page

Do a barter with local businesses

Volunteer at your local hospital

Ask the chamber if you could do a seminar about Internet Marketing; pick

one specific subject such as Social Media or the importance of using an

email list
There are many ways you can get involved with your community. By doing so,

you become well known by your target market. Business Owners!
*If you are interested in doing a seminar, the chamber can help you. You may

Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
also want to promote it using Craigslist Events, newspaper ads, and more.
I'm attaching a Power Point presentation to my bonuses that I made for small

business owners. Just change the credits from my name to yours!
You may also want to join other networking groups in your area.
Try some of the following:

Local BNI Chapter (Costs around $400 to start, but works well, you must

attend every meeting. Once a week)

Search for local groups. Usually free or a couple bucks per


Start your own local Group!

Join local chamber or join multiple ones

Your local Rotary Club
Hint: Once you join the chamber, you can get access to their entire list of local

businesses. They then should be able to send that to you in a spreadsheet.
With this information, you can either call, email, or direct mail then. I prefer

doing all methods. The more exposure to your name, the better!
Ok, so who will be calling these leads??
#4 Hiring one or two sales persons
Ok, now that you are established as a legitimate business and have started

building your portfolio, it's time to start scaling it up.
You can do everything yourself, but do you really want to?
How do you hire sales persons?
This is actually very easy to setup. The hard part is finding a decent sales rep that

will work with you long term. That's why it's important to go through a quick

interview process with them on the phone.
Here's a sample ad from Craigslist that I used with success.
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
Title: Appointment Setter
I have a web consulting company ( Rhino Web Consulting)

I need someone to set B2B Business Appointments in south and central NJ.
$10 per appointment + 20% Commission for Life of customer. (Great

opportunity for a real residual income)
Must have some prior sales experience, will be calling business owners with a

short pitch to get a meeting in place for me to go sell them on a website and /

or internet marketing services such as SEO, Social Media, Email Newsletter

Systems, and much more.
This is not MLM.
There is no hourly pay.
I'm not looking for someone that HAS NO sales experience.
B2B experience is a plus.
** So far, I've experienced that my services are very easy sells, so even those

with not the greatest sales skills will do well with this.
If you make enough calls and you have a level of skill, you will be making at

least $10-20 an hour by just setting appointments.
Then, you can build up a great residual income from my monthly services that

I will charge the customers.
I'm only looking for two individuals. I already have one in place.
Script and basic training provided if needed.
Appointment setting is all about the amount of calls you make and how well

you are with following up with interest.
Contact me back with your resume and contact information please.
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
Note: You may want to change it a bit, but I recommend you stick with going

after “Appointment Setters” since paying them per appointment seems to work

better from attracting a commission only sales representative.
Ok, now you have your ad out there.
What script should you give the person? Keep it simple!
If they are calling someone that doesn't have a website, simply ask, would you be

interested in getting a website for your business?
People understand the value in having a website, however many do

not understand that there is a difference in just having one and in

marketing it.
Most business owners have a “brick and mortar” business where they expect

people to just come to them.
It's our job to show them the importance of MARKETING themselves effectively

and using the internet is CHEAPER than traditional direct mail and newspaper

How about asking the business owner that:
“Did you know that 80% of businesses are found by using the internet today?

That number is likely to rise over the next five years. What are you doing to

market your business online?”
Here's a sample script for a sales person talking to a restaurant

owner that ALREADY has a website:
Get business owner on phone.
My partner and I are web consultants and we are focusing on help restaurants

build their customer base using cheap internet marketing methods and keeping

in contact with you customers at a fraction of the cost of direct mail.
I can teach you how to use something you already have and help it make you

thousands of dollars using my proven marketing strategies which are a

Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
fraction of the cost of print and mail ads.
(Name restaurants I work for already.)
I have helped Mud City Crab House in Manhawkin, NJ win awards (Best Crab

Cakes in NJ; it was an online survey) and get press coverage in local papers.
I also work for Black Whale in Beach Haven, NJ and have doubled their

visibility on Google in less than a month.
(Edify me)
I have 7 years experience in the restaurant and I know how to help them best

and have been a local here near LBI my whole life.
I work for local charities such as Save Our Shack and Bridge Walk 2010 and

want all the local businesses to not only succeed but to flourish.
Keep it ~60 seconds long
As you can see, I'm
building credibility and value
by having my sales person

tell them about my current clients and what I have been able to do for them.
This is just an example of what you can do.
Of course, you can target any industry. I am targeting restaurants because of my

experience in the industry and using the clients I already have as leverage for

Target whatever business you feel most comfortable with and keep it simple.

Don't go after 10 different niches to start because they all need different things.
Focus on one and it will make your life much easier.
Also, I recommend going after businesses that do more than $250,000 per year.

This is the minimum. I would say a good minimum is $1,000,000 per year

Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
which would be a large restaurant, lawyer, doctor offices, a small chain of

Don't contact your next door handy man. He won't pay for your services.
#5 Do Video Reviews
It's free. So... why NOT?? It works much better than text emails. Its been tested

to get a 75% response rate. So far, I'm at a 50% myself.
The only thing you need is:
Camtasia 7
Jing (Free Version)
Background Music Track ($10)
Google Keyword Tool
Market Samurai ($99)
I did some reviews and landed one client just a minute after sending it to him!
Take a look:
#6 Place Ads in Newspaper / Local Magazines
Keep your ad short and sweet. Include your phone number, email, and website if

at all possible.
Send your leads to a specific offer in order to track it's results.
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
I just started running my first newspaper ads and I haven't gotten any results

this far. The bigger the ad however, the more chance for exposure.
I know people get results this way and its a cheap method to employ. Not

everyone uses the internet yet, so you are missing out on customers if you don't

advertise offline.
#7 Joint Venture with Local Businesses
This is really a great way to get you started. Contact offline marketing agencies,

printers, sign shops that deal with business owners every day and have them

promote you. Local printers don't want to deal with the internet for the most

part and they only deal with promoting a business offline. This is your target to

joint venture with.
You can send them an email, go visit their store, or send them a postcard. It

doesn't matter, just make contact!
Businesses in today's economy are LOOKING for someone like you where they

can make some money on the side to stay profitable.
In exchange, give them 20% commissions per sale. If it's a residual sale, just

offer them a one time commission while you collect your monthly checks!
You could also just offer them some of your services in exchange for them

getting you business. That's up to you.
Also, contact sales persons in your area that are selling to businesses already.

They have established contacts in the community; use them! Pay them their

commission and you both win.
Another great method is find about 10 web design companies local to your area.

Preferably the bigger ones.
If they don't do SEO or marketing for their clients, there's a great partnership

where you get as much as work as you can handle. Especially if they have 10 or

20 new projects per month!
#8 Place your business cards/postcards/brochures EVERYWHERE
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
It's a very cheap way of getting your business out in the community.
I place them everywhere I find a place for them.
Head over to Staples and buy some business card holders for a $1 and just buy

them all up!
Imagine that your business cards are in 100 local businesses. That's a lot of extra

exposure for just a few cents up front.
#9 Talk to Business Owners
This idea is simple. When you go to get your hair done, drop off your dry

cleaning, visit your doctor, just simply tell them that you help businesses get new

customers using the internet.
This usually opens the door to further discussion and questions about what you

#10 Look at who's paying for offline ads
Pick up your local newspapers. Look to see who's spending money on color ads.
Find out if they have a website. Is there a service you could offer them to

increase their business?
If so, find out how to contact them and do so immediately.
Getting in the mindset of always doing this will give you a constant flow of new

prospects coming into your business.
Running a successful SEO Service
I recommend you first head over and get your SEO Certification. It's completely

free at the following website and it teaches you everything you need to know and

I completed the course in a couple days myself.
On completion of the course, you will get a certification that you can use to build

Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
your credibility and show off to business owners! Hang it in your office!
The link is:
Here's my certification:
I also highly recommend investing into the Rank Tracker Program. Try the suite

for free. It has complete functionality to run all your websites through. You just

can't export the results on the free version.
That can be obtained through that link as well.
Also, get a trial of
Market Samurai
. I just started using it; it's awesome! It has

rank checker, keyword research, and much more built in with a bunch of

features. It's easy to use as well.
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
Once you know a little bit about SEO, you can offer it as a service.
However, where will you get your Backlinks from since that's the majority of

SEO, especially for ranking with Google.
When I first started started, I used
Paul and Angela's Backlinks
. The first

package was free and the second I think was $10.
Of course, I had to do the backlinking myself which is tedious and time

consuming! I don't recommend it if you have more than one SEO client.
It's great if you are just starting out.
However, now Paul and Angela have a backlinking service where they do all the

linking for you for a fee.
A definite possible option for you to check out.
is pricy but I quickly see great results. A downside is that you have to

write blog articles before you can submit your links while the other programs

require just a link from you. They offer a done for you method through their

outsourcing or you can employ someone yourself like I do. I pay them 50 cents

to $1 to write each 200 word post.
Subash SEO
will do it completely for you and they always run discounts and

specials. Add the manager to Skype and he's always available to talk about the

different offline packages.
The great think about offline clients is that the competition is very low in most

cases and you don't need many links at all to rank #1 for multiple keywords on

Services that you can offer your clients:
Free 30 Min Marketing Consultation ($100 Value)
- I will help you get the right mindset in marketing online
- We will get inside your customer’s mind and deliver what they want
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw

We will discover your unique selling points and strive to relay the benefits

to your customers
SEO Listing Services
- #1 Results on Google,Bing,Yahoo
- Get listed in 10,000+ Directories online (Outsource this for $20)
- Listings in Local Business Searches and Google, Yahoo Maps, Yellowpages,

Yelp (Easy to do yourself or outsource it)
Compare at $100-$500+/month
** I charge usually around $79.99/Month for a good price point.
Affordable Effective Website Solutions / Graphic
-Full Functional sites
-Provided content on request
-Best Copy to Funnel Potential Customer to Buy
- Custom Graphics, Logos, Templates, Designs
Compare at $500-$2,000+

You can do a few things with this to outsource. I've gotten templates done

in PSD and got a coder to convert them to Wordpress.

I also have used a simple wordpress theme and did it myself and

outsourced just a banner.

You can also try using a wordpress theme and getting a coder to customize

it since it costs less than something from scratch.
Pay Per Click Advertising
-Monitor Advertising online daily
-We will set up where you want to advertise and how much and for what
Note: You can do Facebook and Google PPC here.
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
When setting up a Facebook ad campaign, here are some tips:
Head over to and get yourself a coupon to start to save yourself

some money.
Also, you will need a new Facebook account to do this which just takes a second

to set up.
Whatever page you want to promote, you first must be an admin user of that

When setting up the campaign, try to target it as mush as possible. This will give

you the lowest cost and most profit.
I recommend that you don't advertise websites on Facebook, but stay with

promoting a fan page.
One technique you can employ is something called the
double lead!
An example of this is found with my client here:
The code I'm using is very basic stuff. It's simply two images followed by me

copying and pasting the code from the email form. I use Constant Contact with

my clients.
The code I used:
<div align="center"> <img src="" border="0">

<div align="center"> <img src="" border="0">

Then Insert your email auto-responder code here.
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
There you go, you have set up a custome fan page that almost no businesses

have. I charge $300 for this to setup and of course you can charge a monthly fee

to maintain it. It's up to you. I like to package all my services together into a nice

monthly fee. It doesn't mean I use all of them each and every month, but

according to what I think is the best need for the client.
You will get better as you gain experience working with your clients.
This means that when they click on the ad, they are directed to the fan page and

told to “like” it. Also, they are directed to join your email newsletter and give

them a reason to do so! Perhaps a giveaway or a coupon from the business you

are working with.
Setting up a fan page is really easy. The only part that is technical is setting up a

custom landing page but of course, this can be outsourced as well! If can be

simply a landing page with a graphic like mine.
Article & Press Release Marketing
- Get seen by a larger audience and drive more people to your site.
- Get your articles picked up by blogs, news sites, and much more!
I use PRWeb and Webwire when doing press releases.
Note: I usually only offer this service to bigger clients.
For more exposure, I visit all the local newspapers websites and get the emails of

reporters and the editor where I send the press releases manually as well. This

service can really be a great money maker!
Video Marketing
- Be seen on the new TV! Video Marketing is highly effective and can be used for

your website to capture your audience!
- Custom Videos such as a 30 second ad clip of your business seen on Youtube,

Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
and many more video sharing sites
- Will also be seen on the top 50 social media networks like Twitter, Facebook,

Digg, and Stumble Upon. (Note: I like to use a program called OnlyWire to do

this in just a couple seconds)
Here's an example of a cool video you can create with and charge

$500 for it. It looks so professional and only takes two minutes to create!
Email Marketing
Keeping in contact with your customers is
If you do not have an email list, I urge you to start right now. The money is in

the list!
Note: I use Constant Contact usually for small businesses because its easy to

import their database of emails they may have already.
Weekly Detailed Reporting (Use Google Analytics)
-Find out where your visitors are from in the world
-Find out where your visitors go to and from your site
How I make $530 for an hour of work each month!
One of my clients I got through my Save Our Shack fanpage has 3 restaurants

I met with them to discuss putting together a package of my services. Not only

were they interested in their one restaurant, but all 3! So, instead of charging

$247 per restaurant, I put together a deal for $530 for all of them.
I manage their website, facebook, twitter, and youtube pages.
The owners themselves update their facebook fan pages and that automatically

Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
is sent to their twitter accounts.
I made some small changes to their website to encourage people to join their

email newsletter and I'm doing some SEO that's on autopilot.
The only work I actually do each month is send out an occasional newsletter.
You too can get paid this kind of money per month for just maintaining an

internet presence for a business!
Try targeting business owners that own small chains like this restaurant owner.

Business owners that own 3 – 5 businesses can use your services in greater

quantity and you can get a bigger check for doing pretty much the same amount

of work!
It wouldn't take long for you to quit your job if you had a couple clients like this

under your belt right?
Here's a coupon that I made. I stuck it on their fan pages and sent it out as a

newsletter in just 10 minutes of work...
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
Another client of mine pays me $500 for consulting each month and

commissions for their website sales
There are a lot of businesses out there that have products to sell but no one to

sell them! You have internet marketing knowledge, so go help them!
I'm selling a product for a company where they know that the internet is their

means of selling but they DON'T know anything about it!
I put together a website and sales system online and they are in complete AWE!
With your internet marketing skills, even if you are newer, you can impress

CEO's of companies looking to sell their product better online.
To be honest, it was a learning experience for me as I went along and sales

increase each month as I learn how to optimize it more and more.
Think about the possibilities outside of the internet marketing niche. There's

much less competition in many other niches and you can really be an expert with

limited internet marketing knowledge.
Anything that you don't know can also be easily outsourced such as the website

creation and coding. That's what I do!
Here's some questions that have been asked many times on the Warrior

Do you need a website to run your consulting business?
It's actually not necessary. People don't care about your website, people want to

have their own website looking good and converting for them.
If you show that you have other clients and you show what you did for them,

Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
that's enough for your potential new customer.
However, as you build a business, you should invest in a website so you can

generate new leads to it using the internet and offline methods of marketing.
How can I outsource my projects?
Ok, there's a lot of different ways to outsource for your business and there are

literally millions of people out there that you can outsource to.
Here's the best ways that I have found over the past year using outsourced

If you just need some graphics such as for a website, logo designs,

I recommend you visit Digital Point Forums and go to the “Contest” area. Be

specific as possible to get the desire graphic or logo.
Usually you will get 10 responses and it costs you almost nothing! Usually $10

for any graphics that you may need.
You can also use now to do this. However, in both instances, check

their profile for positive reviews and ratings before using them.
If you have just one project you need completing:
Try using and find a web developer that will work on a per job

basis. You can also find them through the Warrior Forum and the Digital Point

I like to communicate using Skype and email. Be specific to what you need and

look at their previous jobs.
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
Important: DON'T pay until they give you the work and you are

COMPLETELY satisfied.
I have outsourced work and I thought since they did a good job the first time; I'll

pay them ahead of time....
It's been two months and I still haven't

heard from that person regarding my job....
It seems to work that way especially with coders that you may outsource. Have

someone check their job before you pay them. Make sure everything works and

its the way you want it!
Your websites reflect on you and will help land you future clients. Make sure

they look the best!
If you need a full website from scratch or full time help:
I recommend using Here you can get a website developer Full

Time for $250 per month!
Each developer can produce perhaps 10 websites each month working 40 hours

a week. Imagine charging on average lets so $1000 per website and you do 10

websites a month. Your total investment is minimal to just relating information

between the end client and the developer.
You work as the middle man and you make the profit! That's a $9,750 profit!
Of course, every website you produce for a business owner, set up a monthly

maintainability fee such as hosting, email, social media, SEO, etc.
Can you see how your residual income can really build by getting new clients

each month?
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
Why you should hire Philippinos?
What I have found is that Philippinos are the best to build your business with.

They are loyal, cheap, talented, problem solvers, and most speak fluent

American type English.
They always want to make you happy and they are not entrepreneurial. They

want a steady paycheck! Give them a bonus and they are thrilled and will do

anything for your business!
Did you know that there are 100 million Philippinos? There are millions waiting

for your email! Many have four year degrees in IT.
You can also train them as you go along so that all you have to do is have them

send a daily email telling you what they did for the day and if they ran into any

Why you should avoid India!
I have found that although there is a lot of talent in India as well. They are

entrepreneurial and they could in fact go into business for themselves and in

some cases stealing your business model.
I'm sure you have gotten an email from a website of yours regarding an

outsourcing company in India offering SEO or some other service.
They aren't as loyal and they don't speak American type English as well.
I'm not saying to never outsource to India, but I wouldn't hire anyone full time

from here.
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
Facebook Fan Pages : Local Fans Revealed!
I first created a Facebook fan page called “Blond Jokes” and invited all of my friends to join.

Currently, this fan page has over 2,000 fans without any paid promotions of any kind. I added

some jokes to it and people started interacting and adding their own!
Well, I didn't make any money from it, but
I saw the potential for viral traffic using

Facebook fan pages.
Although I know I can create a fan page like “I LOL too much” and get thousands of fans to

join, I wanted to think of a way to target local Facebook users to join my page.
What I did was I started thinking about the top and controversial local news related issues in

my area.
This is what I came up with:
There is an old building that everyone refers to as “The Shack.” It's a landmark and brings up

fond memories of my area. Many people want to save it and many people want it to rot! There

was my hot topic.
I simply created a page entitled: SOS: Save Our Shack!
I was hoping I would feed on the interest and the controversy of the idea of saving it.
Well, I invited all my friends to it and I started running an ad campaign to it. I spent a total of

$35 and today, I have 8,799 fans today; most of which I got after just a month of starting the

fan page.
Take a look for yourself!
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
As you can see, I went from 0 to 6,000 fans in just two weeks!
What also is really exciting is that they are all from local areas. Most of which are within 20

miles of my home. What a great local market to hit for your services!
Now, it's vital when you start a fan page like this that you stay true to what the fan page is

about. To work in my offer, I would promote it saying that I will offer my services and donate

a percentage for rebuilding the Shack.
Note: We are actually trying to rebuild this “Shack” and are raising real money!
What was amazing is that business owners in the community and important people locally

started contacting me!!
What was even better was that my fan page became so popular that everyone I asked about it

seemed to have heard about it!
What was even better than that was that I was published in ALL the local papers!!! Guess

what, they put a link of the fan page and the website in the article and that linked back to me!
Then, emails and phone calls started coming my way on how they needed

website consulting and online marketing services that I offered all due to this

simple fan page!
WOW! That's it, go out there and find an issue in your community and start a RIOT!!!
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
The story begins now for YOU.....
It's simple, contact enough business owners with your vital internet marketing

services and you have a thriving business.
Ask yourself right now: How many business owners have I contacted over the

past month about my services; either directly or indirectly.
This will give you a good idea of what your results should be. Just like with

selling a product, you won't make a sale every time.
Email and direct mail should give you a return of just 1 – 3%. That's why when

you start out, go after people you know and referrals for a much higher chance

for success. Then, branch into networking meetings and hiring an outside sales

rep. Doing this in order will help build your business at a good pace and keep

you excited as you land new clients every month!
Now, since I manage a few sites, I am able to put my website link on them. It

gives me a chance to advertise for free.
Make sure you put your contact information or website on every

website that you do!

I just landed a $1,200 sale of a new restaurant website which I will outsource it

for $200 and do about an hour of work for a nice $1,000 profit. This was due to

my website link being on a clients site.
I also will be setting up a monthly fee with my services, plus I found out he has

another restaurant. So, maybe another $400 per month ($3,600 Per year!) just

to maintain his web presence.
The more clients you have, the easier it is to get new clients! The hardest part is

getting started. So, don't get down if you don't land the big fish overnight. Give it

As your business begins to build, keep asking for referrals from your clients and

make sure they are happy!
Offline Consulting Step by Step by Ryan Shaw
If you don't ask, you won't receive!
By not ASKING for referrals, you can easily miss out on thousands of

dollars. Never hurts to ask, people naturally want to help you

succeed since you are helping them succeed.
If you are serious about working from home in an industry that is thriving and

will continue to grow over the next 10 years, take advantage of this course and

start applying what you learned today!
Once you start having success in offering internet marketing services, maybe

then go back to offering products such as this course. This way, you will have

multiple streams of income and you can build a solid base for your business

because it will have it's ups and downs!
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