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Dec 10, 2013 (4 years and 7 months ago)


eyeSight’s Gesture Recognition Technology to be Embedded in
Pantech’s Android Smartphones

New Pantech mobile phones integrated with eyeSight’s technology will be
operated by simple hand gestures enabling touch
free control of applications,
games and con

Herzliya, Israel and Seoul, Korea, November 1, 2011

eyeSight Mobile
Technologies, a developer of touch
free interfaces for digital devices, and
Pantech Co. Ltd., one of Korea’s largest mobile phone manufacturers, have
announced the launch of Andro
based mobile phones integrated with Hand
Gesture Recognition Technology developed by eyeSight.

Pantech’s new Vega LTE smartphones will be equipped with eyeSight’s
innovative technology. These groundbreaking devices are expected to reac
the market late
r this month.

“Pantech users will enjoy a completely new user experience, controlling their
device with natural and intuitive hand gestures,” said Gideon Shmuel,
’s CEO.

“The agreement with Pantech allows us to extend our reach in the fast
ng South
East Asian market further emphasizing eyeSight’s leading
position in the global field of gest
ure recognition technologies.”

eyeSight’s technology complements Pantech’s touchscreen user interface,
enabling the easy usage of applications and conten
t in situations in which
touching the handset is not ideal, such as driving, cook
ing, using gloves, and
so on.

Users of Pantech’s gesture
enabled devices will be able to answer incoming
calls, activate their MP3 players, play games, and perform other task
s using
simple hand gestures.

About eyeSight

eyeSight Mobile Technologies is a leader in touch
free Interfaces for

electronics. Its technology allows users to control mobile and
portable devices with simple hand gestures by using the built
in cam
advanced real
time image processing

and machine vision algorithms.

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