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Data Management Capabilities

and Past Performance

Dr. Srinivas Kankanahalli


clearAvenue, LLC

Headquartered in Columbia, Maryland

Focused on Systems Integration, Data Management,
Information Security, Storage networking, Custom
Software development

CMMI Maturity Level 3

clearAvenue, LLC. is a 8(a) certified minority women
owned Small Disadvantaged Business


Service Offerings

Data Management

Systems Integration

Operations and Maintenance

Security Services

Storage Area Networks and Storage Consulting

Custom Software Development

Software IV & V


Data Management Expertise

Database Design and Implementation (ER Modeling,
Erwin, Embarcadero)

Database Administration (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2,
Informix, MySQL)

Data Migration and Extract Transform Load
(Informatica, IBM Ascential, Talend (Open source), SSIS)

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (Cognos,
Microstrategy, Business Objects, Crystal, Oracle)

Legacy Data Migration

Image capture and Retention (DICOM and other related




Department of Education

Infoserver Design
implementation and deployment. The project is to install
and configure a data management infrastructure based on
the IBM Infoserver (Ascential) tool suite. Specifically,
clearAvenue was involved in the Profile Stage, Data Stage
and Quality Stage to profile the data, set up ETL
procedures and use profile stage for Data Quality




Hewlett Packard/Compaq/Cisco The principals of
clearAvenue were involved in the ETL and data
integration of product data catalogs of Hewlett Packard,
Compaq and Cisco. The ETL process involved data
profiling, data cleansing, data loading, data load reporting
as well as sophisticated exception handling. Informatica
was the tool suite.




For a large fortune 100 client we architected and designed
an Information Analytics solution. All the ETL and Fact
and Dimensional model was done on an UNIX platform.
The front
end graphical interface was on PC Platform

For a Railroad client, we have designed and developed the
ETL process to get the data from multiple legacy systems,
transform it, standardize and load it. The information was
used to generate train schedules

For a utility company, we have architected a DW/BI
solution to help the analysts to review historical
consumption trends, to develop a forecast, to make
decision to support how much power to buy on the Power
Exchange. The data contained usage and demand of
residential and business customers. The end user tools
were easy to use and gave the analyst the information to
make buy/hold decisions




For a utility company, we have architected the DW/BI
solution to analyze the data for their Customer Contact
Center. The decisions could support the resource planning
activities, marketing campaigns, by running what

All solutions comprised of designing the ETL process,
designing the Dimensional data models for the data
warehouse. The ETL modules were used to load the data
from Legacy systems into a data warehouse. The
Graphical reports tool was used to produce reports that ran
off the data warehouse


Key Personnel

Our team includes Data Architects, Storage Architects and
Infrastructure Engineers who have the expertise as well as
experience working in commercial, Civilian and DOD



clearAvenue, LLC is a small fast growing company with
extensive technical expertise in a multitude of

Passionate about our work

Delight our customers and partners

Competitively priced