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and RP4T

Mobile Printer

An introduction to the Thermal Transfer and RFID mobile

Ram Kumar

Westcon ME

The Zebra P4T/RP4T

Introducing the P4T/RP4T

The P4T/RP4T is a thermal
transfer mobile printer with UHF RFID
printing/encoding capability.
A world first…!

It re
introduces a thermal transfer mobile printer to the portfolio, and reinforces

Zebra’s position as a technology leader/pioneer.

It is the first of Zebra’s
‘Intelligent Mobile Printers’

with smart end user features.

There are two primary models:


transfer mobile printer


transfer mobile printer with RFID encoder


The P4T has an RFID upgrade path should a customer have a future need for RFID encoding.

The RP4T ships with an RFID encoder pre

Introducing the P4T/RP4T

Why did we develop the P4T and RP4T…?

Niche applications that require thermal
transfer printing in

a mobile platform.

This need was previously fulfilled by the PT400, which

was discontinued in 2005 due to supplier RoHS issues.

We foresee significant opportunities for thermal

mobile printing in niche applications.

The nature of these applications has synergy with RFID

either now or in the near future.

Introducing the P4T/RP4T

Why might my customer need one…?

transfer printing allows for the production of long lasting
and highly durable printed output for use in extreme weather
conditions and temperatures.

Mobile RFID removes the fixed constraints of RFID technology,
allowing for the technology to be used in outdoor environments
where tagging is still required.

P4T/RP4T Features

Integrated Shoulder
Strap Loops

‘Peel and Present’ slot

P4T/RP4T Features

Media bay

(with variable media guides)

Smart Ribbon Cartridge

RFID encoder

Latch releases

(Media Bay and Cartridge Bay)

P4T/RP4T Features

Media bay latch release

USB and Serial ports

P4T/RP4T Features

Menu navigation

Power On/Off


control panel

Large, customisable LCD

P4T/RP4T Features

Fanfold slot


Smart battery

Vehicle charger
contact cover

P4T/RP4T Specification

transfer or direct thermal printing (defaults to DT if no ribbon detected)

bit Processor

8MB Flash/16MB SRAM memory

4100mAH Li
Ion Battery

USB 2.0 Connection

Serial Cable Connection

Daylight readable LCD with low level illumination for poor lighting conditions

Smart battery management (See later detail)

1.52m (5’) drop spec (multiple)

CPCL, ZPL, EPL and XML support. (Note ZPL required for RFID support)

38.1mm (1.5”) per second throughput in TT mode, 76.2mm (3”) per second
throughput in DT mode

IP 14
rated (increases to IP 54 with environmental case)

Standard Spec (all models):

P4T/RP4T Specification

Fanfold support (no charge)

Bluetooth 2.0

802.11b/g WiFi


passive EPC Class 1 Gen 2 (standard on RF4T*)

Height: 218.4mm

Width: 177.8mm

Depth: 76.2mm

Weight: 1.32Kg (2.9lbs)


P4T can be returned to Zebra for RFID upgrade to RP4T spec

Optional features:

Weight and Ergonomics:

P4T/RP4T Specification

Fully integrated ThingMagic

UHF RFID Reader/Encoder

Supports passive EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocol/ISO 18000

RFID ZPL commands allow ease of RFID set up and flexibility

Variable RFID read and write power settings to support a wide variety of inlays:

Alien Squiggle

Omron Wave

Raflatac Onetenna

Avery Runway

RFID counters keep track of good and bad labels

Verification & voiding of inlays to prevent usage of bad labels

Interoperable with a wide variety of Gen 2 labels and tags

Supports extended memory features of Gen 2 inlays

RP4T RFID Specification:

Application Targets


Outdoor product labelling (Garden Centres)

Outdoor wholesale labelling (Builders Merchants)


Outdoor asset management


Outdoor asset management


Livestock management


Military ordinance and asset tagging/tracking

Law enforcement:

Crime scene evidence tagging/tracking

Mfg & logistics:

High value goods tagging/tracking


transfer mobile:


transfer UHF RFID Mobile:


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