Ruby Payne Analysis Table

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Payne suggests that “fixing” poverty is
attainable. This is backed by an idea that
people in poor communities simply don’t
understand rules up the upper or middle

Instead of giving a step by step way to

“fix” the poor, Gorski

suggests that true
change will happen when we begin to
participate in reforming classist policies
and practices.

Payne believes that parents play a
crucial role in poverty, and suggests
parents receive training to help shown
their students how to survive
. She also
assumes most parents are inherently
“bad”parents, as they are abusive and

Simply put Gorski finds Payne’s
assumptions on parental r
oles to be
simply stereotypical and offensive.

Payne states “Poverty is caused by
factors: parental
employment status and earnings, family
structure, and parental education”
(2001, p. 12).

Gorski often addresses the small but
important errors in Payne’s work by her
word selection. Gorsk believes these
areas discussed in Payne’s quote ar
e the
impact of their situations, versus the
direct occurrence.

Payne’s works are developed, written
and published by her, giving complete
control over the content area. She
believes her framework aligns with what
is truly happened and application of her
work will result in the success of poor
students in educational settings.

Gorski believes that true change should
be difficult to overcome. He claims
Payne’s perspective align with
conservative views that maintain the
status quota.