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Matt Z’s
Internet Marketing Guide
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Hi, I’m Matt Z and thanks for joining my money making newsletter!
Over the next few weeks I will offer you advice about making money online, and

the easiest and quickest way of going about it.
I am of course talking about '
Internet Marketing
Trust me, in terms of start-up costs (next to nothing), difficulty (easy once you

know what you are doing) and convenience (everything including the products

you sell are digital so everything can be done from your computer), Internet

Marketing is easily the best way for a lone person to make money online. Period.
So what exactly is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is all about selling digital information products on
the Internet.

This could be a PDF document (ebook) or a video series explaining

how to do something such as how to fix a laptop, or how to use eBay effectively.

The product could be about anything, as long as it provides value and
improves somebody's life in some way.

You can either create your own
information product or sell somebody else's and collect a commission which is

know as
Affiliate Marketing
. Or even better, do both.

The beauty of information products is that there are no physical items
involved. You can sell the same digital item again and again on autopilot,
as long as people

want them of course!

I have written a five step guide to Internet Marketing especially for you guys to

help you get started.
Remember, this stuff is very valuable. A lot of people have paid serious money

for the kind of information I am about to give you.
Step 1 - Choose your market
If you want to sell a product, my first tip is that you need to decide what market

(or niche) you wish to be involved in. For example it could be the ‘golf’ market or

‘cakes’ market, anything really!

Just pick a proven single market and once you have had some success, then you

can try a different one.
Think about what things you are passionate about.
You will find it easier to establish yourself in more specialist markets (niche

markets) such as Doll’s house furniture or Sports car accessories.
In comparison, ‘money making on the internet’ is a very broad subject, highly

competitive and very difficult to get established in, as I have discovered over the

last couple of years!
So got that? Don’t just pick ‘real estate’ which is too broad and will be too

competitive. Instead, narrow down to a specific niche like ‘building your own

house’ or ‘selling houses on auctions’ for example.
A good way to check out already proven markets that sell is to look at the

categories on Clickbank. Check out my
So that’s the first step c
hoose your market. :)
Step 2 - Website or Blog?
The next thing you need is some sort of presence on the web. You could set up a

website, but if you have never done that before I recommend getting a 'blog'. In

simple terms a blog is like an online diary, but it’s also a bit like a single page

website that is very easy to setup and also happens to be free!
Just visit one of the big blog providers such as and register for

your free blog. Check out my
that shows how to setup a free blog in 10

Then you can start making it look pretty by adding pictures or even videos, but

most importantly you need to write regular good articles about your chosen

Free blogs are okay, but they can also get shut down without notice as its a free

service and not something that you actually own. To avoid this, I would suggest

buying some hosting space and a domain name. For these services I thoroughly

Go Daddy
respectively. However, if you have no

website experience at all, I recommend getting a free blog initially.
Step 3 - Traffic!
You will need Traffic next, probably the most important element to any online

The traditional methods of starting a new blog or site are as follows.
egister will all the search engines you can find, but do not register more than

once with the same search engine, your blog might get blacklisted. Also register


blog directories
. Here is a good one :
Link Referral

message boards

appropriate to your chosen subject and insert your blog

url link into your signature. Do not blatantly advertise your blog on the message

boards, just join in with conversations so if posters are interested they can click

on your sig link. A little know message board that works well for me is

you actually get paid for posting messages there. The largest message board for

Internet Marketing is the Warrior Forum at
. Check

out my message board
You should find out the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is

essential to getting your website or blog listed higher up in Google searches.

Note, 90% of SEO is in the planting of backlinks (you site link posted on another

website). Check out my SEO
Now, it will take time depending on how much effort you put into it. But

eventually as your blog or site picks up more traffic, your site will rise in the

search engines for certain search terms.
Remember - organic traffic always rules. That is natural keyword based traffic

where someone has typed in keywords of interest into a search engine and found

your site. So when you write your articles on your blog, be sure to add words that

your intended visitors would search for!
You can also pay per click (PPC) for advertising on Google using Google Adwords.

I could probably write a whole book on how to use Adwords. It is an excellent

way to quickly test ads, signup pages and how good a sales page might be.
Your one stop source for Adwords expertise is
Perry Marshall
, go and check

him out! I have also recorded a series of Adwords videos, check them out
Facebook probably deserves its own section, but recently it has become a huge

part of how we use the internet and therefore also plays a big part in modern

Internet Marketing. Facebook has its own PPC scheme which rivals that of Google

Adwords, if you want to go down the PPC road you should also try out

Facebook's. For some help check out
Facebook Ads Guide
As well as offering PPC advertising, you can also make money on Facebook simply

by marketing to your facebook friends, friends that you have targeted for your

chosen niche. This is all automated by some powerful software which is now

available. If you are interested in this new powerful way of driving traffic for free

(once you have bought the software) check out my specially prepared
Step 4 - Advertising and Marketing
Tracking your traffic is fairly important. Without it you are simply guessing what

the hell is going on!
To track your traffic you should sign up to

Google Analytics

which is

free. You

should setup 'goals' within Analytics, so you can see not only where your traffic is

coming from, but also if they are signing up to your site. Check out my Analytics

Once you have a little traffic coming in, you could also sign up to

to begin earning money via google ads!

You may of heard about Adsense, it’s basically Google’s advertising system for

web publishers and it’s the most popular way to monetize sites on the net,

because with Adsense you make money by effectively selling ad space on your


Wait *until* you have some traffic, before you sign up to Adsense though. You

also need a lot of great content on your site that will generate the traffic.
Remember, no traffic = no clicks = no money. ;)
You should also get yourself a free


account if you do not already have

one. You need some way of safely sending and receiving money on the Internet.

PayPal is the most popular method of doing just that.
The best place to find products to sell as an affiliate is
the largest

digital products site on the Internet. Clickbank is also a good place to choose a

niche market. For a one-time fee, you can also sell your own digital products on

Clickbank as a vendor.
It is free to sign up as a Clickbank affiliate, but there is a one-off fee to sell your

own products there.
Step 5 - The List
It is a well known fact among serious money makers that NEARLY EVERYBODY

that visits a site for the first time (and probably the last) will NOT BUY!
So what’s the secret to successful long-term selling?
The trick of course is having the ability to follow up to your customer.

Most people that just stumble on your site will almost certainly not be prepared to

part with their cash straight away for all sorts of reasons. Only the most

determined (or impressed) customers browsing your site, may actually bookmark

your site and return later with their wallet.
Of course, most people will never return to your site *EVER* again (even if they

intended to).
So what we need is a small form prominently placed on your website (or blog)

requesting for your customers contact details (to join your newsletter). In other

words, you want to capture your visitors email addresses.
Ideally, you need an


to be able to do this. When customers

enter their details, they are added to your mailing list. You then have a contact

that you know is definitely interested in your products! :) You can also add

messages that are sent out to your list on the days that you choose. The most

well known Auto-responder is
, check them out
I have also recorded a series of Aweber
, check them out
is a suitable alternative to Aweber that are less strict about importing

existing lists of email addresses that you might have. You might also want to

check out
Remember most of your money long-term is in the list, you will never

make lots of money from random visitors to your site, you need a list.
Well, that’s the big secret on how to make money online and I have just kind of

given it away for nothing! I hope you use the information wisely.
Whatever you do, do not forget my golden rule :

"Never Give Up!"
Before you start creating your own information products, you will probably want

to start out as an Affiliate, which means you will be selling other peoples products

and earning a commission.
The best place to start is
, the largest info product site on the net.
For ideas on what you can sell as an affiliate let me tell you about this guy who

receives repeating commissions from ClickBank and other affiliate programs to

the tune of about $30,000 a month...
check out
Blogging Espionage

I hope you found those 5 steps useful, if you implement all of them you really

could save yourself at least three years of your time finding it all out the hard

way like I did!
You may have noticed I have recorded a series of help videos that cover in

particular Adwords, Aweber, Analytics, Getting started, Choosing a Niche, and

much more. To check out any of these videos visit my
Shortcut page
Affiliate Only?
If you are just starting out online you may decide that you just want to be an

affiliate (selling other peoples products) and don't want to create your own

That's very wise, I would not create your own product until you have some

experience of success so you can develop your own system to sell.
Being 'Affiliate Only' also means you could skip step 5 and possibly step 2

depending on what strategy you decided to implement, so a lot less work to focus

I whole heartedly recommend a great affiliate training portal called

you can access a lot of their training content for free or join for as little as $1!
Make sure you check it out ==>
Keep an eye out for my emails in the future with more advice about making
money online.
Best of Success
Matt Z
“Helping Others Make Money”
If you stumbled upon this e-book or you were sent it by someone else, you

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