Quick Accessibility Checklist

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Nov 15, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


Quick Accessibility Checklist

Often we hear people asking how
they can

check for a website for accessibility and what needs
to be checked. Here is a quick checklist and hope this would be handy to someone!

I sincerely
appreciate our friends on @Twitter like @WebAxe who have been helpful by providing

Is the link “Skip to main content” exist? Although, there are several other ways to
achieve quick navigation by providing heading mark
up, aria land
marks, it’s still easier
to hit on one link to reach the main content.

Does the website

any accessibility options, such as “Color options” “Font re
option” etc? This would be good, if your target audience have learning difficulties or
new to i
nternet users, else, a help page with an article how one could use the existing
accessibility options within the browsers would be helpful.


all the informative images have appropriate alternate text?

Does decorative images has given empty alt text i.e.

Does the web page

appropriate heading structure?

Does the website

a site map?

Is acronyms provided with appropriate information?


all the form fields have associated labels?

Does the website uses Frames, if so, appropriate titles provid
ed to frames?

Is all the functionality of the web page available via keyboard?

Does all the links have descriptive screen text?

If an audio content is present, is there a synchronized captions or a text transcript

If CAPTCHA is present, is it ac
cessible to screen reader users and to Braille Display users?
if not, is there an alternative method provided such as Audio CAPTCHA or logical
questions based

Is semantic mark
up is used to designate headings and lists

Are Table columns and rows ha
ve associated headers using “th” tags?

Do tables

have descriptive table summary and caption?

Is structure of the web page is logical and meaningful?

Color alone is not used to convey the information

Is foreground and background color has enough contrast?

s there a pause / stop functionality for moving, blinking or scrolling content?

The content and functionality should not have time limits, if necessary, user should be
allowed to extend the time as per their choice. If the authentication expires, user shou
be able to re
authenticate and continue the activity without losing any data

Page has appropriate and descriptive page title

The language of the web page is identified using the HTML tag “lang” attribute