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Parallel Life

Concept document

1. Introduction.

The project “parallel life” will simulate the life of modern mega polis,

approached to reality.
“Parallel life will offer to its user the creation of game person, who lives in one of big cities (New York,
London, Paris, Berlin, and Moscow) and the control of his life during the process of interaction with
virtual citizens.


Genre and audience.

The game “Parallel life” has a genre of online life simulator (simulator of urban life) in
isometric view

with RPG elements.

The game is created for mainstream audience, but

has limited information content, which is functionally

for gamers under 18. The youngest age of the gamer can be 14.

3. The main game peculiarities

The key peculiarities (USP):


reality simulation

The action of the game takes place not in the

world, but in the simplified geographical and
economic model of real huge mega polis (New York, London, Paris,
Berlin, Moscow) functioning.
In the game each mega polis is a complicated policomponent dynamic system with intensive production,
transport, social, economical and cultural links.

The main component

of dynamic system:


Living infrastructure is

the assemb
ly of buildings and accommodations, which are created for living.
The player at first must rent a flat in
bedroom community
, and
in c
ourse of time

can buy his own flat
or even a cottage in suburb or a

on the roof of a skyscraper in an office centre. Living
accommodations in a game imitate real rooms: they include li
ving rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, dining
rooms and WC. Furniture and
office equipment

are situated in them. You can buy a radio to listen to
game radio
waves or a TV set with game TV
channels or a
computer with Internet connection.


Social infrastructure

the assembly of enterprises, functionally arranging normal living of the
popularity. It is impossible to imitate social infrastructure
in its entirety
. In the game only some of the
basic elements will be represented: health service, education, retail business,
housing services and
, leisure sphere,
community nutrition
, libraries,
sports and fitness complex
, fiancé
organizations (banks),
registry office
s and some others.


Transport infrastructure

the assembly of transport departments and enterprises, zones for location
and functioning of buildings and lines of railway, automobile, river, sea and air transport. Roads
determine urban ty
pe of the city, its composition and it the primary factor of urbanization. The player
moves inside the mega polis not
, but only by road lines, depending on the type of transport
it has
an access. The speed the player moves with also depends on the type of transport.


Economic and production infrastructure

the assembly of enterprises, which serve the production
and economy in whole. It will be represented in the game most selectively.


Informational infrastructure

the system of communal and individual informational channels and
structures, which provide functioning and development of information space of mega

polises and
media of informational communication. Individual communication lines: game email, personal
messenger. Communal communication lines: thematic chats.

communication lines:
me TV
channels, radio, print media.


Political infrastructure

partially electoral authorities, partially appointed power authorities. Players
can fight for the post of mayor or a member of legislative assembly. Reference terms of power
authorities will
be quite wide. Corruption will be an inherent element of political part of the game. All
this looks like real life.

Other infrastructures (for example, engineering and military) may be input into the game if necessary.




projection of real cities.

In the game
eal mega

polises are made in isometric 2D
projections on the basis of cards and satellite


Reality duplication: reality in reality, game in game.

Graphic style in the game is as real as possible. It upholds the strategy of everyday reality simulation.
Informational communications, including Internet are also simulated. In the game there w
ill be game
computers, which will have Internet connection and access to games. It is a very interesting
which ca

become a
siting card

of the game.


Streaming media

approval, personages’ interaction.

Game administrators and users will have an opportunity to create their links of streaming media:
their own TV
channels and radio waves, online reality shows, and also communicate with each
other in video mode. Personages can communicate with each other the

same way like in real life:
be E
mail, in chats, by (video) telephone and also during their meetings in the street or in the


ntegration with social
network service

Users can make

game registration via social network services acco
unts: facebook, vkontakte etc.
eferences on social network profiles according to the player’s wish may be depicted in his
biography. It is planed to integrate with social networks deeper.



The game will be available on original languages of mega

polises, included into the project. At
first it will be Russian, German, French and English. While adding new mega

polises new
languages will be added.

The game is appropriate for publishing on West
ern market.


play is designed for almost infinite development.

4. Game description

What can a person do in a game? The same things, as in real life: study, work and earn money,
read, play, ride a car, watch TV, surf the Internet, communicate, love and hate, marry and
divorce, create smb’s own business, write poems and prose, buy and sell


add consequently. Unapproachable goal you should anyway aspire is full imitation of reality.

Game process consists of

full management of your personage for its develop
ment, education,
, leisure time organization, interaction with other personages, building and arrangement
of living place etc.

Game personage has a variety of characteristics, some

of them are needed to be improved and

List of stats:


sex (masculine
feminine) you can change your sex with the help of operation in medical center.


age: at first it is chosen by a player, he is asked to put in his real age( many functions a
unavailable for under age, but they have more time for prior development), then every day
personage starts to get older in scale 1 to 1( 1 game day complies with real day), starting from 60
years game personage begins to be sick more often(you need more

money for medicine and
medical examination, if you won’t treat your personage, he will die, illness influences other
characteristics of a personage); maximum age of personage is unlimited.


complex of life characteristics: health (healthy, ill, list of i
llnesses), hunger (personage eats
automatically if he has products at home; hun
gry personage quickly sickens, i
s taken ill and in
some time dies);
some game actions influence this ind
ex, attaining
threshold level

cannot do them during this day.)


education: to get
secondary, dual or higher education

in differen
t spheres, it is necessary to enter
an appropriate educational institution, pass the course of distance learning, pass the exam test
(real game test) and get a diploma; for each profession and position it is necessary to get special
education; in some case
s if a player doesn’t want to wait or cannot pass the test, he can buy a
diploma (not all types of diplomas are available for selling); a player can have many different
diplomas, all of them are depicted in public status of a player.’


skills certificates
: there will be many of them ( minimally 2 hundreds at first) ; to get some of
them you must pass a test ( driving license), do a game action

buy a flat in exclusive part of the
city ( “wealthy owner” certificate), or just wait for some time and many oth
er things; some
certificates will be necessary to get high education diploma or to get special appointment etc.,
development and achievements are the most interesting elements in games, certificates are also
aimed to regulate connected skills, diplomas an
d professions with each other; certificate planner
will also function.


user pic
: at the beginning of the game each player is given user pic, which complies
with his sex and age,
where you can choose some elements (hair colour, hair style, clothes etc.),
some life characteristics( for example, age and illnesses)automatically change user pic; it is
necessary to make user pic maximally informative in order to see various important
aracteristics of a game personage; when you point a mouse on user pic you can see full
characteristics of game personage, including his certificates, diplomas and professions (with the
exception of ones concealed by the game personage himself).

level: spe
cial actions (for example, flat , car purchase, education, certificate getting) give you
experience, which increases the level of a player; some game functionalities are limited to low
levels in order to stimulate development (for example, access to the fu
nctionality “hacker” is
limited to personages lower than 5



system of competences, professions, appointments: in order to claim to game appointment,
personage must get an appropriate profession (diploma) and possess various competences

a number of thematic certificates); if a personage complies with all the
requirements, he can claim to the appointment and get it is there is a vacant place.

To make a variety of game capabilities class of events

text quests (in the same way as they

presented for example in the game space Rangers 1 and 2)

are input into the game
. They are
interesting and they
easily vary according to the degree of complexity. Passing of some text
quests may be necessary to get an access to some functionalities an
d certificates. The workshop
of text quests will be created for users. In the case of moderator approval some users’ text quests
will be integrated into game reality.

5. Platform, business

Platform: browser game

model: free



Contact person: Valery Vladimirovich Tsarapeko

Phone number: +7




Address: 407 a, 21 Borodina Street, Izhevsk, Russian Federation


Executive Summary

prepared by V. Tsarenko 14.08.2012

Phone: +7


757 50 19;


Parallel life

Mass multiuser online life simulator in mega


In the basis of game process is real life!

Brief review of the company

The company RIA “VVC” was created in 2004. The main strategy of RIA “VVC” at present is
the development of serviceable and convenient network alternatives for real socioeconomic
structures and devices.

Our realized projects are the following: “All discoun
ts and competitions of Izhevsk in social
networks” (,;participation

economical online
strategy “Virtual Russia” realization (
-; the magazine “
Made in
Russia”; the newspaper “
The Subarctic


Problem and decision

According to the TNS, the Internet in Russia among people under 45 exceeds all other media by
daily average coverage, including television. According to VCIOM

data for 2012, the Internet is
used by 58% of Russians, at that 38% use it every day. 70% of the most active users of
“worldwide web” (people, who use the Internet every day) are 18
24 year old people (quiz
VCIOM made in September 2011). But, at presen
t time Internet is actively being mastered by
people who are over 50.Internet users “growing
up” is denoted not only in Russia.

This audience uses the Internet not only for information, but also puts of many elements of
common off
line life into on
line s
phere. In the sphere of economics these are purchases and
payments, in social life it is communication, seeking of real h
elpmate and finding virtual one
incorporation in clubs and communities according to their interests, in political life

zation of election procedure, the ability to show you’re your political view and effectively
lobby your interests. Platforms, tha
t will suggest these abilities
to users and provide qualified
satisfaction of these demands, are devoted to popularity. Network

development and popularity
nowadays are nearly the same as real career and glory in off
line world.

The project “Parallel life” will simulate life of world largest megapolises, maximally close to
reality with convenient actual services and full
software and hardware of system
. “Parallel life”
will offer to its user the creation of virtual citizen of one of the biggest megapolises (New York,
London, Paris, Berlin, and Moscow) and take his life a
nd interaction with other citizens under full

Each mega polis will present


projection of

real cities.
Economics, social life with all its main rules will be presented the same as in real life. All
processes inside each city will be managed by the players. As in real life, the players will
communicate with each other, develop the personage, an
d widen their abilities for more
comfortable life inside the project. Politics, economics and social life will be developed at the
player’s expense, each of them will be able to achieve high positions and get the glory, the
popularity among millions of use
rs, but to get this, of course, he needs time and efforts. The main
zest of the project is that “Parallel life” doesn’t claim on leading computer technologies, the basis
of the game are human relations, which will never get old and will be timely forever.

“Parallel life” will offer its own decision in the field of the main communication services

mail, messengers and social networks.

Marketing abilities

Potential audience of the project is limited firstly by the number of active Internet use

s ad at the
same time by players of on
line game. In 2010 the audience of on
line games achieved 17, 9
millions of users, according to J’son & Partners Consulting report. In 2011 it was 25, 1 mln and
by 2015 it will be 48, 1 mln as the experts of J’son a
nd Partners predict.

According to MASMI Russia quiz,
multiplayer browser online game
s on Russian and foreign
servers are chosen by 24, 5% of the
respondents. 4, 1 % does it rarely (just a couple of times
And it is a serious problem. I
n Europe and North America more than 10% of players regularly
pay for online games. First of all, the problem is connected with

of Internet
payments in Russia and the fact that market economy is still based on cash, but every year the
situation changes for the better.

From the demographical point of view, according to the data of Playnatic

Company, Russian
online middle
aged players

from 25 to 45 compose more than 50% of the
audience. During 2009
2010 the number of users from towns and users who are older than 25 has
grown. The market now grows organically due to the appearan
ce of new online games lovers.
For example, people who got the access to high
speed Internet. Whereas earlier online games
were played mostly by people from big cities, now the audience widens due to towns. Analysts
condition the future development of onli
ne games to Russia with a number of reasons. One of the
first ones is the increase of
broadband access

ration, its level according to J
’son and Partners
data in 2009 was about 25 % and by 2
013 it may achieve 50 %.

Approximate statistical characteristics of “Parallel life” player: developed person with permanent
source of income
: at the age of 20

20% of users, over 25

65% of u
sers. Sex

doesn’t influence on interest to the game. Most of them have families and work as middle

managers. They spend at average 6
10 hours a day, including working hours, in th
e Internet. So,
project users are people of middle age, financially reliable, who live in Russian cities. These
persons are targeted audience of the project.

“Parallel life” in the case

it gets all necessary investments plans to occupy 3, 5 % of online g
in Russia by 2014. It is about 300

000 of players. About 4 % of the players will regularly pay for
the game. If the amount of
average purchase size

will be about 200 rubles a month for one
about 32 mln rubles a year will be put into the game through
icro transactions.

The example o

average purchase size of a player at the first month of the game:


Choosing of prem
ium user pic or creation of your
own user pic

30 rubles. (There will be
d constructor of player’s user pics, but if a person doesn’t want to look like the other
players, he can use paid premium constructor with wi
dened abilities or make his user pic


Payment for widened biography: 30 rub. (Each player can fill in the biography of his personage,
in free version of biography html is switched off and they don’t have a possibility to put the
pictures in it, af
ter the payment he doesn’t have these limitations).


Choosing of living place in prestigious part of mega polis: 70 rub. (You can choose free living
place only in bedroom district. If you want to live in
, you should pay. In the most
prestigious parts with limited quantity of living places, for example, near
remlin, there

will be
monthly rent payment

20 rub.)



of virtual flat: 40 rub. (Choosing ay of various variants of virtual living
place design instead of standard predesignated one).


Private unmodelled chat access: 30 rub. (There will be a number of thematic modeled chats.
Access to private unmodel
led chat where you will be able, for example, to look for partners for
virtual sex
is paid. The payment is monthly).


Total sum is 200 rubles.

As you see micro transactions are needed not only in order to differ from other players, but to
emphasize you pos
ition and also to get access to the most interesting content, which is
inaccessible for players, who don’t want to pay. Besides examples described above we can also
name paid career growth, paid game apps (for example, poker which costs 1 rub. for a set),
purchases (for example, to buy a volume of
Kama sutra

or Pushkin, which you can really buy),
paid juke
box in cafes (1 ruble for a composition) etc.

Brief review of the technology

el life” is a
multiplayer browser online game
. It will be written on

of Ja

by programmers of RIA “VVC”. Part of functionality will be done on the
Adobe Flash.


of the app include
s the following components:


J2SE platform


Spring Framework for system


way of transactions management


Struts and Ruby on Rails

the most common and serviceable Frameworks;


Hibernate for automatic
object and
relational database system




edia server Red 5

PostrgreSQL was used as a database system for game app because it is the most powerful system
among the most freely distributed database systems.

The game will be integrated with a gr
eat number of payment systems for interaction by
The procedures of money input on the personal account and also money withdrawal are

The consumer (registered user) at the out
put gets cross
platform browser game, which is used in
common browser interface and doesn’t need any installation of special apps (exception

Flash Player). Interface is made as usual HTML
pages with text, pictures and interactive objects.

(timers, chat) is supplied with the help of JavaScript. Some game components use
ash technology, which makes them
more attractive.

Business model

model “Life”

play is

the model with free game process and micro transactions,
which gives the opportunity to get various game advantages and get the access to premium
content and premium functionality for extra payment. Micro transactions give the opportunity to
develop the g
ame and uphold servers due to active wealthy users, giving to less sustainable ones
the opportunity to play for free. F2P is a trend which is evident and is spreading nowadays all
the world very quickly

The game is moneyed by selling game content in
game shops, selling additional services (virtual
premises and different movables purchase, paid votes on elections, position and indexes rise,
stamp duties for virtual issue of marriage, educational courses, and presents). For game paid and
free content ad
ditional model of monetization product placement is used (for example, game
computers of definite producer).

The main indexes of
capital consumption



the number of registered users

active accounts


the percent of players, regularly putting money into the game (index from 2,5 to 4% is normal
for Russia)


verage month receipt o

active regularly paying player (the effectiveness of the index
depends on the number of players. With total number of players is 100 thousands and more
the effective index starts from 100 rubles for average month receipt).

department of the project use
s the following ways of communication with potential players:
information on special forums and sites,
banner advertising
, direct mails, competitions, talk
PR. We will also need to use t
he media of virus marketing: virus video and photos,
advergames, seeding trials.


To create sole program playground of the project we need investments of 4 mln rub. The whole
work will take 9 months, after this the project will work with 5 capitals,
each of them will have
everything for comfortable and interesting life of the players: flats with different design, cars,
clothes, personal profiles, the most important places, big shop

with presents, different Ministries
and departments, where each perso
n can try to realize himself as a worker, and even get the
salary, will also work there.

The most expensive of goods and services offered will be city rent for a year. The person, who
rents the city, will automatically ge
t 30 % of all city income. Rent
al c
ost depends on the size of
the city and is about 3 mln rubles a year. After this payment
the most expensive are flats which
t 20, 40, 100 $, cars, present
s, clothes, position changes,
stamp duties for marriage
registration, adoption etc.

During the firs
t year planned income will compose about 32 mln rubles. This sum is calculated on
the basis of independent marketing researches inclusive of addition of 5 world capitals to the

Costly part:


Project creation work: 4 mln rub.(9 months)



2 mln rub. (1 year)


Salary and
personnel maintenance

1 mln rub. (1 year).


Equipment, license programs purchase, getting necessary documents (project
juridical base
) 1, 5
mln rub. (3 years).


Servers rent 50

000 rub. (1 year).

Total costs: 9 mln rub. Average time of project pay back is 36 months.

Our team

Project manager

Tsarapenko Valery Vladimirovich (RIA “VVC”).

Nikitin Evgeniy Dmitrievich



casino ( “one
armed bandit”)


Online economic strategy “Virtual Russia” (site v
- He took part in the development
of functionality part from August 2009 to June 2010.


Erotic video
chat. 90 % of it is realized. P
roject financial support stopped.


Taxi company. Client
server app for taxi company management. This project was crated by him
from the very beginning without any other developers. Win form (server part is windows service

operator’s working place), SQL Ser
ver 2008, Compact Framework 3.5 (driver’s client part

pocket PC managed by Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher).

Content maker: Belousov Vadim Vladimirovich





Private investors: Baikov Vyacheslav Rodionovich, Varlamov Ilya Alexandrovich



Contact person: Valery Vladimirovich Tsarapeko

Phone number: +7




Address: 407

a, 21 Borodina Street, Izhevsk, Russian Federation


Parallel life

site concept

1. Introduction

The game basis is the idea of maximally full real life simulation, its peculiar duplication. Promo
site should visually demonstrate this idea.


Promo site content

The main content is doubled video stream from New York streets, interesting record + approxim
ate game
play video.


will record
a couple of dozens of arranged in New York web
cams direct translations. We will make
dynamic cuts 15
20 minutes long. Video will be edited in order to look like future game graphic style.
Then we will draw future interf
ace windows. We’ll add comment subtitles. This way we’ll get two
versions of one
video sequence
: original one from web
cams and edited according to our graphic style
and approximate future game management interface version.

We put original video sequence at left:

And at right we put edited video of approximate game play (in the following picture t
here is just a
collage, which doesn’t have any attitude to promo
site picture)

The video should start upon automatically with promo page going. Both video sequences should start
simultaneously and in parallel. If the user presses pause both video sequences should stop.

Extra content:


“About Parallel Life” page (about the project

rief information, about 20 thousand symbols).


Contacts of parallel reality” (project contacts)


Page about each mega polis, presented in the project: New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow
(brief statistical information, photos, references on online web
ams, the built
in widgets with
satellite maps of the cities from Google maps).

All texts and text elements of interface should be presented in 4 languages: Russian, English, German,
and French. So there should be 4 interface buttons to switch the languages

depending on the chosen
language subtitles language to the video also changes).