Biotechnology: Medical and


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Biotechnology: Medical and
Healthcare Uses

An Introduction to Bio
Technologies, Their Uses, and

Look at the pictures below and discuss how
medicine and healthcare have been improved by
inventions and innovations.

What are the medical technologies that were used to get
these images? List them and any other diagnostic medical
technologies you know.

Look at the pictures below and discuss how
medical and healthcare equipment have been
improved by inventions and innovations.

What are some of the differences you can see between the
examination room furniture examples? List them.

Evaluate how healthcare, medicine, and
biotech influence and are influenced by
computer technologies, ethics, economics,
politics, and cultures.

Describe genetic engineering, including its role in
modifying the structure of DNA to produce new
biotech products. Foods that are created this way are
often called “Frankenfoods.” Why do you think they
ar nicknamed that way? What does this nickname

Inventions and Innovations
Agriculture and Biotechnology


Research, develop, and build a
model/miniature of a medical related
tool, machine, or process.

Create a 2’ x 3’ x 3’ display with a
title, information about your topic,
and the model.

Avoid plagiarism.

State your sources.

See TSA Inventions and Innovations

Design Projects for Biotechnology

Ergonomics refers to the field of studying human
capabilities in designing machines, furniture,
health, and safety features.

Projects can include:

Designing an improved or specialty computer desk, hearing
aid, wheelchair, glasses, seatbelt, classroom chair, etc.

Creating tools or machines that are better adapted so people
can use them without pain or strain.

Create a model vehicle with safety devices that will protect
an egg passenger in the event of a collision.


Biometrics refers to the collection and use of information
about an individual's distinctive biological features for
identification purposes. In biometric systems a scanner or
digital camera is used to capture images and details such
as a fingerprint, an iris scan, or a series of measurements
of the human face. This information is stored in a

computer and later compared to new data. The collection
of biometric data may be voluntary, as in the case of a
business timekeeping system that uses fingerprints in
place of punch cards, or involuntary, as in the case of a
camera system installed at an airport.

(Reference Grolier Encyclopedia at

Biometrics Projects

Students may brainstorm for biometric
devices that are used in business,
government, police work, etc.

Students may brainstorm for possible
future biometric devices that may be
developed and used in business,
government, police work, etc.

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