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http://www.gracebayresidence.com | Our goal in creating The Grace Bay Residence is to help women early in sobriety, or those still in the struggle to attain sobriety, to begin establishing a new sense of how to live and build ever-growing internal value in their lives.

Our goal in creating The Grace Bay Residence is to help
women early in sobriety, or those still in the struggle to
attain sobriety, to begin establishing a new sense of how to
live and build ever
growing internal
value in their lives.

We believe the recovery process is unique when comparing
the needs of women vs. men, and as such, have dedicated
ourselves in a way that provides our residents with an
integrative, holistic, real
life experience that serves to

recovery in countless ways. Whether you have the luxury of being among the
magnificence of Tampa and St. Petersburg, FL or anywhere else for that matter, there is
no question that this sort of multi
faceted approach to sober living is a highly effective

As owners and managers of this one
kind sober living residence, we have
experienced the lows of addiction and the highs of recovery. We have experienced the
pitfalls common to those whom are new to sobriety and we largely focus on addressing

issues early in the process in order to help build good habits and a strong

The Grace Bay Residence is about working individually with each of our female clients
while simultaneously encouraging group support and fellowship that more often tha
not, results in lifelong sober friendships.

We chose the St. Petersburg region primarily because this particular area is in need of a
female recovery residence for those seeking “something more.”

Maybe you’re a women just completing a 30 or 60 day reside
ntial treatment program
and in need of integrative, higher
end transitional housing living which offers many of
life’s added elements. Maybe you’re just coming off a relapse and would prefer a more
life” approach that can also serve to be an affordab
le alternative to a very high
priced inpatient drug rehab option. Or maybe you’re a mother with a young child and
don’t have the ability to leave your child for the purpose of treatment. Either way, The
Grace Bay Residence offers something that is truly q
uite special!


Grace Bay Residence offers various cost options in order to get
the most for your sober
living and/or addiction treatment recovery needs

Grace Bay Residence strives to offer a higher level of sober living
and addiction recovery services while charging the lowest
possible rates. As being among Southern Florida’s most
regarded and higher
end recovery residences, our service array
and respective pricing structure is such, that we are typically
geared for those seeking the finest in sober housing and
accompanied addiction treatment services.

While Grace Bay is only a
vailable to women in the Tampa Bay &
St. Petersburg regions, there are many variations in needs among the females we help.
We essentially offer two different avenues of recovery:


Luxuriously Appointed & Integrative/Structured Sober Living Housing

gned for
women who already have some stability in their new found sobriety and do not require
added clinical treatment services such as therapy, outpatient treatment, sober coaching,
life coaching, psych services or medication management, etc


An Afforda
ble Alternative to High
Priced Residential/Inpatient Drug Rehab

Designed for women in need of any customized variation of added addiction treatment
services in conjunction with our exclusive sober living residence that can essentially
equate to residenti
al treatment, but at a far lower cost


Finding the perfect balance between structure,
comforts, freedom, guidance, elegance,
enjoyment and recovery elements…

The recovery process and sobriety is about many things, one
of which is “balance.”

While many upscale sober living homes tend to go to
extremes with respect to comforts and amenitie
s, it is often
common to see them miss the mark in terms of integrating
those elements within a core recovery structure.

Again, it’s about balance and helping the individual find a path to sobriety that
encourages inner growth. It’s about making a shift in

how one chooses to live based that
which they hold near and dear.

To accomplish this, we will offer a full spectrum of real
life components as they apply to
building a meaningful sober foundation…a foundation capable of withstanding life’s day
day hurd

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