Trade Facilitation Project


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Trade Facilitation Project

Documentation Portal

Eric Perry

May 21


Caribbean Central American Action (CCAA) is committed to promoting private sector
led sustainable
economic development in the small economies that make up the Caribbean Basin (CBI Beneficiary

Acting as an honest broker between private enterprise, civil society, and the public
sector, CCAA has led the creation of opportunities to create workable partnerships to more
aggressively confront the twin challenges of worsening poverty and increased global competition by
attracting capital and creating jobs in the Caribbean Basin.

The Dominica Trade Facilitation Pilot Project represents the outgrowth of this mission to address the
welfare of the citizens of the Caribbean through efficiency in trade by a core group of CCAA
transportation partners such as Tropical Shipping. CCAA in its commitment to improving the
competitiveness of the economies of the Caribbean, supports the establishment of best practices for
modernizing customs operations in the Caribbean.

Anticipated results for the partnership will be increased fast, reliable, and transparent clearance
services while advancing international cooperation, developing regional standards for security and
customs operations, and encouraging dialogue and cooperation between traditionally divergent


What is a Documentation Portal?

What are the benefits of the Documentation

Who are the targeted users?

What is the technology behind Documentation


Questions and Answers

What is a Documentation Portal?

A system to store and search documents

A tool to facilitate trade across Caribbean and
Central America.

A tool to improve regional competitiveness.

A tool to expedite the clearance process.

What are the benefits of the
Documentation Portal?

Effective Supply Chain

Carriers will have opportunity to extend and integrate
their systems with Customs.

Improved Business Process Management

Carriers will submit documents electronically.

Customs will be able to clear cargo quickly.

Storage and searching of documents.

Fewer errors in duties collection process.


Documentation can be reviewed and targeted prior to
cargo arrival.

Ocean carriers

Who are the targeted users?

Air Carriers


Port Authority

Documentation Portal

Windows Server 2003

Microsoft platform for connected applications, networks,
and Web services.

Microsoft Office

Makes it easier for people to take more effective action
and get better results.

Microsoft Windows Share Point Services

An integrated portfolio of collaboration and
communication services designed to host the
Documentation Portal.

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

Simple and very flexible text format. Works with mobile
devices, phones and scanners.

What is the technology behind

the Documentation Portal?

Highly integrated with Office and Windows
Server System

Easy to use and customize.

Administrative tools to back up and restore.

Lists and other functionality can be accessed
via Web Service interfaces.

WSS is a FREE extension to Server 2003!

Why Windows SharePoint Services?

SharePoint Services Out
Box Features

Windows SharePoint Services has the ability to
present content in the language of a specific




Carriers sends



XML schema

Web Services API

How does the

Documentation Portal Work?


Registered carrier submit documents
electronically using simple web service
interface with specified attributes.


Sample code to send document electronically

Documents will be stored in the
Repository List.

Carriers will receive the result of submission
as success or error.

How will Carriers use the
Documentation Portal?

Received Documents will be stored in
Document Repository List.

Optionally can notify Customs whenever a
document is submitted.

Customs can

Search the list based on specific document.

View documents data.

Filter, sort and group data based on their own

How will Customs use the
Documentation Portal?


Local office controls the security for
employees and Carriers.

Registered Carriers only


Communication will be encrypted using SSL
(Secure Socket Layer)

Implements HTTPS protocol

Easy to implement and most secure web
communication available today.



Server with minimum two CPUs

2 GB of memory

Minimum 250 GB of hard drive space


Windows Server 2003 with IIS 6.0

SQL Server 2000 or Desktop Engine

Windows SharePoint Services

Systems Requirements

Local tech support needs familiarity with the
following features:

Windows Server 2003 administration.

IIS 6.0 administration.

Windows Sharepoint Services
customization and administration with
backup and recovery

Configuring Web Services

Knowledge of SQL Server

Technical Support

Technical Chats and Webcasts

Microsoft Learning and Certification

MSDN & TechNet

Virtual Labs



Technical Community Sites


Questions & Answers