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Nov 18, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)



By: Tim Beauvais

What is Aerospace?

Aerospace is the industry that researches,
designs, manufactures, operates, and
maintains vehicles moving through air and

1970: First NASA flight

1971: First soft landing on mars

1980: Voyager 1 flies past Saturn

1985: First Flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis

1986: Challenger accident kills 7 astronauts

1990: Hubble Space telescope deployed

1999: Mars polar lander is launched

2000: International Space Station Launched

2004: NASA Spirit Rover lands on Mars

Aerospace History

NASA: An American Government agency that runs the

arm of the
space program.


Inc.: A database satellite network, made several satellites in

U.S. Military: The security and protection of NASA

Boeing: Builds the actual space shuttles that NASA uses.

Kodak: Helped design telescopes such as the Hubble telescope.

Aerospace Companies

Every since the first space flight in 1970, Aerospace technology
has improved dramatically. It went from people flying on the
moon, then to mars, and other places. Also satellite technology
has helped the country grow. When NASA developed rovers
that went to mars that was a major advance in technology.
Rovers could go to different planets instead of humans.

Aerospace Technology Throughout Time

NASA’s biggest competition is the Russia Space
Program. Russia does everything that NASA does,
but it is kind of a competition to see who can be the
first to do what. An example of this is the race to

NASA’s Competition