Gain New Customers easily and effectively!

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Jun 26, 2012 (6 years and 23 days ago)


Gain New Customers
easily and effectively!
Search-Based Lead Generation
“We send real-time sales leads. This gives you the opportunity to approach your customer
at the right time. Which will support a higher Return On Investment.”

Aravind, QuoteSEVA.COM
Stardotstar IndiaSEVA Leads Network

of potential customers
in your mailbox & Phone
for adequate growth
per lead
Boost your business!
Extensive contact details
Real-time leads
Large quantity of leads
Fixed low price
Are you constantly searching for ways to expand your customer base?
As the largest lead-providing business in India, we are confident we make the perfect partner for you
when it comes to realizing your sales potential.
QuoteSEVA can provide your company with a large quantity of potential customers within a short time frame,
following a low pay-per-lead structure.
At IndiaSEVA, we believe that it is very important that you are able to approach your potential customers on your
own way. That is why we make sure that the correct contact details of your target group are available to you.
By providing these details, you can approach your potential customers, employing your very own sales
strategy within your personal time frame.
You will receive the contact details of your potential customers delivered in real time to your nominated e-mail
inbox. As a successful company, this gives you the opportunity to approach your potential customers within
minutes of the request being placed, resulting in a higher return on investment.
Customer retention is important, nevertheless, the growth of your company is just as important! We possess
the required expertise and capacity to provide your company with a large quantity of leads within a short
time frame, throughout India or worldwide.
We offer you quality for a low price per lead. We are able to offer this high-quality service due to many years
of experience in the field of online lead generation throughout several sectors.
Infinite Expressions - Singular Pursuit!
+ A continuous, real-time, high quality stream of sales leads
+ You control how many leads you receive and from which areas
+ Easily track your ROI
+ No setup fees, no hidden costs, cancel anytime
+ Try us out for free
do we Operate?
is Stardotstar?
Stardotstar operates from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
We plan, create and market websites that generate leads in a
number of industry verticals. Our primary lead acquisition
method is search engine marketing (search marketing) - both
organic SEO and paid search (PPC), with a focus on SEO to
attract visitors from the natural search results in Google, Yahoo,
MSN and Ask.
Search-Based Lead Generation
Online Lead Generation
85% of online shoppers
research online before buying
We generate leads for almost
every Industry
consumer searchesonline for a service
The consumer is
likely to find our web-site through targeted Google ads or organicsearch results
Consumer provides
us with servicerequirements and contact details
You contact the
consumer with youroffer
We email / SMS the
data to you real time
Consumer picks the
supplier of theirchoice
frequently asked questions
has selected the DO want information on your
service. This is an “opt-in” system.
Are there any additional charges?
No, QuoteSEVA will not charge any additional costs
How do I receive my leads?
suchas registration fees, subscription and / or
After a consumer visits the website and completes
cancellation costs.
a quotation request form, they must select the option
on the form to receive information on your
Will I be charged for incorrect leads?
service type. We immediately forward their contact
In case you receive a lead that contains a faulty
information to your nominated email address. If you
e-mail address and faulty telephone number, you
require the information in a specific file format, this
can return this lead to us. We will make sure that
can be arranged.
you will not be charged for the lead.
What does a lead from QuoteSEVA look like?
How long will I be tied to my partnership
Our leads consist of all the required details to
With QuoteSEVA?
makes it possible for you to approach your
A partnership withQuoteSEVA is free of charge. As we
potential customer in your own way. These details
do not wield a period of notice, you are able to cancel
include; name, address, post code, city, contact
your advertisement with us at any time.
e-mail address and telephone number. Rest
assured, if you receive a quotation, the requestor
... or visit our website on and fill in the contact form
Contact us?
find your QuoteSEVA office
Stardotstar Software Ltd
A-6, Basement, Gemini Parsn Complex,
1, Kodambakkam High Road,
Chennai - 600034.
Phone: +91 44 28263355
Mobile: +91 98400.59095
+91 98400.41444 +91 98400.66333