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guitarchanceSoftware and s/w Development

Aug 15, 2012 (5 years and 9 months ago)


This is the first time I learn about Eclipse. I used a little Netbeans and Visual Studio before.
The most of
functionalities of them are similar.
One thing I love about Eclipse is it is totally green. After downloading,
we can directly use it without
installation. T
he interface is clean and easy to use. The menu is helpful.
There are lots of useful automation functions, like to generate various methods, to surround with
try/catch block, to encapsulate field, and etc. I believe this can
improve our codi
ng efficiency and
standardize the coding style.

This is my first time to use Javadoc too. I used to ha
te to write commentary, since lots of them are too
obvious to me. With the help of Javadoc, we can generate most simple comments automatically and
only n
eed to focus on the real complex part. And the style of the comments can be standardized.