International Student Exchanges


Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 10 months ago)


International Student Exchanges

Annette Strauss

Head of International Mobility & European Affairs

International Relations Office

Student Exchanges


6775 miles

12 hours


10538 miles to

22 hours


3864 miles to Raleigh,
North Carolina

3948 miles to Cincinnati,

4734 miles to Denton,

When you go abroad..

You will usually do this in the second year
of your course

You can go for one semester or one year

You are still registered as a Surrey

You continue to pay fees at Surrey

You pay no fees to the partner institution

Academic requirements

There usually needs to be a good course
match (never completely perfect)

You must check with your personal tutor
and second year course director

It must prepare you for level 3

Care about professional requirements

You will need to be able to transfer your
credit at the end

Personal Requirements

High academic calibre

No likelihood of level 1 resits

You could be overseas from July onwards

You must have written consent from your

Adaptable (academically and socially)

Committed (no last minute change of mind)

Where can I go?

Where can I go?

wide Partners

University of North Texas, USA

University of Cincinnati, USA

North Carolina State University, USA

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan (postgraduates only)

Where can I go?

based Agreements


University of Maryland, USA

Language and Translation Studies

Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russia

Management and Law

La Trobe University, Australia

Where can I go?

based Agreements

School of Management

University of Central Florida, USA

Brock University, Canada

Ryerson University, Canada

Singapore Management University, Singapore

University of Hong Kong, China

City University Hong Kong, China

Mahidol University International College, Thailand

La Trobe University, Australia

United States of America

of North





Nanyang Technological University


Swinburne University of

La Trobe University

Why should I go?

Experiencing a different culture will broaden your horizons

Increase your cultural awareness

Develop a much more international outlook

Help you to become more flexible and adaptable in your work
and study

Chance to develop lasting international friendships and
business links

Generally, mobile students are seen by employers as more ‘rounded’
individuals because they have experienced different study and work
environments and they have developed their social skills. Academically,
your period of study abroad will contribute credits towards your degree
and broaden your academic experience in your chosen subject.

How much will it cost?


contact your LEA to find out if you are eligible for any extra
funding and to notify them that you are planning to study abroad


you pay reduced fees at Surrey if you go for a full year.
No fees are payable at the overseas partner institution


usually on campus and cheaper than the UK.
Often a shared room. Possibly with meal plans

Travel costs and insurance

Visa fees

Study books, spending money, etc

How do I apply?

1. Inform your
Personal Tutor

that you are
interested. Find out whether your department
will support your application.

2. Check the course descriptions published
online by the partner university and check they
are acceptable with your
Course Director

3. Come and talk to the
International Relations


please make an
appointment via email before you come


How do I apply?

4. Complete the University of Surrey application form

5. Complete the partner university application forms

Ask your Personal Tutor to write a confidential letter of

Write a short personal statement

Provide evidence of financial support sufficient to meet

Include a passport sized photo with your application

Deadline for applications is the 28 February 2008. We aim to have a
firm list of acceptable candidates for each University by the end of
April 2008.

Life in the USA

Usually superb sports and recreation facilities

No significant language problems

You will need a credit card

Alcohol is illegal if you are under 21

Car hire can be difficult if you are under 21

Different academic system:

very directed, little reading around subject

attendance required

tests / multiple choice exams every week

short answers

consistent amount of work

less emphasis on final exam

higher pass mark

University of Cincinnati

Located in Cincinatti, Ohio

Exchange partner since 1998

About 37,000 students

In the top 25 public research universities in
the USA

Courses include aerospace engineering, civil
engineering, materials engineering,
mechanical engineering, law, English,
business, media.

University of North Texas

Located in Denton, Texas, 35 miles north of

Exchange partner since 1986

About 35,000 students

Courses include biochemistry, chemistry,
economics, English, mathematics, politics, film,
business, electrical engineering, materials
engineering, mechanical engineering.

North Carolina State University

Part of Surrey’s Global Partnership Network

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina

Exchange partner since 2008

About 31,000 students

Ranked 219 in the world

Located in Raleigh, capital city of North

Courses include politics, business,
biosciences, chemistry, physics, economics,
English, mathematics, mechanical and
aerospace engineering.

University of Maryland

Located in College Park, Maryland, just
outside of Washington DC

Sociology exchange partner since 1990

About 37,000 students

Ranked 122 in the world

Exchange with Maryland is only available to
Sociology students

Nanyang Technological University

Located in the south west of Singapore

Exchange partner since 1998

About 29,000 students

All teaching is in English

Courses include business, aerospace
engineering, chemical engineering, computer
science, mechanical engineering, materials
engineering, economics, physics.

Swinburne University of Technology

Located in Melbourne

Exchange partner since 2002

About 26,000 students

Courses include film, politics, business, civil
engineering, biomedical engineering,
mechanical engineering, computing, chemistry,

Student Exchanges

What should I do next?

Talk with family over the break

Decide where you want to go (three choices maximum)

Speak to your Personal Tutor and Course Director

Complete the application form

Further contact next year

International Relations Office

Annette Strauss

Sandra Hedley