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Feb 2, 2013 (6 years and 1 month ago)


Ended Response:

REEL Close

To respond to an open
ended, or written response prompt based from your reading, use the
acronym, REEL Close to produce a strong answer.

estate question (presenting the title, author);

xplain by providing examples from
the text

(at least 2

laborate on those text examples

(how do these examples support

your thinking?)

ink examples from the text

th another thought (basically
applying another

reading strategy

or skill

losing sentence & thought.



Identify the main character in your text; what are character traits (at least two) that describe him/her,
based off of actions he/she does, what they say, how they behave, or what they think/believe. Provide examples (with
page numbers & chapters
referenced) from the text
, and explain why these examples support your thinking.

Example of a
REEL Close Response:

In the short story, “Ruby the Copycat”, the main character, Ruby was a new student at school. Based off of
Ruby’s actions
and what she said

in the text, I would consider her character traits as being self
conscious, shy and
friendly. I believe that Ruby is self
conscious because Ruby was the new girl in class, and might have felt insecure
because she didn’t know anyone. I think Ruby is also s
hy because that is the way some people feel when they are in new
situations, or are trying to make new friends. When Ruby was assigned her new seat next to Angela, she smiled at
ngela and right away admired the


in her hair
. Ruby can also be considered

friendly. I don’t believe Ruby was
intentionally copying Angela to upset Angela, but to compliment her on what she admires about her. For example, on
page two after Ruby presents a poem that sounds similar to Angela’s, Angela wrote Ruby a note that was hu
rtful. At this
part, Ruby cries, and I feel if she cried, then she thought she was doing something that wasn’t hurtful, or that she was
simply trying to be like a girl in school that she wanted to be friends with.

When reading this text, I was able to mak
e a text
self connection. I remember times when I would be new to
a dance or gymnastic class, or it was the beginning of middle school and I met new kids from the other elementary
s; at these times,

I was trying to “fit in”
with those who I hoped
to be


. I think it is important to have
common interests, but it’s even more important to be yourself. The m
essage of this story would be, “D
on’t be ashamed
of who you are
”, or, “Don’t
be shy when it comes to sharing what you’re talented in

. A
lso, I feel that readers will learn
from this text that being confident in yourself is beneficial for your overall well
being, as well as when it comes to
making friends.