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New Agent Training

No Upgrade

For those with the registration link only

If you have not made the decision to upgrade your commission level

you will use
this document to assist you through the process of starting &

completing your
referral sales. Read through the document and remember to obtain your referral
link from the Members Home page from the Free Treasure Chest site you
registered on.

Empowerment Team Marketing Materials

to New Agents


As you know you are about to embark on a new opportunity that will deliver great reward

allow you to earn a full or part time income from the comfort of your home.

What I am enclosing are my notes to help move you along
on this journey. By now, you have
already received the Training Information so you should have a good grasp on what we are
looking for when you post your ads, receive calls and begin speaking to new prospects that will
turn into sales.

Please keep in mind
that, while this is not a hard sale, not everyone will come on board and
that’s ok. The one thing you want to remember in sales is: “for every no…that gets you that
much closer to your
”! $

per closed deal is your reward for closing. With
that said, remember to make a daily goal. If you desire $400 a day then you will need to close

number of
deals a day.

Use my notes, make your own but always remember to stay focused towards your goal! The
beauty of it all….is you get to do it from th
e comfort of your home! If you bring a positive
attitude with you daily…you will receive positive results.

P.S. On the 2

& 3


you send out to people, be sure to change the links to your links
from the Treasure sites
(and other sites if you participate)
so your commissions are tracked
rly. Save this document and the other training documents
into a folder on your desktop
so they are easily accessible to you. This is honestly a copy & paste procedure and in the 2


emails you will have attachments.

It’s that simple. Don’t make it harder than it is. Focus on your goal. Make some money and
have a great time doing it!

As your mentoring coach, reach out to me by telephone or via
email if you have any questions.
It’s my job & goal to see you successful.

Good luck and many blessings to you! I’ll see you at the Next Level!!


New Agent Quick Start Notes

$18K in 90 Days Package

Complete list of guaranteed money makers

Welcome emails with extended supporting emails

The emails below are all designed so that you can copy & paste your way through the
process so you can start making money ASAP. The best way to begin is to download
this document (and the other training
documents) into a folder on your computer
desktop. The documents are either in PDF or Microsoft Word format.

Then you want to
each email so you know exactly what you are sending
to potential prospects.

You then want to plug your referral links into t
he documents where they belong
so that when someone completes offers or signs up for the upgraded
commission levels, you are credited (and paid) for that.
Anything highlighted in
green is where you need to plug your links into.

If you did NOT sign
up for
everything, just remove it from the list for now until you do.

Where you add your links:

Email #2:

You have to add your registration link here
Pearl, Garnet,
Onyx or Amber)

Email #3:

You have to add your commission upgrade link here
Jasper, Silver, Ruby,
Diamond, Jade &

Things to Do:

Create a professional voicemail on the number you will use for advertising

Organize yourself so you can flow through this process seamlessly

Remember you can send these emails out to prospects & walk them thru the process by simply
reading the email that you just sent out to them.
**Always be friendly & professional**


tes about his email
Whenever you take calls, you send this email to introduce the
opportunity to the prospect. Tell them to read the email, watch the video and get
back to you ASAP! When the call you back, schedule an appointment to help them get
set up
and get registered a.k.a. “Schedule Orientation”.

Email # 1

Subject: Taking Inbound Calls From Home

Introduction To Our Company

Hello! Thanks for contacting us and taking the first step towards the BEST legitimate work at home
opportunity you will ev
er find. If you follow these steps, you can make more than an average full time
income in just a few hours a day. I personally do this as my only job and I was able to quit my old job after
doing this for two weeks because it


works. I've been doing this for over 8 months now, and I can
help make it work for you as well.

Just follow my lead

Advantages To Working With Us:

1. Working at home.

2. No boss or supervisor watching over you.

3. Setting your own hours.

4. Unlimited
income potential if you are motivated.

5. Easy to get started up and making money.

6. Bonuses/Incentives offered by our company.

7. Free personal coach/trainer to get you up and running in a day and making money the next day.

8. Monthly live training calls

with all agents.

8. Proven framework that you can follow to maximize results in a short amount of time.

9. 100%


FOREVER. No risk at trying this because we are NEVER going to ask you for a single

First, what I need you to do is go
here and watch a quick 10 minute video presentation. That should
answer most of your questions but of course I am always here to help you as well...


Click this lin
10 Minute Video Introduction to Company

Make sure you watch that first! That will give you a good idea of what this opportunity is all about and why
it is so successful! After you watch the video, make sure to schedule your appointment for

During orientation, you will get the rest of your questions answered.

FYI, this is a very
serious opportunity and we value time.

It takes WORK on our part to get someone set up properly and
earning money within 24 hours of registration.

With that s
aid, "no shows" will not be tolerated, and will
forfeit their chance to work with us.

This is unlike anything else you've seen before. Your search for legitimate home based work ends here.

You may call, email or text me if you need me anytime.

I've got
your back

Click here for the video:
10 Minute Video Introduction to Company

Talk soon

Your mentor,




Notes about his email
This is the orientation email. Send this email to them at the
time when they are ready to sign up. This will walk them thru the registration process.
You can use this email to walk them through the process step by step too.

Email # 2

Subject: Welcome Instructions

TC Network

Hello again! I’m so glad you decided to go forward with this opportunity!

Before we move any further, I want you to take a lo
ok at this, click the words to the right
Proof of

You’ve seen the weekly income and watched the videos and learned a little background on Free Treasure
Chest and what we’re all about.

If you haven't here is the

video to refresh your memory

10 Minute Video Introduction to Company

Now you’re ready to take the next step!

You’re ready to make some serious

CASH, so now you need to register with Free Treasure Chest and go
through the same process we all go through (mys
elf included) to become agents. The whole process
should only take about 45
60 minutes tops.

Here is what you do in a step by step process. This might look like a

LOT, but it’s really not. This is just a
complete walk through broken down click by click of
exactly what to do to get you up and running ASAP!

Go to this link



2. Scroll to the bottom

Enter your email address

Click Sign Up


Free Treasure Chest is the network that we work

this is who will be paying you every day.

3. Now fill out all the information to become registered on this site. This will be E
Mail, Password, Name,
Address, Birthday, PayPal E
Mail (if you have o

If not leave blank), and how did you hear about us
). Then enter the CAPTCHA code.

4. Before you click the I AGREE TO THE TERMS OF SERVICE, make sure you are around a phone and
you are NOT using it. They are going to call you
with an automated message giving you a five digit code
to enter on the next page.

5. Enter the


code you just received via a phone call from Free Treasure Chest.

6. Once you are done there, the next page should say "your credited offers"

and you want
to scroll down
and you will see the different advertisers we work with. Ex: Privacy

Guard, Discover Card, Direct TV etc.


You are going to complete one

(OR 2)

free trial offer
. There are many there, but like we said before

you may do the FREE one.

Many of the offers say you must use a "credit card" but don't worry about that.

Use what you have
available. Many people use bank cards, prepaid cards, etc.




should be on the first page. This is the one I recommend and it is what I used a
nd most
people used. After completing this offer, you will be credited in usually 2
3 hours.

10. Click on that and it will give you some information about the offer, then continue to the


by clicking "Do This Offer".

NOTE: If you have done




the last 6 months, Equifax would be my next

11. Sign up for the trial version by entering all your information.

12. This is usually pretty quick and you can be done in 10 minutes.

13. Once

done completing the offer
, leave the window open for 30 minutes.

This will



to tell the network that you completed the offer.

14. Please email or fax a copy or scan of your driver

s license and internet bill or other bill with your name
and address on it to:



Fax Toll Free:

You can block out your DL#, SS# and account numbers, as we are only looking for your name and
address. Both your Drivers License and Internet bill or other bill with your name and add
ress on it MUST
be sent to get your account verified. All information received will be used strictly for account verification
and fraud prevention.


15. Cal
l, email, or text me saying that your ready for the next step.

Talk soon.

Your mentor,




about his email
Only send this email

once they have completed the $20 site aka
registration. Once you send this email to them, they must have already completed
sending in there identification as well. This email will walk them through completing
the $40 site, MyPCBackup, JSS Trippler, and Z
eek Rewards.

Email # 3
SUBJECT: NEW Agent Training Center

You have met your requirements, Congrats!

If any of the advertisers give you a call, they are doing this to verify that you are a real customer. Just
answer the phone and say "Yes, I'm interested

in the product, if I need any help, I will give you a call" and
hang up the phone.

Or you may send them to voice

You will not get a call from every single one of them, but a few may call. Lastly, make sure to keep your

completed offers active for
at least 70% of their trial period or the advertiser will revoke the credit. So for

30 days trials keep them for 20 days, and 7 day trials keep them for 5 days etc. And of course, if you love

of the products keep them :

Now on to the money...

r goal is to get you up and running within the next 24 hours.

Your script AND training video notes are attached to this email

Print them both and make sure you get them down.

Next, go to the agent training center to get everything set up.

Click the l
ink below.

1. Agent Training Center

When you click on the link above and land on the training

make sure to read everything and watch
every v

We have an awesome opportunity that will put immediate and consistent cash in your pocket ASAP

Good to have you on the team.

That is basically it! If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call for some help!

Talk soon

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// END EMAIL #3 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////

otes about his email
Once you see that a prospect has started the $60
site but has not completed any offers, send t
his email to them! In other
words, send this email to everyone that signs up to the $60 site no matter
what. This email will encourage them to complete the entire upgrade.



Hey :

I see that you are taking advantage of the program and have started the $60 site.

Remember that this is only a ONE TIME thing and over 80% of the callers complete this site.

Here are a few pointers to follow. These will make sure you get all your credit
s and FAST


Make sure to keep all your windows open for 30 minutes.


As soon as you complete an offer, you will get a confirmation email from that particular company.

You want to send each and every confirmation email to support ASAP so that they ca
n get it all
accounted for.


If you are on the cusp to getting 1.00 credits, just go ahead and do an extra one, to make sure that

certainly get it because you don't want to leave any money on the table.

Trust me, its worth it.

With that said, I am

proud of you for taking this leap of faith with us.

I am sure that you will have success, and if you ever have any questions, always reach out

to me.

Talk soon,


/////////////////////////////////////// END EXTENDED EMAIL #1 ///////////

otes about his email
Send this email when a prospect has started the $60 site but
has not completed it yet. For example: prospect is at .65 credits. Send this email to
them. It will encourage them to complete the whole site. Thi
s email will drive you
conversions through the roof.


Subject: Important Email From YOUR NAME

Hey :

Just checking in on you, and I see that your $60 site is almost completed.

Don't give up now. You've come too far.

Your almost

There are plenty of jobs out there, that will write you a check, but not all of them give you TRUE


Work from home


Write your own schedule


Write your own check


Get paid daily


Work from Anywhere


the boss now, and you control your TIME now.

Spend time with your family, and don't miss a
beat that you would miss if you were at a desk.

Make consistent money to take care of your bills and have "play money" left over to eat out, enjoy
concerts, go d
ancing, and


So don't drop the ball this time, you can do it.

Don't let completing a few offers ONE TIME hold you back
from that.

You deserve it the best.

Before I let you go, I have a new member just like you, who took action and mad
e some "so so" money
his first 3 days.

Click this link

If he can do that, I can only imagine what you can do

'm committed to your success,


///////////////////////////////////// END EXTENDED EMAIL #2 //////////////////////////////////

otes about his email
If a prospect registers for the $
0 site but DOES NOT complete
it, send this email ASAP! It wi
ll motivate them to complete it.


Subject: YOUR NAME

Are you leaving $1000 on the table?

Hey :

I see that you didn't finish up registration yet.

What happen?

Is there anything I can do to assist you?

Do you think this is some
sort of hoax?

Well its not.

I've been doing this for over 8 months, and it has been paying my house, car, and family
expenses like clockwork.

ll be the first to say "Don't let limiting beliefs" hold you back from THOUSANDS every week.

Give it a
try and see how it can bless your family too.

Furthermore, let me know how I can help you.

That is what I'm here for!

Talk soon,


/////////////////////////////////// END EXTENDED EMAIL #3 /////////////////////////////////////


Subject: Read this quick...Its about your credit with TC Network


It appears your credits haven’t all posted. Please log into the site(s) you have registered with and go to
the “support” tab (at top of the page) and file a Missi
ng Credit Request (MCR) for the offer(s) that have
not credited to your profile.

For additional details on what is required in the submission go to:

Also email as a backup send a
n email to the Support Team with the confirmation email you received for
the missing offer(s) only to:

Inform them that you submitted the request online so they are not doing double work.

Thank you!

////////////////////////////// END EXTENDED EMAIL #4 ///////////////////////////////


Ad to post

(this is just a sample. Be creative and make your own. Learn online how to create
image ads to post and image ads that are clickable.

is a great resource for this information)

Looking for sales professionals

Taking Inbound Calls from home

No door

to door and not hard/high pressure selling

Get trained today/Start today!


Daily pay with Direct deposit


Remember you can use: Twitter and Facebook as well to obtain new


Sample Pic Ad

to learn how to create and make clickable see
youtube videos below

Youtube videos to learn how to create clickable ads on craigslist


Need to Buy
Affordable Leads

Learn about a Leads Resource:

If you wish to proceed with an order:


to have the prospect call you after each link is complete
to ensure they are moving forward with the process. You want to
remain in control of this process so that you are making money and
helping someone else do
the same along the way!**

To avoid delays and holds on your account, please do not use PO Boxes and you must use your physical
address. Be sure to make a notation on when to cancel these accounts also. You don’t want to cancel
too soon or the funds will be revoked and you will los
e your eligibility to earn money. You will receive
additional information that explains that once you get past this registration stage.


When your new signups complete the Pearl & Silver registrations for you to earn your

commissions…you will need to go into these sites at the top of the page and hit the “ORDER” button
to get your commissions released to either your PayPal or Alert pay accounts. If you do not have these
accounts setup, your checks will be mailed via

money order every Tuesday.


If you have
gmail account you can use google voice for FREE (incoming and outgoing calls)

Go to:

and sign up for a free account.

It’s an aw
esome service

and they offer a video tutorial to help get you setup!

If you want the unlimited calling toll free# email

for more info. Only


In conclusion be sure to go to training site and click support and sign up for the Agent Newsletter. This
is so when trainings are available, you can rece
ive emails. You want to plug in so you always know

new in the company and on the Freedom Team!


Good luck & Many blessings!