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Jun 26, 2012 (6 years ago)


Online recruitment is one of the most successful
mediums for attracting international academic
and research staff and has proven to:
B. Building your online recruitment strategy
Your website should sit at the heart of an effective online
recruitment strategy:
A. The benefits of online recruitment
1. Cost Savings

Online recruitment is up to 90% cheaper than
traditional press advertising
2. Speed

Online job adverts can be posted anytime,
anywhere and you can start to receive applications
from quality international staff immediately
3. Global Coverage

Reach a much wider candidate pool than print
advertising, provide global coverage 24 hours a day
and shorten the recruitment cycle time
4. Flexibility

Ability to react to new opportunities quickly and
more text space compared to print
5. Accountability

Greater control over the recruitment process and
easy to measure the return on investment such as
the number of applicants, most effective media etc

Own brand

or Natural

Web Traffic
Social Media

(e.g. Twitter,
Talent Pool

Job Boards
SEO or


(e.g. Google Ads)
Project Brief

Online recruitment campaign to
attract high-quality academic staff to
University of Nottingham’s international
campus in Ningbo, China

Developed an engaging and
informative recruitment microsite
incorporating video and a travel guide
to appeal to an international academic

Jobseekers were directed to the site
via online advertising on
international advertising on specialist
academic sites and via
Campaign Statistics

Campaign ran from 8 March
to 14 April 2010

27,746 unique visitors

94,578 page views;
an average
of 2,489 page views per day

Visitors by country
• United Kingdom – 29%
• China – 15%
• USA – 10%
• Australia – 4%

1189 applications received

46% of successful applicants hired
came via
Case-study: Recruiting 35+ international staff for the new campus in Ningbo, China.
Meeting the Global Staffing

Challenge with Online Recruitment
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Reduce costs

Improve the quality of candidates

educe the time-to-hire
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